Saturday, December 10, 2011

Bead 129 Brie PLEASE!!!

oh how i love cheese!!!
 today is the first time we have had brie
it was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!
the love-child of mozerella and magic
 i even brought out my fancy glass fish cheese serving plate
(the first time i've actually been able to use it for the intended reason)
why? because i can

the rest of the day went well too,i saw my sister and bro this morning, helped break a futon,  i got a 100% on my exam/presentation and mama made 15 bean soup with ham-hocks, and guacamole on the side with chips......wonderful
so my bead today had to be my new love-affair brie
i evn used my teen-cheese hood-thingy

have a great tommorow

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