Saturday, December 3, 2011

Bead 121

today was okay
most of it though was filled with butter, eggs, and sugar.
about ...
17 dozen eggs
12 pounds of sugar
20 pounds of butter
to be exact(ish)
dont worry this wasnt for  my personal shananigins
I was preparing cookie dough for the local blood mobile with one of the clubs im in
so I  was set organizing and setting everything up for everyone , peeling the butter, cracking eggs , and running around like a mad-woman helping the little kids that were working too making sure no egg shells and overacumulation of ingredients went into any of their bowls
I sware my hands still reak of  fake vanilla extract and butter (I'm a vanilla snob if you dont know, we use ONLY authentic mexican vanilla in this house, its the best, no substitutions!)
any ways cookie dough it is today

have a great weekend

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