Monday, October 31, 2011

Bead 89 life lessons and great pumpkins

here are a few things i learned on this halloween day:
  • i am quick to anger and dont hold grudges easily
  • wild bunnies are up as early as i am
  • i HATE mcmuffins
  • soup is wonderful
  • i am not a great candy pass-er-out-er( i just eat the candy)
  • knitting in public isn't weird unless a guy sits there and watches you knit for 15 minutes
  • the homless guy buying snack-cakes in front of me in line was really nice
  • avacados are always nice
  • tradition with cool old movies are awsome!
ergo the great pumpkin
one of my favorite movies is "It the great pumpkin charlie brown"
linus is my soul mate and i have often been compared to him by loved ones
why ?
  1. i have a comfort blanket
  2. i morn pupkins when carving
  3. and i have a slightly diffrent view of the world
there are a few more things but  im tired of listing sooorrry
do you belive in  the great pumpkin?
i do :)
he will rise out of the pumpkin patch and bring all the good little boys and girls presents!!!
have you been good this halloween?
regardless i will let you see todays bead
i know i know i have done a pumpkin before but not a GREAT PUMPKIN!!!

 one day down four more to go!!!
have a great tommorow
and ill try to do the same

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bead 88

I am tired and i have been a lump of a girl today
im being honest with myself
but i did beging spinning some squash colored fibers
and also re-organized ALL of my various wool supplies
straightened up my studio (bed room)
and ate some delicious caldo
what is caldo you ask , it is basically mexican beef soup
my mom makes some awsome soup
thanks mom ^_^
but unfortunatlly i only ate a little bit because i filled up on avacado tacos before i started eating the soup
i know right
so sad
but todays bead was inspired by this sad event
an avacado

devilishly scrumtious and my total freaking kriptonite!!!!!!
have a wonderful week
i do hope it passed by fast

Bead 87

we went to the mountains today, as a family and with a few neigbors
but it was fun
we got an omelet before we left and went to one yardsale 
i love omelets particularly from the place that we got them at today
i sware the cook puts magic into them to make them taste soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good.
on travling to the mountains it was SOOOOO COLD
it even started to snow for a little while.
i vowed to finish a hat that i had begun in the beginning of the trip.
anhoo back to mountain travels we went to a few little country stores and bought : apples, a gourd, candy, an organic soda and a few other neat stuff including some batick fabric for yours truley.
there were a few saving places within the stores like a nice room with the fire place ,compleatly spooky not on purpose but filled with taxidermy and little hove gun rack :(  its in the middle of no-where what can you do?
Last but not least we went up the park way where i wore the "vowed hat" at the tippy top of the mountain and got some awsome photos of the adjesent one and the various valleys filled with little dot looking cows .

todays bead is a little bit diffrent from the usual and actually has the top of an acorn that i got in the park way.
im not sure if your "allowed" to take natural elements off the parkway but egh

Have a happy tommorow  ^_^

Friday, October 28, 2011

Bead 86

Are any of you out there knitters or crocheters?
I am both and often get fustrated with people
yes i can knit and crochet my own sweaters ,socks , cool stuff, hats ...ect.
but just how they enjoy receving these things from me (as if i had given them a hunk of magic), i would like to be on the receving end , who dosent love hadmade gifts made from people you love? also its not always too fun to create new patterns for whatever im making
because of course i am picky and WAY too particular about making things to my standards for my lovies
i love them and its gotta be great.

if i could get anything hand made with love, i would adore it
especially now since its starting to become crazy cold.
I know i cant be the only one slightly upset with the "hand made goodie trail"?
I appoligise for this rant it has been a brewing awhile
i finished a project for one of my lovies today
oh lovie do you know how much i care about you?
you can see the project later on a new blog i have created
Dinosaurs and bunnys Rawr!!
its a blog dedicated to my other crafting endevors and some cooking and baking too.

