Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bead 241

so allot done today
but freaking exhausted
we went to a yard sale this morning downtown in benefit for the local symphony
it was a freaking great one!!!
I got a cool automin stool -8$
two bundles of wooden spoons (some hand carved)-2$ for all
various chatskis -2$
and allot of other cool various stuff
and I ended up paying  about 25$ for everything
yippy!!! nice stuff!!!
and the rest of the day was occupied doing various homework assignments
 so tired but I'm still not done
but tomorrow is another day
oh I wanted to show you my submission for Mochimochi Lands  Tiny Baby bunny contest
here are my "Bunny Apocalypse: part 1" photos and help letter

My dear friends,
 For millennia it has been debated that the world will end in the year 2012.
Sadly today I have discovered that it is true…..
Upon coming home from work today I discovered a “Coo” of sorts forming between my bunnies. As the meeting began they started to gather the mini-bunnies scattered around the house. It was immediately clear that Peanutbutter was the leader of the herd, (well this “sectors” herd as I later discovered) he began:
“Welcome everyone…Krackers thank you for bringing the treats today they were delicious, let’s begin the meeting.
 No longer shall we be oppressed under the tyranny of man!!!!!!! No longer shall we be subjugated to “bed-times” or treat embargoes!!! We will be able to chew on whatever furniture we so choose!! I tell you fellow bunnies Rise Up.! Rise Up! As leader of this bunny sector I have decide to push “The Great Buns” plans of world domination up a few weeks! The Bunny Apocalypse begins today!!”
I tried to muffle my gasps from there vigilant hearing but alas….I was unsuccessful ….
If you are reading this letter, please know that I am not safe; I AM TRAPPED IN A CLOSET AGAINST MY WILL!! His tinny minions have me surrounded but are having quite some difficulty with the doorknob …thank goodness….please, please, send help….. and snacks pretty please?
And be cautious, trust nothing fuzzy or cute!! Stay vigilant for bunnies; this is just the beginning of the End.

Isn't it cute??
I hope I win!!!!!
My bead today is a big woolen spoon
oh they are so nice! some of the not so awesome ones will be used for dyeing ,but the real beauties will be loved and used allot

have a nice tomorrow

Bead 240 Haminal

I need, need, need, need, need this:
this picture doesn't belong to me
I seriously tried to resist purchasing this.......but I just ordered it....
I feel so guilty (yet so satisfied!)
so ashamed (yet so thrilled)
so wasteful (yet so awesome)
I rarely splurge on things and i mean RARELY
splurging for me is more then 10$  of "unnecessary" things
(I blame television! ha ha)
It combines two of my favorist things in the whole wide world
In a can!!!!!
I bought him here a few minutes ago
and my bead today was inspired by him
I can't wait till he arrives
I bought him here
but until then I have my mini version in bead form

have a lovely weekend dearies!
Ill' have somthing epic for ya'll tommorow

Friday, March 30, 2012

Bead 239

today was better-ish
still tired
but feeling much further along then I did afew days ago...finished somethings
tried my best, and was honest with myself and others.
(regardless if they heard me or not)
taking responsibility for your actions is important to me, regardless of whether you are "grown" or not
I don't think I will every be fully "grown" but at least I am able to own up and stand by my actions
today I :
  • got farther on my design project
  • spoke to a friend whom "talked me off the ledge" so to speak about saying and taking actions towards someone who hasn't been treating me right and will not own up to it, or grow up
  • went out for yummy burgers with my cousin whom also really helped my day by listening and understanding my opinions about certain things going on around the world of ours
  • purchased a hippo ^_^  he-he
  • went on a small "adventure" with my family
  • took peanutbuttter out for his second outside exploration
my bead today is made of just a handful of locks I pulled out of one of my wool bins

decisions are important but taking responsibility for your actions and standing behind those decisions is the most important
have a lovely friday beautiful people

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bead 238

Tired. Had a semi-difficult day, not a bad one I just don't feel too well
I turned in my appropriation of Vasily Sitnikovs' "Portrait of an Inmate"
my professor liked it and couldn't  critique it at all so I'm going to guess that is a good thing?

