Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bead 548

whoohooo! for the most part today was pretty amazing!
had some slightly sucky chunks here and there but still pretty dope in my book!
went for coffee with an online homie and had a pretty great time, minus my social awkwardness and fidgetyness....but he is super cool, nice and understanding. haha
oh how socially awkward I am...but I tried and for the most part succeeded today!
so yay!
he was so nice and gave me tons of extra awesome things!
I made him an thank you gift, cute-ugly monster globe.
bright blue!(one of his favorite colors) and a pretty accurate color representation for today
so monster color bead today

*on another not my mom was super sweet and got me and adventure time poster as an early valentines day gift! Thanks mom!!!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Bead 547

tired. finally got my mind to settle and rest.
been awake since 4 this morning.... wasnt happy about it but I made the best of the situation, finished homework, got dressed, was a lethargic lump till I had to leave...
finished ceramics projects.
well to the best of my abilities and time limit..
lumpy shapes...
I'm excited about tomorrow and friday!
meeting a friend for coffee tommorow
and lunch and distributing artwork downtown friday!
I can't wait till im able to hide mine and have them find new homes!
red hand dyed wool bead today in excitment and anticipation of releasing these babies!


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Bead 546

had a pretty good day for the most part.
worked on ceramics things early this morning,
art history ( with a movie),
and drawing critiques after that...
moderately uneventful but enjoyable for the most part.
I finished half the skulls for a recient commisson I got and might end up making a few more tonight...
skull colored bead


Monday, January 28, 2013

Bead 545

selling myself like a whore today....okay I'm totally being over dramatic but I have gotten a few commissions and am super stoaked about it! I've been promising myself (& keeping said promise) that I'm not allowed to buy anymore toys till I get more commissions, trading is okay just no direct toy buying from me!
I much rather be making art I want to do them doing the BS  that I've had to do in school lately. I understand we need fundamentals and education about a variety of things but I am so over school!!!!!!
I want to be free to make my art!
was done today....
and I also got my rock-paper-scissors-lizard-spock die today!!

die green today


Sunday, January 27, 2013

Bead 544

Didn't do much today...
I've been super congested and still have the forever small cold that I always have year round. I don't enjoy it, like at all..
but I did manage to brush the previous mass that used to be my hair.
I did knit more of my hat and make something cool for a homie.
so yay! sortof?
bright green bead today- same yarn i used to make my homies surprise

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Bead 543

half productive, half lump kind of day.
blocked the hat for my homie. I legit hate blocking, its so scary and could always muff up a tedious piece. but it didn't!

resorted to cleaning my many many many collection shelves, and even found my old bird skull!!

the rest of the day has been spent knitting, making more cardinals, loafing and well pretty much that's it...I'm excited to hide the cardinals and to be making a new hat for me ( I lost one of my favorite ones, thats no bueno but I have an excuse to make a new hat for me).
jumbly bead today, grass of the jars, the color of the hat I'm working on and red for the cardinal


Friday, January 25, 2013

Bead 542

hey y'all quickly today.
cold morning.
started snowing.
got refund  for book back.
leave early.
walmart for my kids food.
observing my stash(es).
got nibblets in the mail!
finished knitting, like I've been in beast knitting mode today to finish a hat for a homie.
and I did!!!
todays bead is the colors of the hat I made

now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go get cereal....I'm starving.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bead 541

today was a good trying day too....
had a great first class.
a not so great second class.
I started feeling sick and ended up leaving early.
But I tried, I did manage to have some great conversations with a couple of cool dudes.
went home rested up.
started a new project.
started to feel better.
got a toy in the mail.
a tan foster to be specific

tan bead today


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bead 540

whelp. today's Wednesday, and I for the most part gave it a good try. I might not have succeeded as much as I would have liked but like I said, I tried.
some day's that is all you can do...
just a blegh brown bead today

tomorrow will be better!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bead 539

its cold outside. its cold in my house. its cold in my soul. no totally kidding but seriously it is pretty cold in my house....I had a pretty good day, and unfortunately spent a few hours outside in the cold for drawing class. NO BUENO!!!
but I'm over it for the most part.
did well in my art history class. contributed too ^_^
talked with a buddy for most of the day.
worked on a new project and tried to stay warm while doing it.. I'm shivering as I type, no joke.

