Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bead 57

today was an artsy kind of day, I had no school today and took full and compleat advantage of it .
I slept, watched movies, knitted, attempted to make art and so on and so forth.
it was nice, i have been needing a nice rest day
todays bead is and artsy one just like my day
it kindof looks like a molocule to me?
hope yall have a happy friday
i know atleast part of mine will be , we are going out to celabrate my birthday


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bead 56 truth is....

truth is....
1. im tired
2. i have been terrified to step out of my door since i was like 10
3. i have stached away some serious "future tattoo" fund
4. my brain is gone

today was a pretty good day the few points that i do remember
- i ate cheese pizza lunch
- i splurged and bought art supplies (16$ worth of splurging)
- i held a warm wiggle puppy for about an hour today

this one, its my cousins new dog , he is adorable , small and deaf his name is Artie
- i knitted a little bit
- and i sware that there are germs wondering around in my brain
just jiggling up there
doing there germy things

thats what they look like in my minds eye

i think they need sleep
 so im going to give it to them
a germy brained

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bead 55 mushroom paloosa and tons of breakfast

I had breakfast twice today YEP!
the only two meals i had today was breakfast
and lots of bacon
who doesnt love bacon?
(except vegitarinans, vegans, pescatarians and some pigs?)
breakfast for bead today

eggs and bacon, for your a'waken!!
and also after all the rain that has happend lately the whole backyard is covered in teeny-tiny reddish mushrooms

pretty , delicate and just right.....
Good nite i need some sleep and to get some serious reading done

running on juices

Monday, September 26, 2011

Bead 54 Happy Birthday to me.....

today was okay it started off pretty crummy bit slowly got better as the day went along , i got taken out to lunch, for some really great indian food
it was so so great
I also took some photos from around my school

I needed fun, art and cupcakes
which i got later today thanks to my mama
(thank you mama!)

mustache house!!

My bead today is a present,

although i wont recieve "phyisical" presents probably till this weekend i am so happy and blessed to be sorrounded by people whom genuinly love me for who i am
despite my ....
I extended my wish to my close friends and am extending it to you aswell.
(warning: not the actual wish i had when i blew out the candles so dont worry it should totally still count and come true)
i wish for all of us  a better future filled
with magic
great food
 good movies
and awsome friends and family

a tired

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Bead 53 step of my mustache dreams

today was filled with drama, icky issues and paper-work
what could go wrong kind-of did
I scraped a good amount of flesh off my pinky toe
and got way to stressed out
(the one of few good things that happened today , i got 188$ premiums from the local county fair)
I really really hope tommorow goes better although i still have some paper work
and other icky stuff, i am going to make the best of it
I will be eight-teen years old tommorow.
For my bead today i needed something funny and awsome to break up the pure icky-ness that has unfolded today.
mustaches are hilarious to me
and probably if it were more socially exceptable i would consider having one?
a cool handlebar one too!

If it wernt so late i would probably be taking a lot of silly photos of me and my bunnys with this sucker on
but there is always tommorow
and tommorow will be better
my "party" wont be till this weekend
i might buy myself a little cake and a candle
and will be sure to bring my camera to document tommorow

best wishes to you
for a great week

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Bead 53 A package and Pies

Today was another long gruling day vollunteering at the local county fair, mom and i were the first ones to show up (as we often are) and started off with the teadious little chores we "fair-workers" do:
cleaning displays
sweeping floor
watering plants
and fixing stuff that gets riga-ma-rode every day
that swallowed up the early morning untill about 10ish
we took up enteries for salsa for awhile
then PIE!!!
i spacifically signed up for this slot  to help collect
i like pie
okay more like "like-like" (love) pie
i wasnt able to eat any unfortunatly
we left before judging
i got to SEE, COLLECT, HOLD, and SMELL pie!!!!!
but not eat it....a darn shame, isnt it?
even more of a shame then not being able to eat pie is the fact that i forgot to bring anything to do during
the fair no knitting, no crocheting, no crafting at all.
sad. so so sad.
but back to pie!!
made out of sweater scrap pie crust
pumpkiny fiber
and some lushious llama on top