Allergies have been kicking my butt lately and today was the absolute worst
headache, sneezing, inability to breathe, coughing, and my brain oosing out of my ears and eye sockets......well maybe not quite that bad
but it feels that way
so my bead is allergies a gross yellowish, black lump
is it "his" fault that he is gross?
Do I care?
still don't dig him that much!!!

I have allergies all through out the year but the spring is some of the worst times ever
I love nature and am a total hippy child yet I end up wheesing soon after
I might have asthma? I'm not quite sure but I assume that crazy raspy whistly  difficult breathing isn't good
tommorow is going to be good it has to be, hopefully the migranes won't last too much longer
that is the only thing thats killing me the most
hope you are well
we are almost there!!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bead 237

hello lovies,
mad day sortof sucked but egh
I am loved.
I am at home.
I had chocolate milk.
I survived today.....
aaaannnd I have you!
I also had a  tulip plop up in my front yard, it is ubber pretty
welp that is what my is inspired from
in an abstract weird way

have a dope hump day

Monday, March 26, 2012

Bead 236

crazy fast post today.
today was nice I had a good outlook on things yet was crazy unlucky
drawing studio was cancelled
I almost got ran over by a white preaeus
about a block later I tripped and almost scraped half my face-off
and wrentched my back again
and so on and so forth
I'm working on a design project due tommorow morning
and they involve the primary colors mainly so my beads today do too
thats right I said beads
three small ones

have a nice tommorow and I will try to do the same
If making these peices doesn't kill me first

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bead 235

so the epic storm yesterday lasted quite awhile and continued for much of this morning
during the storm our water went out completely went out, none to be found
at all
 that lasted till about noon today and then WATER!!!!!
dad had to fix a few switches with our well
boo but hopefully it won't do it again anytime soon
a majority of the day I was a humongous lump, my cyst was being a jerk and my bones were achey because the drastic change in barometric pressure
so that was icky-ish but whatever, life happens.
but my bead today is a chartruse one done with natural red-onion dyed roving and a small pipe embroidered patch on it

hope ya'll have a great week

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bead 234

today was pretty awesome day least the first half was
mama and I went for our free breakfast, chicken biscuits for both of us then her and I headed to our local farmers market for "Chicken and egg Day" supposedly it was to be a chicken eggstravagansa (I sincerely  apologize for that, their pun not mine) but ended up kind of being a bust, there was one lonely rooster, a small table with info on naturally dying eggs and a corner where "cooking classes" were being held on how to prepared eggs Benedict for three dollars, no thanks to that! I rather save my money for more produce.....egh not as epic as they portrayed it to be, but on the bright side I did get to enjoy the market and bought some sage to plant and a bunch of swiss-chard for under five bucks for both, and also learned how much egg sizes and nutritional values fluctuate. there were teeny-tiny eggs from when the hens just start laying and huge suckers almost the size of your fist...crazy!!
the last photo was me playing with the swiss-chard and my giraffe planter

after that the sky pretty much went gray, cracked open and filled the air with big ol' rain drops, lightning, thunder and pea sized hail. it was so exciting and beautiful
so today's bead is a small hail-ish creature like the ones that filled the sky and my yard for the past few hours

have a nice tomorrow

Friday, March 23, 2012

Bead 233

today was an okay day
can't complain too too much
I survived, that's all I can really say
I ate tons of pickles too??
I'm not sure why pickles, but they were really yummy
pickley bead today

hope you had a happier Friday then I did but this weekend is bound to be awesome

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bead 232 Great trade!