But I am really excited for this new local artist group I am in and really feel like we can and will get  a lot of stuff done and make our patch of the world a better place and make some great art in the process.
yay! for a good day! I hope y'all had a good day too.
art project/ cardinal bead today.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Bead 538 decisions decisions

tired like super totally face melting exhaustion...I had coffee after 4 in the afternoon...big mistake..because apparently night coffee makes me tired and full?
anyhoo had a pretty great day
homework in the soon as I got up.. wasn't my best decision
watched Sidney Portier movie marathon on amc. I LOVE SIDNEY! so very much and I love old movies.
Got my a brand new gorgeous Ipad! I REALLY needed one and am so glad I got it today.
I've already been using it alot today and still need to get a case for it, I'm borrowing a neighbors semi-janky one soooooo egh still need one thats me!
searching for one now

I also attended a local artist meeting and had a pretty damn good time there. yay local artist!!!
got my death gnome too! I love it so & he is so beautiful!
death gnome (hat shaped) colored bead today ^_^

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Bead 537

lazy Sunday, not intentionally because I woke up pretty early originally but could not for the life of me compel myself to get out of bed.. it was freezing like literally freezing. I have accepted what comes with living in a very old house but can't get over the fact of how much draft actually is able to come through my window. needless to say even though I tried getting up I didn't and couldn't. congestion was a jerk to me today too
I sware year round I am constantly fighting off a cold.
anyhoo I still tried to make something of the day. Was going to start a new project but got tired after splitting over 5 ounces of the stuff (handpainted corriedale), plus I got the sneezes since it still had grass in it... Booo maybe these fellas will do some of it for me??
purple project bead today

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Bead 536

pretty good day,
went out to the Mexican store for breakfast again. it was delicious, more so then last time. yay!
afterwards went extra art supply shopping, got some school things and of course some things just for eyes, and eyes and a few other odds and ends.
the rest of the day has been pretty chill.
creature making today so creature bead is all too fitting.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Bead 535

Had fun in the snow today, along with a few of my toy!
Snow adventures are so great.
I arose relatively early and got out to take photos, of the glorious snow and a few silly little pictures of my toys playing in the snow too.
after that some errands (including returning a very expensive textbook) getting a few pizzas and went to see  and visit my sister too.
it was a really fun day.
I was finally able to purchase a toy that I have been wanting for awhile and just enjoy the winter day as it came and went.
I made domo a little cowl, because in the adventure this morning he was upset that he was the only one that sunk into the snow and didn't have any woolies to keep him warm like octo and munkosaur
so domo cowl bead today.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Bead 534

yes snow. it hasn't snowed where I live in like years....till today.
thus far it has snowed about  three inches and people are acting like its Armageddon, no school for me tomorrow and I probably don't have to work either! so yay snow day!!!!!!
small snow ball bead today
hope I can make tons of snowman!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bead 533

Busy and moderately outrageous day, but it was better then the days that I have been having. I'm going to post exactly what I did on Face book as soon as I got a break:

"my day thus far as follows:
go to library to see if they had any of my books since they haven't come yet..they didn't.
dropped a class online and email professors explanation.
go to studio drop off stuff and get a form to adjust my class schedule.
fill out form.
speak to really nice lady about my dropped class.
take form to the spoon to leave it for my future professor.
go back to the studio, ate,... got money.
went to tate st, got art supplies, and rented a fucking book that I've already bought.
back to studio to drop off new art supplies.
go to anthropology.
haul ass from anthro to the studio to get my stuff and get to ceramics.
do ceramics stuff, and mix a shit-ton of red clay (which I am now coated in)
went to the spoon again to pick up the form.
brought it back to the studio for it to be reviewed and stamped........
I'm tired, still gotta take it to the registrars office but I'll do it when my ride comes because I've done a weeks work of running around today."

I was tired and saddish yet at the same time felt really accomplished too? I had done so many things and none of them "broke" me sure I was tired but no worse for wear then I normally am.
I was able to forge a pretty good day out of a a lot of gray mess.
artsy bead today colorful through the gray

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bead 532

Had a kind of bad day mostly because of my own doing. my brain is mean to me, I over worry and over worry to the point that I make myself sick..which is exactly what I did today.
The whole day wasn't bad, I think my new art history professor likes me, which is good.
 talked to a new buddy for a while too.
and I was able to have a mini adventure with my friend and went out to lunch and got to see some dvds of the office and adventure time.
afterwords when I got home is when the major freakout happened, every stressful possibility and reality hit my mind at once and I really lost it. like sobbing to the point that I made myself sick.
But thank goodness that I have a great support system who helped me get my head back together. Hopefully I'm not getting sick, but I'll cross that bridge when and if I get there.
mom has mondo telapathy she got me may favorite pop rocks and that helped my get off my mental "ledge" of sorts.
small pop-rock bead today
tomorrow will be better, because I'm a big brave SMART lion and I can do this.
good vibes and much love sent to you for listening.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Bead 531

pretty good first day.
classes seem good (one seems kinda challenging but I shall survive!).
got to talk to a old and new friend for a good long time.
learned. was a smidge stirrcrazy but soon that will change.
got a ton acomplished, and some awesome plans have been made!
yay!!! awesome for such an awful day weather wise.
bright yet rainy bead today