OHHH and look what i got in the mail!!!!!
my package of candy and magical items from a good friend
(yes the one with forign candy)

sorry i blurred out my address, i know for a fact that you all arn't creepers
but you cant be too safe can you?
 it was so nice and pretty!!!
and arrived just in time :)
monday is my birthday

have a happy restful sunday
a kind of manic , pie wanting

Friday, September 23, 2011

Bead 52 Magic pebble

today was extra extra rainy
i  got totally soaked to the bone
after my first class the bottom really fell and i almost fell afew times on the large stone steps coming out of my building so i had to take of my flip-flops and
 to my next class down the block.
After that i met my cousin and attempted to cross the street for food
and got splashed from a big truck speeding down the street
and got even more soaked
i laughed and laughed !
luck and giant puddles arnt always so nice all the time but
what can you do?
either laugh or sob....
i personally rather choose laugh
Now to my bead
for some reason today it reminded me of one of my favorite childrens book
"Sylvester and the magic pebble"

its a cute story about a donkey who collects pebbles
finds a magic pebble one day and makes a wish...
i wont tell you the end you need to read it yourself
I wished i had a magic pebble today in the rain
so i could wish to:
be with friends and family
have a nice warm sweater
 have yummy stew
watch a nice movie

so here is my "magic" pebble

in pretty mixture of red yellow and blue
and a smidge of llama fiber
for a bit of extra magic

happy weekend

a kind of manic

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bead 51

today started out incredably boreing , i was really sleepy and increadably sluggish. the bunnies were partying and tearing apart everything......
i let them
they were having fun.
more boring stuff at school but then magic in my front yard when i came back home
really pretty deep orange ones too

a neighbor jelously drove slowly by as i photographed my gems. okay he was probably just wondering what is that crazy girl doing?
also my friend of whom promised me fancy forign candy
finally shipped it today!!
so thats my bead
adorable candy in hopes of a great day tommorow
and a good solution at my doctors appointment

best wishes for yalls friday


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bead 50 Milestone!!!!!

(now in your mind picture balloons,  confetti, and glitter everywhere)
thats right its my 50th bead
and matched with a pretty good day
my big exam wasnt as frightening as i thought it would be
i had hot pockets for lunch
and got to play games at school
AND i am getting candy shipped to me by an old friend
fancy foreign CANDY
also i figured out what i want for my birthday:
a dvd of "The Last Unicorn"
a waffle iorn
and a gift certificate from my favorite yarn shop

today was nice, but rainy
im not complaining mind you i enjoyed it alot
except for the umbrella.
I am a murderer of umbrellas
they are my "kite eating tree" like with charlie brown
i always manage to flip them inside-out in a dramatic (and quite funny for other people) way
so then the umbrella becomes a bowl for the rain until it goes back again drenching me even more
but luckly that didnt happen today
almost but didnt
so my bead today is my arch-nemisis the umbrella

hope tommorow is great for everyone
an i sincerly hope that umbrellas are kinder to you then they are to me.

a kind-of manic sleepy

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bead 49 i am...

"I AM A UNICORN!!!! a unicorn!!!"
this is from one of my absolute favorite movies
The last Unicorn
and the qoutes pretty much match up with how i felt today
I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia about 6 years ago and often find difficulty copeing with all the unnesicary pain.....
 but here is what happened today:
woke up early on my "rest" day
finished 2 papers
went to the doctors office
which of whom cancled on me (so ill have to go again on friday)
ended up studying and working on flashcards with my mom at Mac D's (in the playroom?)
drank a smoothie
thanks mom!!!
went to school finished more flashcards
more flashcards

And last but not least ended up eating (devouring really) a chicken sandwhich and waffle fries on a bus bench, in the middle of  nowhere
i am tired and have a crazy big exam tommorow
and am i need of unicorns, faith, luck and sleep
hence the clover

my mom helped my find my first four leaf clover years ago and i have been lucky to find oodles since
I am tired of craming , flash card making and thinking that i am dumb.
so this is my DECLARATION for being :
and ect.

so who knows maybe it can be yalls too?

a generally satisfied and smart
(sleepy as hell)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Bead 48

I kindof had a crummy day today
i let others treat me badly and most unfortunatly let myself treat me badly
but i am smart
i  am brave
i love love love
friends, art, food, and you
for listening and careing
my bead today is a brain
because i am smart, as are you
i am a big brave lion ,as are you
and im slightly crazy
(you might not be, so i wont put as are you)

i am so happy my wool is back in the house
because i am a big brave lion
a motivated

