Friday, December 9, 2011

Bead 128

i had a soft pretzal for lunch
yep.... and it was delsious (even though i cant properly spell that world)

but eghh
i vollunteered all day, and for some reason wanted to cuss ALLLLLL day
i didn't
i behaved
REALLY, REALLY, really well
 i got a new recipe, for french-toast casserole and an invitation to make potato latkes for hanukkah
ah heck yes?
and i got to meet my egg man and his dog autumn
i didnt revile my love and admoration to him yet, i'll give it time, it was my first time meeting him face to face, we can take our relationship slowly....i'm not a creeper i just love openly gay men and fresh food
so a pretzally bead today

have a great weekend
and send some good vibes my way please ive got an exam tommorow

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