Sorry again for the rant back to the beading!!
i didnt do much today
went to school
tried to take a nap
and got some frozen yougurt
ironically on one of the most freakishly cold days
but i needed fro-yo!
so todays bead is fro-yo
cause i love it who dosent?
Before !!! 


As you can clearly see it was devouered, did you see the last mini-gummy bear corpses
so sad they never had a chance
Happy weekend wishes are sent


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bead 85

today was kind of a crummy day but whatever
im over it im putting the ucky-ness behind me and looking forward to tommorow
so todays bead is a duck
because i am a lucky ducky as are you
even though a few minutes ago a duck shaped box
this one spasifically

you remember it from long ago?
well yep it just hurt my foot
but egh... what can you do?
you can QUACK!!
cheesey i know but a good chessey

he is pretty cute and hopefully a jumping off point for a good day tomorrow
happy (early) friday


Bead 84 A Doll House

a wonderful
Beautifly wonderful
I feel as if i can fly
Have you ever felt that way?
I have just gotten back from a magical play
A Doll House
by Henrik Ibsen
adapted by Preston Lane
I  can still here the actors words echoing in my ears

It was a mind f-word that rhymes with duck
that is the only way i can describe it
what is a mind f-word that rhymes with duck you ask?
 it is a situation which calls into question the way your mind currently sees a certain idea or the world in general.
it was so artisticly rivating
i took "illegal" photos
(dont rat me out)
(yes you, i see you there thinking about telling on me... dont do it)
( i mean it)
 manic, very manic, sorry


my body is so tired right now but my mind is soaring
im inspired by it and really want to create art based off of it
if you have a chance to see it GO!!! sell your car ,puppies, children and go!! (okay maybe too much?)
im manic can you tell?
oh so gloriously manic
so todays bead is a doll house

from whence
you are held at arms length to be admired by outsiders
but smotheringly close for fear of fragility
like a doll
to be seen not as a person
but a meir object
 to be played with but not truly loved
damned to be longingly attempting to see the stars
and heavens through the roof "provided"over your  silly head
because you are
nothing but a doll
a song bird
a little squirrel
you are
in a
Doll house

Like it? good because i just came up with it :)
 see art is already coming and it is only the beging
halliluyah for this play
i needed it so much
the weekend is almost here!!

i can fly and i know you can too
so fly my prettys fly
(wizard of Oz snuck in there?)
have a great day tommorow
we are an the final stretch so lets make it a great one

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bead 83

i tried a "new" sandwich place today
it was new to me
it was okay
not good
not great
egh just okay

so todays bead is a medioker sandwich
i guess it is not really the sandwich's fault that it wasn't that awsome
it felt like a thursday today and i really wish it was so the weekend would be here and i could not be so crazy
but one day at a time
i guess
have a good day tommorow
send me some good vibes please
ill need them for sure

Monday, October 24, 2011

Bead 82 THE BIRDS!!!!!

see all those little black dots in the back of the picture twards the trees?
they arnt dots
every where!!!!!!
i have never seen that many in one place at one time
  for those of you that dont know i LOVE old movies
particularlly "The Birds"
the first time i saw it , i was probably about 8
and absolutly loved it

dont worry it wont multiply, become  crazy and try to bludgen you with its beak

have a great tuesday
and i shall try to do the same

a tired and hungryish

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Bead 81 CHEESE!!!!!

yes that was what i was being so secretive about yesterday mama and i found a cheese making kit yesterday
Roaring Brook Dairy Mozzarella Cheese making kit
i didnt buy it emediatlly then because i was broke
but low and behold i bought it today and made it
brace yourself for tons of photos of dairy products
actually these are the "few" photos that i got threw the process
my asistent cheese maker (Mama) skiped out on me so i was left to my own devices with a bunch of cheese curds...