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bead 47

i have a tummy-ache
but now my room is full of wool
i finally rescued my stash from the freezer
and now it has exploded around my room.
egh ohwell!!!!!!!
i am slightly drugged from my
ovairan-cyct-y day of pain
but i got my wool and some nice gourds in my garden
which inspired my bead for the day
oh how i love having all my wool again
because for weeks now i have been scraping the bottom of the wool bowl
i know i could probably gotten all of it ......... along time ago but i was crazy parinoid about the wooly bugs

isnt it gorgous! i love gourds so much

later on in the day when i actually desided to be apart of the world again i had a funny and interesting conversation with a good freind
how i miss her and all of my old buddies
OH !!!
I hope this week will be great, i have my big exam this week and am trying to study well (an not too hard )
and relax about the other mountains of things that have to be done
one minute...
one hour....
one day....
one week....
at a time
thats the only way i can continue forth
because i am a big brave lion
a BIG, BRAVE lion
best wishes for the beging of your week

a sleepy

Bead 46 cakes and possible cousins ......continued!!!

I finally found my camera
well my mom did
this morning as soon as i got up
lucky i know!
 here are some detail photos of the cake i decorated
i had an okay day at the fair yesterday
but what made it sooooooo much better was the
  discovery an adorable possibe cousin of my "lil brother" peanutbutter

itty bitty is to the left
peanutbutter to the right
they could totally be cousins!!!!!!!!!!!!
so my bead  was based on him
or them rather?
but i did have some difficulty makeing because all (well everything but a smidge of )my wool is still in the big freezer from my dramatic The glerp post.........
so i had to use a sweater from my crafting stash to make it.
this sweater spasifically. i got it at a giant yard sale for 50 cents, and felted it in the washer a few months ago i remeber it so much because the only reason i was able to get it was the  little boy infront of me in line refused to get the sweater ,even with his mom prodding him.

but the sweater
kind of  hinderd my bead making skill especially the details of it.
but i shall get all my wool stasch out of the giant freezer today.

see you soon for todays bead

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Bead 46 cakes and possible cousins

i cant find my camera
i am mortified :(
i have wonderful pictures and story to tell you and i cant find it
.... i shall search more........
ive already gone to that van to look for it
in the crazy cold
wasent there
im sorry but this will have to be posteponed untill tomorow
so sorry
my bead has been done today though

and as i said yesterday
i would post a picture of my cake
 i got
first place and judges choice
unfortuanatly till tommorow
my friends
-a dissapointed m

Friday, September 16, 2011

bead 45

i made a cake for the fair tommorow
i am tired
and kind of hungry
i will post photos of the finished cake tomorrow
i am afriad i will jinks it if i post it today
i am superstitious....
and only the naked cake today.

 i hope i do well with it
i made the butter cream myself :)
buttercream is awsome, but not when you cant find the electric mixer
so i had to wait for mom to come home to do her magic
and pull it out of thin air. and have her pull out a better sifter too......
i was sifting sugar 1/4th a cup at a time

here it is in teeny tiny form
cake it woderful
with a cherry on top
happy weekend

an exausted

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bead 44

i need life
need it!!
had a good weird-ish day
i had a smoothie for lunch
a huge smoothie
then had to goto the bathroom all day
serves me right.
i am tired and feeling zombie like
i do not know how i am typing right now.
i made krakers mad at me
i wont got into the long story but
it ends with her wimpering and me sobbing.
we are both okay we just had our feelings hurt.

my bead is bright and chipper
kindof the opposite of what im feeling but i need it
i need brightness, warmth,  and color
its going to be super cold tommorow
i have my sweater ready
i love sweaters!!
sorry back to the bead
limey green with a touch of blue
for my buddy ...
it kind of remindes me of a dinosaur

hope its a nice friday for all of us :) an exausted

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bead 43

i had a loooooong day
art history
an acting history-ish class
(giving the evil eye at the icky people whom get finished 15 minutes after the test is passed out)
 then i went home and ate dinner...
got all my things gathered up for the local fair
(thanks mom for your help!)
and tagged and bagged every thing there to put into individual catigorys
it took almost 2 hours
(again thanks mom)

then we got chocolate dipped ice cream cones

todays bead is a pumpkin in honor of the fair season
and hopefully less hot weather
 i didnt take my camera to the fair grounds because i knew it would be a mad house
i wish i did, the fair dosent officially start till friday ,but they were testing the rides and lights.
 it looked so pretty
soon ill get so photos for us :)

sleep-in day tommorow sweet!!!
i shall sleep now
i wish a pupkiny day to you !

