Monday, January 2, 2012

Bead 151

Hope ya'll had a happy day
because i sure as heck tried to have one
i did begin today feeling kind of quezzey and overly tired, everyone (except for dad) even the bunnies felt this way
not nice, not cool
even though we all are still feeling a bit funky
we still did manage to make a nice day for ourselfs ,with a quick lunch at the neighbors including collards and black eyed peas
why? you ask
because i live in the south
and its a tradition for you to have them on new years day so you can get money in the next year.......
seriously no joke, go google if you don't belive me
black eyed peas represent pennies and change
and greens represent dollars
i only had a little bit of greens , my neighbor got them out of a can :( i like REAL greens made with hog-jow or some kind of porkish product , yummy...and well-cooked... you know what i mean? put-ya-foot-in-it kind of cooking
so i guess I'm just going to get a heck of alot of change this year
egh .....its cool i guess, i like pennies
so my bead is a slight play on words and is a black-eyed pea

funny right?
don't worry he is bruised on the out side but just as awsome on the inside
have a great tommorow

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