starting to form
TADA!!! it was scruptious too  ^_^
 here is the little wool bead version
does this mean i am a cheese artisan now?
i wish

mozzarella is his name and being yummy is his game!!
(i apologise,its late and i am unstable)

have a cheesy wonderful week yall

Saturday, October 22, 2011

bead 80 potato-pototo

I really havent done any thing crazy exciting today
i got up went to yard sales and the grocery store
(and found something totally cool that i should be posting about soon)
(secrets te-he)
but other then that i have been loafing around the house all day watching tv and doing some work on a felting project.
i only got one chatchky at yard sales today
sad i know i am a chatcky queen
i love their adorableness
and silly one really fit what i was  today a
(couch) potato

just a quarter, what its supposed to hold i dont know but egh its okay

have a good tommorow


Bead 79 your Llama!!!!!

today was a pretty awsome and fast passing day :)
a synopsis for you:
went to classes
got finished with them went home for "quanity" time with my bunny
went to the neighbors for ride to my moms school
arrived at mamas school just in time for pizza rolls and cupcakes
left mamas school and got a big bushel of basil and rosemary
went to go get my flu shot
got my flu shot

AND got some awsome photos threw out the day

first off  a hydrangea

second some eggs that i will be buying soon from a local farmer
arnt they beautiful? I gasped as my mom showed me them.. te he the person whom actually owned the said eggs was suprised that i was so excited about them, um colorful organic eggs...hell yes excitment?

oh i can wait!!!!! to get some they are all so beautiful and unique. im also am planning to do some arts-and-crafts with the gourgus (yes thats how i spell it) shells.
he he ^_^
i amost got ran over getting this and a few other photos of these babys (and most definatly did get fussed at by the person behind our vehicle).Either way it was worth it . I left my chubby shadow in the photo,i thought it was cute and also my shadow isnt that chubbie i was in alot of layers today because it was freaking cold today.
My bead today is of course a llama
suprisingly not made of my llama fibers but just nice regular natural colored wool

what sounds do llamas make? humm????
bray? whinny? moo?
i have no idea
any hoooooo
have a great weekend


Friday, October 21, 2011

Bead 78

yes i know what time it is and yes i know it is late
and yes i know that i am a super procrastinater and waited till the day befor a three paged paper and oral report were due to actually start to work on it :(
im going to be up half the night working on it and as i am typing i havent started my bead
so there it is
(i appoligise for the dramatics i get extra crazy when i am sleep deprived)
i have gotten over 1 and half pages done (almost 2)
im tired and yet awake all at the same time ?
i know
i got to see my sister and brother really fast today
and am so thrilled that i did
i love them so much and wish i got to see them more often
but it is what it is
they had halloween decorations out , really cute ones too
my favorite were little plastic ghost dangling from the trees in the yard
so todays bead is a ghost

in retrospect after i got done with those few pages i should have just colapsed to bed but....
i would feel guilty, i have done so many bead so far with very few lapses for days
its like one of my professors included in his sylabus "unless there is a zombie appocolapes or the devil escapes from the pits of hell i will be here"
weird i know but at least reliably wierd

have a magical friday and pray that i can continue on another day
an exausteddddd

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bead 77

today was okay
not good
not great
its been a heck of alot better then past few days have been so i cant complain
i did manage to make it threw my first two classes so that is progress
i have some things i do need to catch up on so i am trying to stay calm and take it a minute at a time
 todays bead is my personification of worries
all jumbley and horrid
sorry worries i know you are cute but you are killing me
give me a break, take a long vacation and leave me be.

have a great thursday you guys


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bead 76

stayed home today
was too illish feelig to go to school
so all day i spent burried in blankets and being jumped on by krackers
yep she really knows how to comfort others
she is sweet underneight her fake "tough bunny" exterior
i think she was really trying to check on me

and i also was working on a crocheted hat for my uncle
he better enjoy it and wear it a ton after all the work i have done on it ,the yarn itself cost me 7 buck for one skein, i dont know about yall but that is pretty pricey for me.
cough drops are going to be the main part of my diet off and on over the next few months (weeks hopefully)
but they sure were a big part of today
mama got me citrus kind my favorite
(thanks mama)
and thats what my bead is today
have a good day tomorrow
and i will try to do the same
after tons of meds and warm snuggly clothing


