Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bead 119 Big brave lion

I'm a big brave lion
big brave lion
I had a realativly good day but ive been really nervous about everything going on in my life, and carried a little glow in the dark star in my pocket all day to ease my anxiety
I'm that kind of person
 i always have been
even when i was little ......
but back to day my mind was really ugly to me but its okay ill be better soon
my mom reasured me and I deep down know i will be okay
so todays bead is a "big" brave lion like me

now lets all say awwwww!! at the same time
tommorow is the last hurtel keeping us from friday, but i think we can get over it together
have a great day
RAWWWR! te-he ^_^

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

bead 118 cone of shame

today has been a pretty good day it started off  kindof  hairy but all-in-all was bad
i woke up early and finished a huge paper that for a moment there i thought couldnt be done (one more paper to go!) and had a nice cup of hot chocolate with my mom for breakfast.

 peanutbutters picture in the mochimochi photo contest got honerable mention , not to shabby for the first year trying, seeing as there were over 600 pictures entered. maybe next year... i already have some big things planned

krakers has taken all the fur of of her feet but  i contacted a vet that specialised in treating rabbits, he reasured me that krakers is fine and to add a bit more padding to her house and make sure shes eating and drinking  well and is  not forming sores on them.

 went to school ........bla bla bla

and after school went to the pet store to get a "cone of shame"(really called an e-collar) for krakers with dad, suprisingly he bought treats for both bunnies  and i got to snap some photos of the pretty birds.

krackers my own personal "rosemarys baby" has already proceeded to chew the heck out of it, and take it off by herself

so my bead is a cone of shame

have an awsome tommorow and please send good vibes my way so i can finish this paper

Monday, November 28, 2011

Bead 117 FUDGE!!!!

Today was a pretty mixed bag of nuts today
i found a random piece of turkey bacon on the ground (i didnt eat it, i'm not gross),
my poor chameleon ring broke in my hands this morning
i could have sobbed right then and there
but openly sobbing in a college class is kind of frowned apon so i sucked it up and composed myself through the rest of the day
other then the ring ive been okay
mama comforted me and we ate the remainder of the peanut butter fudge that my neighbor got as a present for me
awsome FUDGE!!!!!
 so thats what my bead is, i rather focus on the nice sweet stuff rather then the sad stuff

so hope tomorrow is less accident filled
and more happy filled ,for everybody

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Bead 116

i just ate some crakers.. yum
ive been sickish latley and that hasent helped my mindset much
i dont think being sick ever does
well today i got 2 big papers done
felt gross
bought bunny treats
ate 1 meal of chicken nuggets and a hardboiled egg
took a shower
felt a bit better
i still am tired but im taking it an hour at a time
thats all you can do
im a big brave lion
who is muching on crackers
so a craker it is

have a fantastic week
stay safe and illness free please

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Bead 115

today was a real mixed bag, im not feeling to well and am really need a long, big brake from school.
i need rest, art, love, and warmth
soon soon soon
my big-ol container of wool is singing to me
so is my couch
I'm scared ALLOT of the time about life,school, family,life, love, catch my drift dont you?
but im taking it a day (more like an hour) at a time
and did have some nice things happen to me
in our house mama and i call them peanut butter sandwiches
a preacher a long time ago told us to thank God for the tiny some what insignificant things going on in your life/ or day, although they might not be the biggest or best blessing around, they sustain us and carry us through another day.
so todays bead is a peanut butter sandwich

have a good tommorow
im going to take some meds, turn on the heater and sleep.. sleep .sleep
and try to have a better day myself

