Saturday, December 24, 2011

Bead 143

Merry Christmas Eve
our humble little tree and a gang of timy bunnies who made a nest on a few of the branches
I hope you are having a wonderful one.
today was a pretty interesting day for me:
Its my big brother (in-lawish's) birthday, i wasnt able to see him or my sister today but i did get to text him a happy birthday wish... he is such a nice, silly "christmas baby".... Happy birthday Bro!!
 Also this morning my mom, dad and I went to a new diner for breakfast downtown , it was okay but the waitress was really nice and the sweet tea was great (I'm from the south , sweet tea is a must all the time) my omelet was a bit over done ,but all in all it was a nice meal.
After that i had to lie down  for a few hours, my cyst is still acting up:(
 then we went to my neighbors house to have our individual christmas with them, we had steak and baked potatos.....sweet. Abit unorthidox I know but it was nice
I recived my gifts from them after we ate , including a nice new knitting bag, yarn, a small pattern book, AN ELECTRIC BLANKET!!!!! and some more really cool stuff.
Seriously this electric blanket is amasing its fuzzy, checkered blue and greatly appreciated especially because the pain that I have been in lately
nice, warm and toasty right now
te-he-heee-he !!!
we also bought  some treats for the  bunnies including some adorable tiny stockings for them

my bead is just a plain purple ornament from the nice yarn that i got today

have a great  and safe Christmas

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