Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bead 150

happy new year-ish (i'm trying not to say/write it with distain)
i really don't consider it a new year though, my year starts in august, school-wise then beyond, but thats just me
im tired and i've had quite an up-down kind of day
I started started making sheep slippers out of the old sweaters for me and my mom

so my day has been consumed with that, feeling allot of pain,  twilight zone marathons (the good old ones not the sucky newer ones), and having everyone ask me what i want/needed and compleatly ignoring what i said
I'm sorry i dont mean to be a grouch but the last half of my day really hit me hard and really wiped out my brain and happy spirit
however i cant say today was all bad and fustrating
we all went out to find a few yard sales but low and behold there were none, so we went to a thrift store where mama bought me a huge mustard yellow wool sweater for more crafting (thanks mama)
and for supper we all went out for japanese buffet (for my parents late aniversary)
it was delcious and really needed
and so pretty
i love the fish tanks , only 3 little fishys were in there

so my bead is taking the pretty from today and adding some extra sparkle in hopes of a better tommorow

have a great tommorow and i will try to do the same
i guess that wish goes twards your new year too
its the year of the dragon
Rawwr to you

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