Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bead 139 DEAD CHEESE :(

i murdered a whole batch of mozerella cheese
at the final step :(
adding salt
i added acid
by mistake
so i ended up with an over acidic-inedible-hunk-o-curds
that was BEAUTIFUL up to that sad miss step
after all of that I sobbed
literally lied down and sobbed right there on the kitchen floor for about ten minutes
i was mortified and thought that my family would be too, because of the whole gallon of milk, whole hour i wasted, and the half of sink of curd and whey covered dishes
but no
dad got me another gallon of milk, mom said it was fine and is gettting me another cheese kit while it is on sale
leave it to normal people not to be upset about a ruined batch of cheese
but other then the dead cheese allot of other things were successful
i roasted over 5 pounds of peanuts , prepared and baked some sweet-potatos, finished an ornament for my "egg man", and got a great idea for a gift for my sister and bro

so i had my ups and downs
but thats life i guess
hope yours is going well

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