Monday, April 30, 2012

Bead 271

today was a grayish-humid partially icky looking day, but actually wasnt too bad
Had a great breakfast.
goofed around.
went to have lunch with mama and sis.
had an eye doctors appointment.
and got some new contacts!
yippy! I can see so much better!
artsy bead today with a combo of lumps, a crochet chain, and a really handsome tuft

have a pretty tommorow dearies!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bead 270

dyed two skeins of yarn today
and loafed around a remainder of the day
artsy bead today. using some of my dyed yarn, a chunk of biggie yarn that my neighbor gave me today
and some of my usual yellow

have a nice week lovies

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Bead 269 Muppet-ish

went yardsaling today :
got three sweaters to craft with

some clothes including my new favoritest sweater (I'm waring it in the bead photo)
and right here!

a big tool "box" that is going to be made into an herb planter
and some other nick-knacks and odds and ends.
the craft sweaters have already been felted, including  a hawked "Muppet" (at the top of the pile in the photo) which shedded some nice roving
which  todays bead is made of!
into a muppety creature! ^_^

so funny, apparently the Muppet that the sweater is made of is trying to reincarnate itself!

have a nice tommorow

Friday, April 27, 2012

Bead 268 Finally Done!!

I am officially out of school!
yup. seriously I'm free.
I got an A on my English portfolio, which counts as 50% of my total grade! check.
I took my art history exam. check.
so now I've got it made in the shade with pink lemonade !
I can't believe this school year is over but I am so relived that it finally is. most of the year went by quickly, but some really had a talent of  dragging on and on and on.
today's bead is just
 done period.

I have been shouting that for the last few weeks, at myself, Friends, Family, and even a few strangers.
because before I was done, in every other way except actually done.
now I officially am and loving it.
hope ya'll will have a wonderful weekend!
a free

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bead 267

today was a flip-flopish kind of day:
-I only had one "exam" which was just portfolio review with my drawing professor
           -I forgot my locker key, so mama had to bring it to me before work
-My professor was really happy with me , said I was a delight to have, and gave me an A for the semester
           - I felt like crap the remainder of my short day
-Didn't have to make dinner today
          - ended up laying down for a few hours afterwards
-still worrying about peanutbutter
Today was my second to last day of my freshman year of college,
I'm done officially tomorrow even though mentally I am already finished.
One more exam tomorrow, but I'm going to be on campus from six in the morning till six in the afternoon.
my bead today is just a small blegh face, not happy, not sad, just blegh

hope your friday will be wonderful (and mine too..)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bead 266

today was my study day.....I sort of studied, well I did study for awhile then gave up after a certain point.
I'm tired the kind of tired that can't be healed in one rest day, so It ended up being about one and a half days of rest...and that still doesn't quite cut it
I'm tired.
In mild lethargy.
And really needing about a full weeks worth of sleep, but my body won't let me sleep!!!!!!
The latest I can sleep is about 9 in the morning, that is it, I'm not the kind of lady able to sleep the whole day away.....even if I need to....
lethargy bead today.

p.s. could you pray for or send some good vibes to PeanutButter? he hasn't been feeling too well, and we are getting worried.

p.p.s. I finally got my surgery date!! (yay, robot arms in my body, squishing around....eww not so yay but egh It-ill-doooo!!)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bead 265 Meringues in the oven

I slept in today, well to 9 o'clock.....
then I did some artsy things all day
and made my first batch of meringues, so lets just say I can NEVER go back to store-bought, icky, tasteless, super-dry ones ever again.
Honestly today I began with a moderate loathing of meringues
but I had oodles of fun making them in my "new" mixer. yes you heard right I have a stand mixer and its beautiful.....well in a homely kind of way but it is still pretty great. Its most likely older then I am and has a super thick glass bowl instead of the standard steel ones these days, but he is lovely and his name is Stan!
but this isn't about Stan, The meringues were amazing I totally wung a majority of the recipe.
 mexican-chocolate and vanilla bean meringues soooooooooo epic and melt in yor mouth deliciousness!!!

