Sunday, December 11, 2011

Bead 130

so ive had a pretty up and down day today
i actually got up crazy early took a shower, got dressed and went to church. i havent been able to go latley but i think i really needed to today. tommorow i have to final exams and im kind of freaking out a smidge
okay ALOT, i wont lie to ya'll
but after about 3 major freak outs ,i've come to the conclusion to just except my fate....
 freaking out won't help me study at all
freaking out won't help me be better at all
i am a big brave lion
i will do my best
thats all we can do in this world is try
I've done pretty flipping well so far on my hopefully the pattern will continue
today i also murdered a butternut squash today
squash gutts!!!
we ended up making butternut squash pie
with about half the squash
i had a peice of pie and pop-tarts for dinner didn't last long, so now im eating a sandwich as i type
so todays bead today is squash guttsy colored bead

tommorow is going to go well
your good  vibes would be appreciated though......
a big brave

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