Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bead 456 tricks and treats

so today was a pretty awesome day in general but filled with both tricks and treats
first of all I had an amazing critique in my sculpture class and he even used the word "excellent"
^___^ swoon
he even is taking time out of his own schedule to photograph my sculpture and a few other peoples in my class for our portfolios

after that I was on a high and was subsequently just as awesome, Halloween grab bag/ paper roll sale at the art supply store (I got all that stuff in the picture for 2$), THE GREAT PUMPKIN, no trick-or-treaters so more candy for me!!!

the only real downer/ trick  to my day came after I was done shopping at the art supply store I was putting up my hair and rearranging things to carry all my stuff easier and just happened to smile at a "gentleman" passing by on the street just to be nice but for some reason he tried to take a paintbrush of was really odd and creepy he chuckled put it back and said he was just joking, he remained there for a few minutes as if he wanted me to start a conversation with him, then he just sauntered away down the street into the coffee was super weird. And seriously dude? It wasn't attractive or appropriate to take things from girls you liked when you were four and it is especially creepy when your 40. he was old enough to be my dad....not cool.....
oh well whateves his creepyness didn't hinder the rest of my day in the least!
I've had the purple people eater song stuck in my head, so a purple-people-eater colored bead seems fitting for today!

have a nice tommorow

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bead 455


MOST OF A SCULPTURE FINISHED BUT ITS DUE TOMORROW. its a sheep...a black one to be spesific.
little black bead in honor of the sheep and ink I've been coated in today


Monday, October 29, 2012

Bead 454

It is so freakishly cold and awful outside, hurricane not effecting our area my ass.....
hopefully everyone in direct line of the hurricane is safe and okay. The wind is quite literally shaking my house. I had an okay day but am just frustrated at almost eveything around me, this weeekend I got a Domo and his expression is how I pretty much feel on the inside
domo colored bead today


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Bead 453

I struggled a bit today but ended up getting back where I needed to be, for the first time in a while I was able to go to church and I really needed it. It was a special treat too because it was a singing and fellowship program that was able to reach me beyond what any normal sermon could. I won't even pretend to say that I understand religion in the least I just know that despite all my fears, faults and trials I am loved. Most of the early morning/day was occupied with worries and waining faith, but luckily I got better. Mama helped me oodles, and we were able to split a yummy huge pomegranate.
pomegranate seed bead today


Saturday, October 27, 2012

Bead 452 halloween party!

today was a pretty awesome day, got to hang out with mama in the morning go to breakfast, do some light thrift shopping and got to hang out with my sister again a smidgen as well.
this evening was occupied at a friends younger sisters party. for the most part I had fun and helped set up and I even brought a rice crispy loaf with Reese's pieces, monster.
some of her friends could have been punched in the face by me not really but they were okay for the most part, but rowdy  as of them who also dressed as a hoochie bunny ended up falling through the screen door, It was hilarious for a few seconds plus the fact that she just stayed there face flat on the screen for a long time (and she was perfectly fine and wasn't hurt at all, I normally never laugh or find it funny when people fall but this was ironic and priceless as all get out). after that my friend and I dropped afew of the kids off at a local haunted trail,and went to the bookstore to hang out incase they got out in about an hours time. we had fun there and ended up getting some coffee and tried not to fall asleep right then and there.
but it all was so fun and much needed for me
halloween orange bead today


Friday, October 26, 2012

Bead 451

I didn't have as great of day as I planned
but its okay I got through today and even though I'm still a smidge sad it will be alright
I am loved
I got to see my wonderful sister who i havent been able to see in the longest time
I was able to hang out with mama
Went antique shopping and got some really awesome stuff
including a beautiful  goldfish serving dish
blue goldfish colored silk bead today

tomorrow will be a wonderful day
I hope it is for you too

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bead 450 I see the moon....

the moon sees me, God bless the moon, and God bless me.
Pretty terrific day today.
Only one class today painting and the half that was able to attended was wonderful just a critique of our home work. mine went very well, my professor liked the color, and texture I was able to accomplish and for the most part like the composition although he did remark about my cropping (I already knew I basically "cut off the toes" of the composition but its like diabetes almost, sometimes you gotta sacrifice a couple of toes to keep on living )
went out to lunch with my cousin, hibachi and fro-yo afterwards

lastly a moon lab for Astronomy, it was pretty fun and educational,we had a relatively small group. and a really cool and handsome guy in my class brought his cute little corgi along with him, his name was Einstein and he was super sweet and flopped down on me a few times as I was compleating the lab sheets. The moon was so wonderful, textural, and bright! even though it was a waning gibbious it was so bright! my eyes are still sore from it.
but I had fun, did my best, and went with the flow.
big moon bead today

have a wonderful friday

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Bead 449 trying to get stronger

I had a pretty good day I am still just really really tired. worked well for the most part today minus a few hiccups (I am looking at you duche' bag boy in my sculpting class who spilled my sweet tea all over my stuff and didn't really apologise or help clean up properly, even though I warned you about it being there.) But I was able to get some studying in, classes went well for the most part. been painting too
so yay victory

iron pill bead today


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Bead 448

not a bad day at all just sort of a long one, I worked long and hard today and the artwork I have done today really shows that.the only downside is that I am extra wiped out because I am still anemic as all freaking get out!!!!
little blood drop bead today
because I miss you blood!!!! I need you and want you to come back to me!!!!