Friday, November 25, 2011

Bead 114 dust and mold

a good majority of today was filled with mama and i dusting and bleaching the walls.
we are super allergic in this house and i haven't dusted in my room for a good long while, so i have been waking up feeling like crap all the time, but i can breathe so much better already.
its not as if we are gross and dont clean but I'm just really sensitive with everything
also mama and flipped over the couch to dust and clean underneath it
where we found:
a pair of my little ginger scissors
dust bunnies
candy wrappers
and a moldy oyster cracker
 we didnt imediatly pick up and discard the cracker because we were getting ready to cook lunch
side story:
Dunt da
DUnt da
da dada DA DA DA
she inched closer mouth agape
ready to strike
closer, closer
I peeked my head out of the kitchen door
she imediatly squealed and skidded to her lare (the pile of shreaded phonebook underneath  the couch)

dont worry she didnt eat the moldy craker and i imedatly scooped it up and threw  it in the trash.
i sware that bunny would try to getr away with murder if she could
i would probably let her, i love her so
but back to the moldy bead
thats what it is

just moldy and beautiful all at the same time
have a wonderful weekend

Bead 113 food accoma

Happy thanksgiving, to thoughs of you that have still survived either the preparing or devoring of the giant meal that everyone had today
I'm  not sure how your family does thanksgiving but here is what happened with ours:
everyone woke up realativly early today
allthough just mama and i were cooking
but dad did get sent out for some things forgotten (oops)
he fussed then but didnt when he was stuffing his face
today i was incharge of cooking the:
ham (we arnt turkey people)
green bean casserole
brocoli and cheese casserole
and mac& cheese

which was quite a feast if i do say so myself and isnt including the stuff that my mom made

my bead is a feasty for the beasties


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Bead 112

i just relised something about five minutes ago......and it was a dusey
i have enough wool to cover a sheep, literally i have alot!
ugh that makes me sad and happy all at the same time
but back to today i got alot-ish done
including (but not limited to):
going to see my sister in bro(in-lawish)
eating breakfast casserole that mama  and i prepared yesterday

the recipe will be posted soon on my new food/baking/cooking blog that im going to be lauching asap

folded clothes
ran a ton of arrands
knittted ALOT
and started organizing the stuff for tommorow
honestly i should already be asleep and bracing myself for delicious smells and SO MUCH COOKING  and possibly some more fun stuff thrown in along the way
todays bead is a pillow
and exactly what i desperatly need to hit some time soon.
made from llama

ojos will have to wait till tommorow
to tired to find them now
happy thanksgiving

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bead 111

today was okay
i cant complain
most of it has been occupied by knitting , my initial project fell apart ......booo
but ill try it again soon
but the second project is going a bit better (knock on wood)
the one down side to today is that it felt as if it was saturday
normally i wouldnt complain about it but its throwing me off
artsyish bead today made of scraps
have an awsome tommorow (i was so about to say weekend)

Bead 110

today was a pretty awsome day
art history class:passed by fast and my teacher told me at the end "Be sure to engage in the sin of gluttony so you can have fun repenting for it later" oh how i love him!!
play analasis class (not actually what its called): we had to check in at the library as if we were 6 years old and do research....egh..not that fun today.....

big time break between classes filled with knitting and munching the little snacks that i had in my bag
a granola bar
a mint
2 bottled waters

mythology class: awsome as usual but I WAS STARVING, my stomach was growling so so LOUD.

so as soon as my dad could come get me we went for cheap fast food TACOS!! nachos as well!!

i devowered them like Godzilla crushed buildings.YEP THAT EPIC!!!
so cheese covered nacho it is today
cause who dosent love nachos?
Crazy people thats who...whom? either way its people crazier then me.
onion dyed chip and pre-processed cheese

have a great tommorow
almost there!!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bead 109

i am having some serious tumbly grumblies right now
indigestion SUCKS!!!!!!
i need to seriously heal up before thanksgiving and have no reason to have indigestion now at all
but besides the serious tumbly grumblies today has been a pretty good day
i finished knitting tiny bunnys for the mochimochi photo contest
and based it to be like gulliver's travels
oh peanutbutter was a great model today , unlike krackers whom i originally intended to photograph
she went on a tirade flinging little bunnies everywhere as if she were Godzilla, but its kind of expected from her..... she has always had alot of spunk and im happy that her feet issues arnt hindering her spirit.