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bead 42 weiner

my friend and i are running away to canada one day
we are going to get three dogs:
an english shepard dog for her
and two weiner dogs for me
hers will be named lenoxx ,and mine will be named chimy and changa.
im sleepy and had a relativly good day
i had birthday cake flavored ice cream
made cupcakes, decorated them

and got tons of stuff done
satisfaction is nice
so are cute little teeny tiny weiner dogs

they have cute little bitty feet and adorable bodies

and pudgy little toes
man i wish i could go to canada now!
have a great day tommorow
i need sleep
and juice

a thirsty

Monday, September 12, 2011

Bead 41needed love

today was a badish day
some parts were good others
well only one main part not so much.
I need to let it go
stop constantly beliving
that im smart and stupid all at the same time.
Thank you for listening to my ramblings.
some times you need to be told you are loved
i love you , whom ever you are out there.
for listening to, and tolerating me
you are deeply appreciated
here is a heart for you and I

all hand-dyed wool: fruit punch
blue rasberry and grape
tommorow will be nice
i get to sleep in
hang out with my mama for a little bit
make cupcakes
make cute things
do 2 "easy" home work assignments
and watch a good movie.
life is good when you can stand to live it
i forget that alot

tommorow is another day
crossong my fingers that it is great for ALL of us

Sunday, September 11, 2011

bead 40

40 is quite a milestone
in any part of life:
being on this earth for 40 years
loving some one for 40 years
eating 40 marshmallows
and making 40 beads for 40 days?

egh some are more heroic then others

today was realativly uneventful
but i found isperation for a bead none the less
one of my favorite tv shows it Arthur
its a kids show about an
its based off of a childerns book series
these were one of the first books that i had read
I have met the author Mark brown, and he signed a book for my big sister.
I miss those days where you didnt feel obligated to read books , you just got to sit down and enjoy the words and pictures.

are naturally funny lookig creatures so
 i did one more all natural
and blue?
(contradictions i know but what are you going to do? call the contradiction police on me ? please dont ... pretty please?)

pretty and blue
have a great week
im kind of wooried about tomorrow but...................................................
i will survive
and so will you

lets be brave together shall we?


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bead 39

Today was great
i was SUPER busy
i went to yard sales,
my local farmers market for there famer appreciaton day (and got some killer goat cheese spread),
collected and re-bagged soda cans,
helped my 4-h leader with the fair display
bought honey
cooked dinner
my mom gave me an old morter and pestle (my abuelita's one)
 took photos
and so much more.
and now i am tired
im going to show you so lute
i got snoopy books. i adore peanuts. and honey with the honor system, i love the honor system i want to be able to do that with my produce , honey and wool one day. and trust people enough to pay me what they can and take what they need.

i would show you more photos but...
to the bead
(im crazy tired did i mention that?)
it simple and honey colored
just as i hope my soul is from after today
filled with joy
the thrill of the hunt
and yummy food.

with a little brown comb

sleep is calling my name...
happy trails to you untill we meet again


Bead 38 wows and cute cows

I have had a great and confusing day:
it started off with me waking up on my own without someone having to yell, fuss or shove.
i got dressed and layed down with my mom for a little while , and my dad cooked microwave bacon and formed (the best and only word i can use to describe what he did) breakfast sandwiches. egh they were okay but i was more proud of him for the effort .
when i got to school life  was interesting ,confusing and involved with cows
these cows to be specific
in class today we were discussing ancient egyptian art , when my professor
whose words are still made of magic
settled apon this image (cattle and herder in mustaba of  Ti) and began to vocalize the inner thought of the cows and mooed. the combination of funny looking image of freaked out cows and his dialogue
was priceless.

so needless to say this HAD to be my inspiration for today's bead


Isnt he adorable and slightly paranoid looking.
this was the top of my day and the rest was filled with my fear of my words not meaning as much anymore.
but i need to give myself some credit and listen to the nicer side of my inner monologue
because i am a nice person
and so are you
and i like cows
and so do you!

oooh i need sleep
i will probably dream of cows
and  better days for
all of us


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bead 37 a new leaf

today was difficult.
the beging started out great, i got to sleep in
make and eat pancakes (and saved one for my mom)
then i was devouerd by worries and frantic reading.
(i dont want to get into the spasific crummy parts of the day)
but i went to the park
calmed down and found a beautifully pure leaf
i appoligised to the tree and took it .
i needed it alot more than the tree did.

isnt it pretty it reminds me of batik.
todays bead was inspired by this leaf,
in layers .

forest green, fern, lime, yellow-orange, and a few hints of crimson.
just like God intended.
i know tommorow will be better.
hopefully it will be a pretty fall day like it has been the past week.
Happy friday
and good vibes headed yalls way