Monday, October 17, 2011

Bead 75 Life of the damned

I am offically sick :(............but the ironic thing about all of this is that i am ALWAYS sick. I sware any place of public education is a cesspool for germs. which of whom get stronger and stronger each year thanks to all of us ...poo
damn germs
damn super strong germs
damn hand sanitiser and other stuff that make strong germs stronger!!
damn my stupid weak ammune system
man i have damed alot of things today??
i appologise for all  the damning
but it kind of seems slightly necissary for the day
dont get me wrong it wasnt the crummyist as far as days go but the way i felt really took the life out of me
i was a zombie today after my first two morning classes i called my dad and asked him if he wanted to go out to lunch (my previous plans for food didnt work out) after i called him afew times, he clearly could hear the raspy beconing of illness in my voice and agreed to go out to lunch and take my home for medicine and my phone charger (for my brand new phone which compleatlly died after a weekend of charging?).
I waited for him on the steps directly outside my last building for an hour and a half .....
just sat motionless there,
 i was too tired to move
 too tired to breathe
ergo  I  zombie
where MY brains went ..nobody knows
ergo my bead

i know he only has one arm but dont most zombies?
he is pretty cute for a zombie no?
im hot and cold all at the same time and am halfway covered in a comfature(i am a horrible speller forgive me) and basking in the fan
i dont think that is a good sign
hopefully tommorow will better
i am pumped with cold meds and vapor rub
exausted and smellly ,wonderful combination
stay safe in this germy zombie infesteted world out there

an infected

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bead 74

today was a partially sick day, i had a crazy bad migrane and all around just sickish day (didnt i just say that? i have no idea, medicine is a mighty beast) but inspight of all the illnessy feelings i did manage to work on my uncles hat a chartruse crochet one that i promised to make him (darn promises), and my mom and dad got my a present when they went grocery store
i adore pomarantes regardless of how they are prepaired

this is from a previous wonderful meal

thanks mom and dad
isnt it great that the smallest things in life can make you feel so much better?

have a great week yall
and stay safe (from germs and creepers)
a tired

Bead 73 growing?

today was a realativly good and preductive day I:
went to yardsales and got some pretty cool stuff
saw my brother and sister and ate breakfast with them
went to the grocery store
went to my favorite yarn shop to get some wool and yarn (as if i "need" any more)
help clean the house
and made chicken alfredo for dinner
good day in my opinion
and i even got a new bead jar
i havent shown you it in a while and it is or was rather bursting at the seams

but now my beads have a nice new roomy home to abide

todays bead is a nice mumblejumble of todays new roving and the feeling color of today
warm, fuzzy, familar, bright and yet new

so gloriusly artsy! no?
i have been looking at my favorite food blogs and am now seriously regretting that dessision
i am hungry!!!!!!
and have been all day for some reason ?odd??? my mom thinks im going threw another growth-spurt
im 18 how many growth spurts can i have left in me?
honestly most of the time i forget how old i am
but any hoo
have a great day tommorow

a hungry (growing?)

Friday, October 14, 2011

Bead 72

tired .stop.
had a goodish day. stop.
really really tired. stop.
bought  yarn and other stuff. stop.
cosidering a new hobby.stop.
going to sleep as i type. STOP!!
okay im sortof awake-ish
and todays bead its a ball of yarn in commoration to my new members of my yarn stach
 and also in hopes of some more new yarn tommorow :)
from my most favorite specialty yarn and fiber shop
and some other nice things "planned for tommorow"
te-he i love weekends

happy weekend everyone

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bead 71 mourning :(

today was a relativly good day despite the one horrible thing that happened in the morning, the power company came and "trimmed" our tree. his name is gunther.



poor poor tree :(
so todays bead is in memorial of the major part of gunther that got cut off.
a branch for hope and peace
especially for the poor tree.

have a good tommorow
weekend is here

a crazy hungry