Friday, December 23, 2011

Bead 142

Christmas is a nice but somewhat difficult time for me, and everybody i think. I was only able to get very few gifts for my family and it broke my heart. My family insisting that they don't want or need anything isn't helping much either. they are such sweet loving people that i wish i could give the world and more instead of the little bit that i managed to make/buy for them. We have always had a tradition of my sister and I only reciving three gifts for christmas and I loved it , it kept her and I grounded and really helped us remeber what Christmas is about. I know for a fact that Christmas isn't about the presents but I love my family alot and want them to have a great time too. So, a majority of my day has been on the couch not because i was upset but because of my cyst... i really have a nack for getting ill-ish at the worst times possible. but i still helped set up the tree and decorations, wrap some gifts and have krackers bounce all over my limp body as i rested on the couch inbetween the decorating. I had to take it crazy slow, and wasn't quite happy about it, but still tried to be as chipper as possible.
I' m sure my family feels similar to me too, I don't need or really want anythings and told them that I all i REALLY wanted them to have a great Christmas.
Love is a weird thing...sigh......
If only you could pay people in love

the tree is decorated
presents are made
gifts are wrapped
and sprikles for future cookies are purchased

thats the best I can do

 so my bead today is a heart ornament
beacuse the happiness and woe of the holidays really hit me hard today

but at least i have love, and tommorow to make it better
with funky animal cookies--traditions are so cool
what are some of the traditions for your house at the holidays?

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