Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Bead 125

today was a crazyish yet mellow day all at the same time
I've been working on my paper for tommorow
 a majority of the day and have been dealing with the internet messing up, off and on...all flipping day
but its cool i got a ton of frends to help me proof read and edit it :)
(after a melt down of epic preportions when the writing department people from school couldnt help me, beacause they were closing crazy early and today was the last day for them to be open till january)
 so i only have a smidge more to write tommorow then i am done
todays bead is a jumble.....
what is a jumble you ask?
i have NO idea but its all i can come up with and all and a perfect summary of today
icky, nice, textural and wierd all at the same time

have a great tommorow!
and i will try to do the same
a sleepy

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