today was a pretty kick butt day!
design class went by pretty slow but I lasted through it,
studied with my buddy (doing my usual art history themed doodles)
took my exam and felt pretty well about how I did
went out for yummy pizza with my buddy
(we usually only eat half the pizza )

then headed off to the art supply store to pick up a few things
as we were going past a really cool artist whom I have bought prints from before , he looks like santa and so nice and funny, saw us shuffling by and jokingly said "I'll trade you!". Of course being me I said "you really want to ?" and winked at him, so he chuckled asked what kind of pizza it was and eventually we struck a deal five postcards for the half a pizza , i chose three for me and my buddy chose two for her.
here are mine:
so that was epic ! the one thing that went awry today was a my hippy skirt debacle after coming out of the art store...... apparently about half of my butt was showing- seeing as the bottom end of my long flow skirt had gotten caught on one of the straps of my back-pack......well at least a really nice lady noticed and told me before I had gotten across campus fully....
I had pretty panties on so it could have been worse....
you are free to laugh hysterically now, I did ..eventually...
I'm honest, I really don't want to seem as if I am putting on heirs about who I am, what I do, or how embarrassingly funny my life is.
anyhoo my bead to day was inspired by my artist-hippy-santa-friend
its a nice colorful bead in his usual pallet with a nice pretty beard like his

have an awesome Friday
oh! and ladies please watch out for your skirts! ;)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bead 231 Exceptance and ladybugs

Today was a real mixed bag of nuts, the good and not so good chunks were about even but whateves I'm a glass half-full kind of lady, but here is some of the stuff that went down today:
  • the building that I usally go into was locked so I had to wait in the cold for about 15 minutes
  • my english proffessor gave me a C+ on a paper proposal that I sent him
  • crit- went really well for me anyways (the duche-bag guy in my class went kind of crazy when it was his turn and scared me abit)
  • I was able to study for my class tommorow(I'll study a smidge more tommorow)
  • mama made yummy pasta for supper
  • I went on a walk with mama after supper
  • I found a slightly jerky ladybug
  • I took a chill pill
Exceptance of the things you can't change about yourself really sucks, and unfortunatly was the main theme of the day for me I kind of lost it after the first 'not too favorable' things hit me in the face,but it is okay
 I found a ladybug
so that is my bead
have a happy tommorow
please send me some nice vibes for tommorows exams

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bead 230

it just stopped raining
It was so wonderful
there was lightning and thunder
so so epic
we live in an old house
the windows rattled and I could fell the vibrations through the walls and floor
it poured for about two hours I sware duckys floated by my window
but back to today I was crazy preductive finishe two papers, half my drawing for tommorow, and studied a smidge for my exam on thursday
and I'm also so happy it rained, it was an epic storm and I particularly enjoyed the lightning
so thats my bead today
a nice lil lightning bolt, a mix of llama and just regular wool

have a great hump day and also happy first day of spring I  hope yours was awsome -m

Monday, March 19, 2012

Bead 229 check list!!

today was a preductive day
and suprizingly I survived
I was a big brave lion
I went to class turned in my late homework, check!
did the best I could in class, check!
scurried to my next class for a quiz in which I read and took notes on, check!
went to my advising appointment where my councelor was pleased with me and helped me oodless, check!
searched through the library and found an artist to replicate for a project,check!
collected supplies for tommorows studio and have gotten everything ready for tommorow,check!
read about half a chapter and took notes for a quiz on wednesday, check!

see I told you I got a bunch of stuff done today!
yippy !!!!!!!!!!!!!so todays bead is a check list made out of llama
he is so proud and cool

have a dope tommorow

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Bead 228

today was okay....
I'm tired, I got some work done and have been struggling with my mind and body a majority of the day
I am looking for peace and calmness
a possible stressful week a head of me and I'm trying to brace myself the best I can now
brown llama bead with some tactitle stitchs across the center
I really hope that this week goes alright
for you and I both


Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bead 227

I hope you had a happy st.patricks day
mine has been okay..its been drentched with the smell of rain which is pretty nice
todays bead is a combo of about every freaking shade of green I have mixed all together
i embroidered various bumps, lumps, and stitches
it kindof looks like a cactus almost
a super tired

Friday, March 16, 2012

Bead 226

today was a pretty nice and easy day
I think sprin has officially sprung in my neck of the woods and I am absolutly loving it
even though it rained half of the day the smell and emerging flowers and fauna is amazing
its a lilacy simple bead today
I love spring
hope you had a beautiful day as well
lovely weekend wishes to you lovies!!