i hope i do well........
but back to the bead
i did a funky stomach
can you hear it gurgle and grumble now?

have a good and short work week

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Bead 108

well im glad i got that out of my system
today was the kind of day where it went so well but so bad (at the same time) that all you can do is either sit in letheragy or scream. I got to see my sister and bro(in-lawish), krakers continues to take hair off the bottom of her feet, i got yarn, i couldn't find or get a good recomindation for a vet that specialises in rabbits, i had pie...chocolate cream pie, the heat went off in our house, krackers binkyed played and isnt getting to much discomfort from her feet (as far as i can tell)........are you sencing the pattern here?
ups and downs
lumps and bumps
and an all around beautiful-icky day
but tommorow is bound to be better
so today is a chartruse plain bead
chartruse is such an beautiful and sickly looking color, all at the same time , without even trying
its the fiber of the new yarn that i got today
if you could pray and or send good vibes Krackers way it would be greatly appreciated

Bead 107 PIZZAAHH!!!!!

so today was a pretty randomish day
its was crazy cold this morning 28 degrees to be exact
every thing was frozen this morning including me

isn't it pretty? its an ashe tray
but its okay
class past by pretty fast
and when i got home i watched movies for awhile
looked up more recipes for the upcoming week
clipped coupons for my plans tommorow

and also went to my favorite pizza place for dinner with my parents, where i learned that they really give me pretty girl discounts. my dad ordered and paid like 6 bucks more then i normally do because for me i can use a coupon for a free pizza and get the 10$ for a large 2 you live you learn i guess? I know for a fact that dad will be making me order from now on. But that is okay with me, they guys there are pretty nice but i dont think they relies that I'm just 18. Age is just a number but they all are atleast six years older then me.but back to the bead:
ingredients(i know i haven't done this in forever, sorry)
crust: onion skins, dyed by yours truely
cheese: natural llama
peperoni: pre-dyed red

have an awsome weekend

Thursday, November 17, 2011

bead 106 FOOD!!

i am dreaming of food!!!
 do any of yall do that? I am so amped for thanksgiving , and my one of my favorite parts.....COOKING and baking. i love to cook and am searching for some yummy brunch and breakfast recipes (honestly any kind of recipies will do so far ive found a soup,pretzels and cookies)  for mama and i to make and devore over are vacation.
we wont eat alot of food but give it to everybody within striking distance
food assasins
ha ha
start listening to "eye of the tiger" by the survivors
getting those recipies
and killer sweat bands together
the "time" is almost here
i love beeing theatrical!! and chef like!!

so todays bead is a chef toque
(its the hat)
whether we are the ones cooking or the ones feasting.....
cause both are great
but for the people whom arnt too great in the kitchen
please just try your best, thats all anyone can ask of you, all great cooks had to start from somewhere and you will get there.
so get AMPED!!
and also have a lovely friday


Bead 105

im going to be honest with yall i am totally and utterly computer illiterate today.
other then that today has been awsome
i learned to upload music today!
well re-learned
its okay
my randomish day began incredibly muggy
my professer and i discussed how  the air felt like stew
but we are weird like that
and i had deviled eggs for breakfast
so an evil egg is da bead today

you cant tell by the picture but the white are conical shaped like a real deviled egg would be
have a awsome tommorow

a tiredish

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bead 104 monster

today was a pretty awsome day
partlly because,
i happened apon this handsome gentleman

which totally helped cheer up my day even more
i even got silly with his photo session, as if i wouldn't be

monster vs. zombie who will win?
so of corse he had to be my bead
in all his purpley glory