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Bead 530

new semester tomorrow and the end of a great era of winter break.
I am happy:
that the weather will be nicer
that I will be that much closer to graduating
that I will be able to learn more, better, and new things
that I will still be loved and cared about by the people that matter
that I will be a bit braver then I was today for the fact that I went
that allot better TV shows will be on
that I will be able to create a bit more and with better supplies then I have in my studio/bed room/dojo/insane asylum
fluffy bead for hopes of a great semester

send good vibes and prayers for me tomorrow it would be greatly appreciated

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Bead 529

went out this morning for a rare winter estate sale and ended up going out to eat at a panaria we tried their breakfast tacos: dad got chorizo, I originally got lengua, and mama got el pastor.
Each of us got a different kind so we could share, compare, and figure out if this place was worth a second visit, and for the most part it was, the lengua (beef tounge) could have been prepared better, and I didn't trade for any chorizo- I don't mind the taste of chorizo itself but the smell always gets me........(shutter)....ANYWAY I LOVE EL PASTOR! it was so delicious and an explination of it is crispy pork in a delicously flavorful sauce! it warmed and filled my belly so!!
El pastor bead today


Friday, January 11, 2013

Bead 528 Burps, erks and no jerks!!!

I love wonderfully cheesy titles ^_^
and am pretty in love with the day I had, today was the last day in a while where I will be able to visit and volunteer with my kids....sad I'm going to miss them and I bet they are going to miss me too (all week they have been asking if I was going to come today) but we made the absolute best out of the day and had quite a great one if you ask me. Taught on of the most difficult kids in the class how to crochet a chain stitch and he really loved it he continued off and on for the rest of the day and was one of the best attitude days he's had in a while.
that alone thrilled me so but, it did keep on getting better. Cooking class went great and the kids made Delicious and beautiful eclairs (and honey mustard chicken strips).
After school mama and I ended up doing a little bit of thrifting at the Goodwill on the way home. I found a fish bowl shaped like a fish, some gloves to make octopus with, a super old and cool "corner"cookie jar, and two bell dome bases one in milk glass and the other regular pottery with a cool crackled brown (pretty not gross colored).
And I also I got one of the (many I'll be honest) toys I ordered and am I love with it
Monster Burp is his name and adorable-ness is his game! he came with one large GID cloud and a small happy one with an adaptor for it to fit.

Burp cloud bead today

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Bead 527

had my last adventure day for this break today.
went out for pizza
book store
comic book store after that
and ended with Mc flurries!
I haven't had one of those in years and it was good ^____^
pretty great day and it continued to be well which is awesome.
really yummy burritos for supper and fixing our
tickled pink sooooo
tiny pink bead

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Bead 526

Haven't done much today just a slight continuation on the sad day yesterday, trying to figure out what to do with myself, or eating peanuts or drinking juice.
cooked supper for the rest of the family and been staring at yarn for a potential project but just didn't have the want to actually do it
almost bead today


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bead 525 sad...

Been sad today...
  • found out a Friend is in the hospital and will most likely have to be put in a nursing home
  • things I've been bidding on eBay were totally overbid waaaayyyyyy past my budget
  • the toy show I have been wanting to see at a local gallery for months ended early and I wasn't able to see it.....
  • left over Peanutbutter mourning
  • found a toy that I have been wanting for awhile but the store was horrible and insecure so no toy for me.
  • and just plan sadness.
there were some good things that happened too but unfortunately the sad far out weighed the good
sad bead.


Monday, January 7, 2013

Bead 524 project continued

did allot yet not too much all at the same time today.
I got some important stuff compleated and played around with some other stuff too.
I've gotten further along on a project that has been a while in the makes
project continued color bead today


Sunday, January 6, 2013

Bead 523

lazy day.
went to breakfast at mi familias house.
made a great supper.
watched a great old movie.
and rested some more.
not a bad day in my book.
I'm not nearly as exauhsted as i have been lately and am really starting to feel like I'm getting my happy back.
a little aqua bead, a color that has been on my working block for awhile and that seems like a happy color to me.


Saturday, January 5, 2013

Bead 522 WHOOPIE!!!

I love food.
no huge suprise there but I made my very first whoopie pies today and they were so delcious and really, really big. I only have a regular size vintage ice cream scoop and need a smaller one about the size of  1 or 2 tablespoons....not a giant one... but its okay they still came out great
whoopie pie bead today


Friday, January 4, 2013

Bead 521

Went to work. Did work. Read with kids. Made cupcakes.  Ate cupcakes. Dropped of yarn at friends house. Ate food. Accidentally Slept Slept Slept Slept Slept and Slept. ugh I feel so gross but better at the same time...
tiny camel bead today because while it doesn't look so apealing at first it feels great and like a dream.


Thursday, January 3, 2013

Bead 520

Caught up on some much needed sleep and managed to do a few fun little projects:

  • bloo thingy-majigy for my phone
  • zukie contest painting
  • LSP  creature
Bloo colored bead today, I really loved that show and my sister got me a full tiny toy series plus this extra little guy  so he's hanging out with me all the time now! ^___^
have a happy friday