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bead 225

Today was so much of a better day then the rest of the week has been
my first class let out early ^_^ (after he rambled on for two hours)
then my art history class went awesome like always and dad came early and got me
after a few hours of chilling at the house mama and I went out to purchase a phone cards and a few other odds and ends
We got a slurpy, half blue half red!! It was so so so so so so yummy
so my bead is inspired by my half and half slurpy party!!

have a magical friday

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bead 224

today was crap, well at least the middle part was.....
difficulties were drowning me but its okay, I got through it and made it the best I could
that is absolutly all you can do in this life

today is Pi Day and I celiabrated with chocolate pie
yum so its a double Pi-Pie bead
have a nice tommorow and I will most def be doing the same

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bead 223

this is going to be a short one I am workig on a project for drawing class that is due tommorow morning
im going to finish one more tonight and do two tommorow
hopefully If I have enough time
please send me some good vibes
pretty pretty please
my bead is black and white, geometric and artsy

have a nice hump day and please please send my good vibes and prayers if you got them
a tired, manic-ish, freaking out

Monday, March 12, 2012

Bead 222

I have the moderate monday ickys
drawing class was okay, my professer either really likes me or enjoys messing with me....either way I don't mind, I think he does enjoy me allot
he loves coming over to see what I'm up too, which is often eating...checking my phone...doing the assignment while making funny faces at it (I CAN NOT CONTROL MY FACIAL EMOTIONS  TO SAVE MY LIFE) .today in particular we were working with india ink...doing still
in the beginning I was being a bit tedious as always
so that came with a big "you-can-do-it-just-give-it-your-all-balls-to-the-walls" speech
he didn't say balls to the walls part, but it pretty much seems like it should be there
the day wasn't too bad I did finish pretty much all I needed to do for today and all I have is one more project to do then I am done, but that is for tommorow
anyhoo my bead is inky
there is real indian ink in it


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bead 221

today was an ultra lumpy day
I even convinced mama to become a lump too
all day was spent in bed watching on-tv movies
some were good
some were horrible
but it was an okay day by my book
mama and I talked, ate soup, laughed, and just existed together
pure and simple.
just like my bead
cerulean blue.

have a beautiful week lovies
hope to goodness I can do the same
I have to start back up to school >_<
spring break 2012 is
positive vibes to you

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Bead 220

today was a nice-ish day
I wasn't feeling well today but I did make some corned beef
and it was delicious
but again like I said earlyier I'm not feeling well
cyst is acting up and making me nauseous :(
but my bead is a corned beef lump

have a nice sunday
hopefully I will feel better

Friday, March 9, 2012

Bead 219

today was a super nice day!!
so I want to mamas work looking to do a good ol' day of vollunteering, but we were pretty much turned out as soon as we got there, her kid wasn't going to be there today
we headed off to my sisters house where we hung out with her and my big bro for a few hours!!
we ate.
we watched movies.
we chilled.
we talked.
we laughed.
we told stories.
we shared pictures.
all of it was really fun ^_^
also I got some homework done today too (with mama's help, thank you!!)
we picked up some more yummyish foodstuffs for some food making
its going to be epic!!!
but back to the bead its a simple colorfully bead using a piece of yarn from all of the 8 skeins I dyed this week

happy weekend

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bead 218

TODAY WAS EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you all know my obsesionwith meditranian food
I made pitas...from scratch
along with from scratch Tzatziki Sauce
I had both for lunch along side with a smidge of beef jerky

super yummy!!!!
so today my bead is a pita
a crazy amazing from scratch puffy pita

I burned part of my hand in making the real pitas ,but it was so worth it
i have a hardcore bakers scar...not really (even though I've had quite a few other baker/cook injuries)
have an awsome friday!
I don't know about you but this week has passed by crazy fast for me