I know for a fact that you cant look at him and not smile
Have a beautiful tommorow

a sleepy, monstery

Monday, November 14, 2011

Bead 103

today wasnt bad
i have been eaten up by worries all day but other then that im ok
im so tired, i have to register for next semesters classes but i cant officially do it untill 12:01 tonight
irony, the one day i want to go to bed early i NEED to stay up late.
im so tired
krackers is doing better, she wont leave her bandages on
and more fur is starting to grow back
i hope tommorow is great
i need to have a great day
i cant wait for thanksgiving
and would skip class
ergh .. exaustion isnt fun :(
but love and family are
i will eventually be okay and i know it
todays bead is a star
i need some wishes to come true
do you?

have a great tommorow and please pray that i can do the same
a big brave (exausted) lion

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Bead 102 scared and sock

today i woke up feeling overly crummy and went to go be lump in my parents big warm bed for awhile,
i was for a good long time,
they past me by a few times to check on me but other than that i was motionless for the first half of the morning.
then i went to go grab krackers so i could snuggle with someone.
and i did for a while
(in my parents bed ,dont tell)
she was having a fun time bouncing and binkeying around when i noticed something up with her foot. so i scooped her up imediatly and checked out her foot.
 her poor tiny foot on the underside was pink and hairless
and had a small sore in the middle.
so being the over protective mother that i am i freaked out and frantically called my parents and tried to figure out the cause of her problem
i still dont know how it happened.
but she is doing better now
i made her a sock for her foot to act as padding until the hair grows back 
and will be montoring it.
she didnt have it yesterday ,
but mama says she will be fine and that little bitty hairs are already starting to grow back

my bead today is a bunny sock

please pray for krakers
i know things will end up being okay but still.........
a worried

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bead 101 sluggish.......well snail-ish

as you can see by the title i havent been too overly preductive today but have relativly enjoyed the slow ride,
i went to yard sales and got clothes mainly,
then spent a majority of the day loafing around knitting bunnies and another zombie
i also ate soup
and wished there were more snails around are house so i could make them sweaters
snails deserve sweaters,
i think everything deserves sweaters,
warm, fuzzy, and filled (and made) with love

so here is a snail
all full
to his tail
with love
and warm fuzzies

a sleepy

Bead 100!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and as you can see we are celebrating  the 100th bead done
okay sorry back to my day:
my mama took me to school (so i got to sleep late),
in  art history class we discussed random stuff and the rapture that was supposed to happen in the year 1000, ( and i couldnt get the explination done from a puppet out of my head,and kept hearing it in that silly voice)
movie in my second class,
met up with mama and picked up two huge pizzas at my favorite place,
went to visit with my sister and bro,
pigged out on pizza,
cyst bothered me took meds,
went home knitted bunnies,
blended me up a smoothie,

made waffles for Binner,

and made a ZOMBIE!!

and ate cheese balls.
Eventful i know,
but a pretty great day in my book
todays bead is a cheese ball, not as awsome as i had planed my 100th bead to be , but a pretty good synopsis of the great day i had

yes that is cheese dust on my sleeve...i dont have a problem....i really dont
have a great weekend
a manic-ishy

Friday, November 11, 2011

Bead 99 Me, my cyst and I

I have an ovarian cyst, its about the size of a tennis ball the last time i had it checked
it bothers me from now and again
and it bothered me today
which was quite a lumpy/icky/good-ish day
class was the icky part,
me feeling throbbing pain was the lumpy part,
and the good parts included :
dad picking me up early

getting ice cream together
reciving my Zombie Kit in the mail

Again i dont think you are creepers ,but you can never be to safe

and i got a bright pretty tiny red maple leaf

also some other things that happened later on really helped my day, mama was the sweet-heart that she always is and we had fajitas and potato soup (i know it sounds gross but it was actually pretty good) for dinner and i finally was able to take my pain medication. so all in all it was a pretty good-ish day.
todays bead is my cyst
even though he is a real burdon at times, he really allows and reminds me to slow down and take it easy some times.
(yes my cyst is a he)