(insert the song baby come back! you can blame it all on me!!)
have a nice tomorrow

Monday, October 22, 2012

Bead 447

Pretty Topsy-turfy day today.
Still feel super anemic
got sick went to class
professor was super super sweet to me
finished class
astronomy class
early pick up with dad bringing me a super teeny tiny pizza
it was so so so so so so so so so so so delicious especially since I hadn't eaten well till before I got sick...
went home
painting and a wonderful cup of tea
but unfortunatly for some reason I am breaking out in a rash?
Dunno why? they almost look like chicken pox but are only across the top of my right thigh? and I just noticed it. seems like a fitting bead today, kindof uncomfortable at time but I can live through it

have a happy tommorow and I'll try to do the same

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Bead 446

today wasn't that bad of a day at all, just  my typical lazy-kind-of-gross-feeling Sunday.
I was finally able to take a shower though ^___^
To further explain our pipes have been messing up and we haven't been able to use too much water ergo no long showers (basically no showers at all), no washing clothes unless we jerry-rigg up the washing machine to pump the water outside in the yard...ect. ect
but mama and I  heated up some water and got my old washbasin out and to a shower old school style
sweet blissful water bead today


Saturday, October 20, 2012

Bead 445

joyfully satisfied with my progress and journey today. despite being anemic out of my mind I got up went happily to yard sales like usual. family time. home getting new treasures out of the vehicle. chill time with PB , helped around the house.I received my marshalls' in the mail !
And lastly got the fam to get me a ginormous burrito for supper. I got so many things in it I'm surprised that it didn't burst on the way home, but it didn't and apparently the people at the burrito place loved my parents today, they gave me so many fixings (including sliced avocado ^__^ YUM!) a ridiculous amount of chips (when I say ridiculous I mean it like a huge bag of the fresh ones they make in the store including really yummy red ones) and salsa all for a little under 8$. um awesomesauce much?
red chip bead today!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Bead 444

today was uneventful for the most part well the first half was. But the most awesome part of the day was FINALLY, FINALLY being taken seriously be someone at the doctors office. oh and I'm anemic... to further explain I have been feeling awful for a majority of these past few months, and for much of that time I could get NO ONE and I mean NO ONE at the doctors office to help and or give a damn about me. But finally something broke the camels back when my mom tried to schedule an appointment for me, I don't know what she said or did, but the nurse finally got a case of give a damn and scheduled me in for a quick blood test "to make sure I was okay" WELL TURNS OUT I'M NOT. go figure, they just know of the anemia for now but they will probably get a clue about the real problem soon. Don't get me wrong but I am ecstatic ( I still totally feel gross and drained out of my mind) but I have some actual awareness from someone in that office. about damn time!
bandage bead today

have a lovely weekend

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bead 443

tired. super tired. like almost asleep tired.
good day, the chunks I remember, long though.....freakishly long
i ate cheese a little while ago, night cheese
night cheese bead

sorry have a nice tomorrow I need sleep

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Bead 442 LS Pancakes

I had a pretty good and lucky day but haven't felt right for most of it.
-favorite janitor let me in early and wished me a very good day
-got pretty far on a project, plus my professor liked it
-candy and a semi well balanced lunch
-quick astronomy class
-mom picking me up a smijum early
-cute little wax packaged cheese that helled me over (till..)
-no homework

not so positives:
-forgetting my morning meds
-not feeling well
-slight miscommunication between mom picking my up early
-feeling gross from gobbling up cute little waxed packaged cheese

the major positive had to be Brinner (breakfast-dinner). we made lumpy-space pancakes

 and oh my glob were they delicious! LS Pancake for todays bead

tomorrows another day and my "Friday" of an incredibly short work week so I know it will be great
hope yours is too

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bead 441

my last day of fall break was spent in bed, literally all day. I hadn't gotten a good nights sleep before and had a serious case of the icks before I went to bed that unfortunately left a thin grotesque film or cloud over the whole day. I've been having to deal with some awful doctors and nurses lately and this morning was no exception. the only saving grace of the day was a gift of dark chocolate coated almonds (from mama-thanks!) it was my medicine for the day and really helped my mood improve and I was able to do a few little thing around that I wanted to do.

my chocolate medicine for today's bead

good vibes for tommorow would be appreciated greatly
love you guys

Monday, October 15, 2012

Bead 440

today was an okay day I went out to lunch with a person I haven't seen or spoken to in person in a long long long long time. It was okay, the most positive things that happened was going for Chinese food and a quick trip to the comic book store. but otherwise not too fun of a time, but I can't regret it for the fact that I tried.