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bead 217 double-dyed

today was an oober preductive day I:
made baclava (from scratch!!!!totally-crazy-awsome, yes I know)
made pistachio bunt cake
roasted pasta sauce

and dyed some fabric, yarn, and roving
some naturally......some not..oops!
but whatever both are good as long as its wool!!I have a problem. I know .I'm not willing to face it as of yet.
todays bead is a simple one made of the unaturally dyed yarn I did today, the kool-aid packet was a new mango flavor so my yarn smells really really good ,its covering the naturally dyed roving  I did

have a lovely tommorow

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bead 216 Jerky-Accoma

tired......kind of sore.....
been shopping a majority of the day, some of it willingly..some of it not
but I have tons of stuff to do this week especially now that I got tons of ingredients for some yummy food
and I have craftstuff too and am getting ready for the fair and other showcasing opportunities
but right now I am in Beef Jerky accoma............
seriously so am I  bought a package as a splurdge item when getting ingredients
ate allot
not really but too much jerky at once
jerky-ish bead today


Monday, March 5, 2012

Bead 215

I dont do well alone, seriously I don't........ I'm pretty much I am the human equivilent of a cocker-spainel. Fine and cool when other people are around, yet I will go bat-sh*t-crazy as soon as you step outside that door, unless I have something to do
so therefore I must be occupied at all times
I planned to mainly bake today but that didn't work out
for pretty much everything I wanted to bake , we didn't have half the Ingredients............poop
so i ended up doing snail shaped rolls , cheeseburger-macaroni, flan
and I also dyed about five skeins of  yarn with Kool-Aid knock offs
my bead is artsy and has a smidge of one of my skeins tying down a roll of scraps peeled of my board

hopefully tommorow will be more bake-y

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bead 214

today was an okay day
I woke up feeling really awful, the temprature has been fluctuating like crazy latley but we went out to lunch for a neighbors birthday, the food from the reasturant wasn't that great but the birthday cake was
the one modivation to get you outside of the house when you feel like crap??.....Cake
man I want more cake....
todays bead is just artsy and a mish-mosh of purples and pinks

have a nice week

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Bead 213

today we went out to breakfast where I got my favorite omelet
te-he it was delicious
 then after the rest of the day was occupied reusing old felted sweaters ,every part is going to be used and its going to be so epic!!!!
also another thing that happened today is I took a nap...accidently....
I hate taking naps, I know I "need" the sleep but really can't stand taking naps because:
  1. I feel bad wasting the day
  2. I feel grosser then originally after taking-said-nap
  3. I can't sleep well during the night
  4. .........there are more but I can't remember????
So my bead is a sleepy llama lump surrounded by a "blanket" of some of one of the sweaters I am working with

have a lovlie tommorow

Friday, March 2, 2012

Bead 212

I hope you had an awsome day
I finished the last chunk of my paper and turned it in
then I got to go home and needle felt my finished crochet bunny
did it exactly like the real bigger krackers

also today is Dr.suess' Birthday
so in honor of that my bead is inspired by him
thing 1#

 have a great weekend , I so will because I'm on spring break peoples!!!!
p.s. one of my favorite blogs My Paper Crane is having a give-a-way on her blog

(note this photo doesn't belong to me, it belongs to heidi kenney)
drop on over there and give it a try, who knows you might win something??

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bead 211

happy March everyone, I know it isn't a holiday or anything but it was a freakishly beautiful day
I went to classes did my thing
worked on my paper and sent it to my buddy for his opinion on it ,he helped a bunch (as always) and now all I have to do is slap a conclusion on this puppy then it is done!! YAAAAY!!
I also got to vollunteer at a local halfway house and got to see "my babies", oh how I love them and love vollunteering. but on the way home we discovered a fox that had lost its life :(
I live in the country, poor creatures in the middle of the road isn't anything new
but this one was diffrent , he was so beautiful
R.I.P. beautiful
you will be missed my dear
hopefully he didn't feel any pain

have a happy friday lovies
till tommorow