tommorow is bound to be better too, i get to bring a snack to class, mama is taking me to school and picking me up, and a ton of other stuff is in the works too.
have a great friday

a cysty

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

bead 98 flowers

today was a pretty good day
the crap of a day yesterday really made this one become a flower
it was moderatly random
with mini-discussions of otter-alligator looking creatures., and rambo in two of my classes
and the promise of a good friday because in my last class i can bring a snack and watch movies
so todays bead it a flower
a much needed bright, cheery, symbol for better days ahead

have a great tommorow and send some good vibes my way please
a tired, happy

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Bead 97 crap happens

today was a heck of a day. the crap really hit the fan though
but i think it needed to happen
sometimes it needs to happen
what makes the flowers grow ?
so im going to hope for flowers out of this crap of a day
because tommorow is bound to be better
love can concure anything and today after all the difficulties and crap
i was reminded that all i need it the people who really love me
i think that counts as  the first flower?
so todays bead is crap
funny. immature. a reminder.

crap does happen in everyones life but
we live to see another day
i am a big brave lion
i have big heart
(and a big mouth at times)
and can overcome allot
i already have
so tommorow here i come , a bigger person
love yall
have a great tommorow

a tired,loving

Monday, November 7, 2011

bead 96

i had a heck of a day
i dont want to explain or elaborate just icky and kind of hard
but i survived
and its in the past and i had a really good smoothie to brighten it up
so here is for cheer ,
taking it one day at a time,
being a big brave lion,
loved ones, (thanks mom)
and having something small brighten up your day

have a great tommorow
and ill try to do the same
a tired brave

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Bead 95

today i was much more preductive but wayyyyyyyyyyyy
more exausted
i dont like changing time
its a horrible rule made up by a horrible person
its not even 9 Oclock yet i am absolutly exausted

today i:
got up,
felt yucky,
took medicine,
got up again,
got dresses for real this time,
bought knitting needles and yellow wool,
went to the grocery store,
used a ton of coupons,
went home,
unpacked groceries,
folded clothes and knitted with my new needles,
made fajatias for dinner,
cleaned my room,
and attempted to read a play,
i knitted a little bunny
mochimochi land :tiny baby bunnies
from this pattern right here
i wanted to be prepared and know how to knit with itty-bitty size 1 knitting needles before my prize gets here, i havent mentioned it before but i won a prize of a zombie knitting kit from the same blog the bunny pattern came from,i am so excited and i cant wait till it comes!!!!

my bead to day is a slightly esqued sleepy one today
i tink every one has difficulty adjusting to the ever changing times of this world and it needed to be personified in bead form

have a great week everyone and please send me some good vibes
for some reson i have a fealing i will need them this week
a going to bed as soon as this post is over

Saturday, November 5, 2011

bead 94

today i was an ultra lump
i wined
rolled over
it was too cold in the house to do anything productive
and way too cold to go outside and do fun stuff
so there i was lumpy and conplainy allllllll day....
then eventually made waffles for dinner
unintentinal butter heart....
but i think it was needed to break up my lumpyness today
so my bead today is an intentinal butter heart
cause i can!
im going to try to do less food , and havent tryed to do more food this week

but whom dosent love butter?

a tired boredish

Friday, November 4, 2011

Bead 93 huevos

i love, LOVE, love, Love EGGS.
2 dollars a dozen,
from two adorable life partners,

 whom ever said that you can not taste the diffrence beetween store bought vs. organic free range eggs is a dirty liar. i had one gourgous green one for dinner along with 2 mini-croissant.......finominal, i even ate the yoke, normally especially with hard boiled eggs i do not eat the yoke, because usally it is a gross pale yellow and chalky becase of where the egg came from, the grocery store.
i dont think i can go back
so todays bead is in homage of the wonderful  prizes that i recived today
thank you Jesus for eggs.

have a great weekend yall
a satisfied