meringue is my bead today
my real ones ended up not so pretty looking because I have no piping bags
no worries they are still beautiful in their own way

have a happy hump day my dear

Monday, April 23, 2012

Bead 264 bright and cheery

I got through today.
I am proud of me.
I got through a big critique, and turned in my english portfolio.
I got to see my sister and big bro.
And I won't have to go to school till thursday!
A bright and cheery orange bead today, eventhough it is freakishly cold and gray out?
Is there weird weather where you are now??
It is getting crazy up in here!!!
seriously a good portion of my state actually has snow.

welp here is to tommorow!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bead 263 Sigh of relief

I have a bound English portfolio.
I had a good meal today.
I will sleep well tonight.
And I am loved and helped by some pretty incredible people.
Todays bead is a sigh, well what sighs' look like in my brain....

This one is a particularly beautiful sigh, of relief.
I hope each and everyone of you have a beautiful week.
Also I wanted to let you know that I have yet again filled a jar af beads, and now have grown to two jars for all my beads....


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Bead 262

so close to the finish line on my portfolio , I can almost taste it...
I left it in the hands of my brilliant master paper editor
and pretty much gave up after 2 this afternoon
sooooooo I also started a kitting project involving cute little Hexigon poofs
and have finished 2 already
my bead today is a bright little hexi-poof similar to the ones I knitted

have a nice tommorow lovies

Friday, April 20, 2012

Bead 261 all worded out

so freaking tired.
been assembling and writing for English portfolio all damn day long.
still not close to finishing it.
over it.
wishing I really over it.
can't wait till its done with.
hopefully tomorrow I will get a heck of allot further, but  I accomplished a ton today however not nearly as far as I wanted to be.....I think I'll stay up abit late and at least get some of my last edits for previous papers done tonight so I can get about 2 pages on the new paper done tomorrow.
who knows I'm already half zombie as of right  now so I'll probably end up asleep
as soon as I post this.
small llama plain bead today.
don't have much creativity to do anything else.


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bead 260

today was crap, totally crap, but forget it the day is done.
what's been said, has been said.
And I'm over it all, for weeks I have been just "maintaining" everything from class assignments to even pain....spending half the time in either moderate happiness or compleate letheragy is no way to live,today was the last straw-
I am tired.
I am sick.
I am in pain.
I don't need hurtful people in my life.
I need help from people that actually care about me and love me for who I am and what I do.
I need to stay angry at people when I have a legitimate reson to be upset at said people.
I don't need to be responsible for evrything and everyone, It is their life not mine.
It's okay to be scared about life.
All I have in my life is Art, and my Morals, so that is what I choose to live by.
Honestly today wasn't a total crap shoot some positives ocassionally thrown in the mix
-Critque went really well
-I got my last project back and got an A on it
-I got pizza and advice from my cousin
-I got some white chocolate and beef jerky  (I'm not eating them together ,they arn't yummy that way)
so a plain blue bead with  hand dyed embroidery today, there were lessons learned, and a life taken back today

have a beautiful friday

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bead 259

today was okay.
I've been typing and talking up a storm.
crit went well.
then I've been working on my English portfolio
that's pretty much it.
a random jumbley bead today
mixtures of yellows and chartreuse's
I've read somewhere that a famous artist thought yellow  was the color of ultimate evil and despair?
kind of over today,I need more sleep even though I went to bed at like 9:45 last night, the world seems lopsided and my face feels twisty
anyhoo here is my bead

