Sunday, December 18, 2011

Bead 136

Its beginning to feel allot like christmas......about time
so today was spent
 thrift store shopping for random things,
random crafting,
spray painting old christmas decorations for the outside with my mom,
tortilla making,
and going out to see the christmas lights and getting pumpkin  fro-yo afterwards

sigh......pretty nice day
so my bead is like the christmas ball lights that are really big in my town
Lighted balls
up top is a link to more info and pictures of them
a whole neigborhood makes them and collects donations for the local food banks
this year some people are starting to make squares too
So cool....
I seriously cosidered putting an LED light in this puppy
but after "responsable" consideration I decided not to
woo l (tons of lanalin) + electricity = bad things
so just a beaded bead
(not a fully beaded bead :( i tried but it didnt really work)

a merry weekend/ tommorow to you

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