but the most awesome and uplifting part of the day was being able to purchase some previously loved Marshalls' (toasted and sleepy), for a great deal. I've been wanting them for awhile but unfortunately never had the opportunity till today. the women I bought them from was super sweet and helpful.
mini marshmallow bead today


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Bead 439

weird but good day.

woke up with the ickys as It took me a super long time to get up and get going too. But I eventually did get up take a nice long shower and get ready for the remainder of the day ahead of me, we went to one downtown estate sale, it was for a super old book store. I remember going in there a few times when I was little and the glorious smell of all the ancient books and the walls that were funny colors and fuzzy in places. I only got a few things from there but really had a nice time touching and re-exploring the building
the most odd thing I purchased today was an old, old, old, stuffed pig, made at a blind school. It was so cute and gloriously funny that I could not leave him behind. in fact as my mom and I were searching the various flights of the old shop we started singing a "song" (more like semi-melodious loud repetitive sentence of "BLIND-PIG, BLIND-PIG, BLLLLIIINND-PIG!") anyhoo blind pig shaped bead today

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Bead 438 cobalt and comics

got some freaking great deals at yard sales this morning. from retired wood workers to just an odd junk lady's front yard. But I really like the little trinkets and stuff I got today and really didn't spend that much this morning. Just mama and I were the deal hunters this morning (but honestly I like it better that way.But one of the things that I got most joy out of today was being able to paint my nails.
I know it sounds silly but being an college art student unfortunately doesn't allot much time to have clean enough hands or nails to be able to have fun and decorate them. but I'm on break ^_^ so I used some of the images from the comic books that I bought yesterday, and a pretty cobalt blue that I got the day before that.

tiny cobalt bead today


Friday, October 12, 2012

Bead 437 Frankenweenie

pretty awesome and productive day, I was able to sleep late, prepared breakfast casserole  for tomorrow and a sheet of unintentional Blondie's. Then  I got the urge to go out and do something different, so there came frankenweenie...I have been wanting to see it for months so I hit up a good buddy of mine and of on an adventure we went!!! We left almost 2 hours before the show just so we would have time to wonder to whatever places suited our fancy, so we went to the local comic book store where we had a fun time searching for some cool vintage stuff (I also found and bought an  adventure time comic)
we even had extra-extra time still so we went to the book store by the theater too, had fun, acted silly, touched stuff, smelled weird candles, and found new sketch books ^_^
by the time we made it to the theater we were still relatively early but we tried to purchase tickets for the showtime that we saw advertised when we looked it up earlier, but for some reason we pulled aside by the adorably plump manager whom informed us that they had had technically difficulties in one of the theaters earlier today and how they had just canceled the time for our showing......super bummer for like two second both of totally thought movie adventure nite was over but the manager made  both our day by allowing us in to the most recent show that started playing 2 minutes before we had arrived and he also comped our 3-d glasses charge too!!! saving both her and I over 30$ it was so incredibly sweet of him and we thanked him, got are snack in a hurry and luckily only missed some of the previews. the movie it self was so awesome, I'm a Tim Burton groupie, but go see it!!! I won't be a spoiler so you have to go see it if you get a chance.
sparky inspired bead today


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bead 436

today was a nice but a slightly peculiar day.
touched up my painting all a mildly snide comment on my painting from a rude girl in my class..... what eves
after the touch ups and chill time I had my actual painting class, it went okay.I'm proud of my progress and I know I can still get better, that's all that matters.
after that my cousin and I went out for a late lunch, we went to a Japanese place that neither of us had been to before, it was DELICIOUS!!! I got the lunch special of steak and mushrooms with a big pile of fried rice and sweet carrots. yum! it was a ginormous amount of food for under 6$ so much so that I even needed a to-go box.
luckily I didn't stuff my face too much and we went to a new fro-yo place right by the Japanese place, it was okay and had a super weird vibe....
browned cut mushroom bead today, they were so freaking delicious even cold!


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Bead 435 painted and cut

I felt allot of joy today, which I really needed.
the first few stages, trust me it gets better.
mostly I painted, like pretty much all day. from the time I woke up till a few minutes ago, just painting...of course there were some pauses and breaks in between such as:
- to go to school for one class
- to treat my wound >_< I accidentally cut into my finger pretty deep when I was searching for my tube of cadmium yellow medium, my pallet scraper was so caked with paint that I couldn't put the blade in a safe position sooooo the whole corner of it wound up in my finger, it took over 30 minutes for me to get the bleeding to stop but I am so stoked that it  finally did (cause all I need is a trip to the urgent care). mad at the color yellow and totally agree with Van Gogh that yellow is the color of ultimate evil......
my wound right after it stoppped bleeding
- to make a super yummy supper
- to just enjoy my family and have quality time with my bunny child

cut bead today, don't get me wrong for the most part today I really enjoyed it but unfortunately I can still quite feel the painting wound

have a happy and safe tomorrow