I need sleep, so I'm going to get some right now!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bead 258

still tired today, but allot more stable then I have been,
got through my classes (thoroughly enjoying my art history class) and went along today pretty well
my friend got me a Carmel macchiato and a brownie for lunch
so yummy...I'm addicted to coffee so this was the total "lunch of champions" for me.
I was able to make a flan bunt cake when I  got home

which went perfect with our fresh strawberry
piece of  bunt cake  for my bead today

have a happy hump day

Monday, April 16, 2012

Bead 257 strawberries and ledges

I'm going to be compleatly honest with you right now.
I had to talk myself off the ledge at least five times today.
The day wasn't bad in the least , just my mind hasn't been too kind to me......
drawing class was kind of boring we were drawing hallways-easyish stuff
english class upset me but we got out early
as a suprise my neighbors took me for gyro's at lunch time
then we went to a craft store (where yet again I resisted purchasing yarn) and I purchased some new needles for a new project to begin as soon as I'm out of school
but life goes on and the best part of my day came later when my family and I went strawberry picking

we had a nice time and I made a strawberry shortcake afterwards
and let the bunnies try small stawberries for the first time
PB ate over half of his but Kthe diva didn't even try it

strawberry bead today
he is too freakishly cute to eat
have a beautiful tommorow

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bead 256

still tired,but I'm feeling better now
mama helped me manage my mop head, by brushing and braiding it.
this week most likely is going to be hectic so good vibes and prayers are greatly appreciated
two more weeks of school left officially....THANK GOODNESS!!!!
but tons of stuff has to be done before I can celebrate and go absolutly crazy
a braid-ey bead today
half llama and half wool

hope you have a beautiful and restful week
(and hope I have one too)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Bead 255

long day.
working most of it.
so tired.
kind-of hungry.
watching dumb movie now.
need sleep.
lethargy and mania aren't a good combination.
It is like too many colors, grumblies, and yellow-ish gray surroundings
bead is similar and artys too I guess....


Friday, April 13, 2012

Bead 254

went thrift shopping and estate sailing today
loved every minute of it....
my most prised find today was this
(awwwwwwwwhhhhhhh ****the angels voices singing loudly)
it was only about 11$ ands was totally worth it, I GOT GOBS OF STUFF BESIDES THIS , all for under 35$ at both the estate sales and the thrift store. we also went on some other errands and I treated us to burritos, by the time we ate it was crazy late so we were starving and I didn't take a before photo of my pretty, chubby burrito

so my day was great except, for the marimo balls fell through and I wasn't able to purchase them :(
maybe next time....I hope yall had a wonderful Friday
todays bead is a blue bottle, similar to the glass ones I got today

have a happy weekend

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bead 253

today was my "Friday"
the day went by quickly
but I an super tired now
I purchased charcoal, spray paint, plastic animals, and piping tips all for under 20$ at the craft store
I also picked up some x-rays that I will have on loan for about 30 days
so Yippy !!!tomorrow is a no school day! I'm planning some cool things and will have an epic day come hell or high water.
today's bead is a green marimo ball :)
I'm planning on buying some tomorrow probably on etsy
I love them they are so adorable and become like little "pets"
because who doesn't want a tiny ball of living moss to poke and float about?
have a wonderful Friday

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bead 252

I like knitting, crocheting, spinning and wool......
the word "like" I just used in the previous statement is the most understated use of the word ever.
seriously. the various "addiction" voices have been yelling allot lately but I have been behaving
for the most part.....
I spotted a pattern that I don't think I will be able to resist much longer
also random junk has been popping into my brain all day such as:
  • Slurpee's should automatically be half cherry and half blue raspberry
  • avocados belong in a cake
  • ultra-sounds look cool and creepy
  • cows should be pets
But all and all today was a great day ,studio was occupied by making cubes with 2-point perspective (yes, seriously) so boring seeing as I have had 2-point perspective drilled into my scull since 2nd grade but it was an easy and moderately silly class so I can't complain too much. and after a quick meeting with my English professor, then off to my sisters house with pizza!!!!
My bro picked a great movie  and we exchanged some cool presents amongst each other, so epic!
and it was a great day  ^_^
my bead is a cool blue cube in honor of my studio today

tomorrow is my "Friday" again at school

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bead 251

today art was made
art inspired but my Ultrasounds, MRIs, x-rays, CAT scans
my bead today is inspired by them too
its of my hand (in fetus form) from one of my moms ultrasound
embroidered  on a black background

have a happy hump day
I need sleep ASAP!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Bead 250

feels like a Wednesday ...totally ,a really nice fun Wednesday .
This morning began with my drawing class outside doing landscapes, well one landscape in the park  beside the studio building
Its a bowl shape and moderately suckish to draw in
I did my best,which included floundering for a while until my professor forced me to "just draw already!!!"
he said that one of his professors told him when he was in school; that if you have problems within your art you must be doing something right
well if that is true I am so doing EVERYTHING IN MY LIFE RIGHT!! ha ha
but life is good I got out of english early and got a B+ on my paper!!
it was super pretty outside and I got to see mamas pretty face for half the day
a bright yellow embroidered bead today

tommorow is a new day, that I can't wait to see, the weekend will be here sooner then we think and we will be okay one of these days
to tommorow my friends!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Bead 249 Happy Easter

Hope your Easter was beautiful
mine was for the most part
we had an egg hunt for neighbor kids
went to my uncle's for a fish fry with his family and friends
he is such a wonderful cook and his fish is the best!!

mine always end up looking like gnomes for some reason?
cascarones were flying in both places but it was so fun my bead today is just a simple colorful egg

I know that Easter isn't about eggs, candy and cook-outs
have a wonderful week

Saturday, April 7, 2012

bead 248

I love "To Kill a Mockingbird" it is such a wonderful book
the movie was on a little while ago ^_^ (swoon)
and really helped top off a pretty nice day
filled with:
  • going to yard sales and thrift shops and getting tons of cool stuff
  • painting and finishing some old projects
  • assembling the last of the cascarones
  • tidying up my room
  •  watching some crazy great movies
  • and just sat-ur-daying (ie loafing) around
(I'll share pictures soon)
my bead today is plain white with an embroidered mocking bird silhouette

hope you have a beautiful easter

Friday, April 6, 2012

Bead 247

If I could fly I totally would....
today was....a day
not totally awesome not horribly suckish
just a day
we went to a big chain pancake house this morning instead of are normal local joint, big mistake!
Everything was awful, the eggs were burnt, the service was lousy, the crepes were greasy, floors were sticky-ish, and they didn't even take our coupon.
(I much rather go to my little oddly decorated, homey, hole-in-the-wall-ish place with wonderful food then the alternative)
then we went to a few various places in search of confetti for cascarones
we didn't find it where we directly searched for it
we did find other stuff (in which I will go back for later)
including some dehydrated fishys at the Mexican store that I thought looked cool
i have no idea of there function but I loved photographing them

I also took Pb and Krackers out on a walk today ....It didn't go too well for either of them :(
they were acting out allot today,krackers even had her first "time-out" today
but they each got about half an hour outside and munched on grass
todays bead is grass,ours was so beautiful and cool and smelled amazing!!

have a happy weekend lovies!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Bead 246

so here is what happened today starting with some "random" thoughts/actions from me today:
-googled "where can I find a cosby sweater?"
-I seriously want a sweater like one of his, I will feel loved if I have a sweater that looks as if a unicorn barfed on it
-I cussed at a crow today, loudly
-harrased my eye doctor and staff there for pictures of the inside of my eye, they emailed it to me
-got yelled at for drinking all the damn juice and got called a juice hogger
-Recived my haminal in the mail today, screamed when I got it
-threatened to cut a bunny today if she would not stop ramming her head into doors that didn't belong to her, then going into others rooms and eating lint, crud, and dust bunnies underneath their beds....
this is my life!

he-he you should be!
 Today was a pretty awsome day I got to sleep a smidge later then I usally get to
classes went well and the day passed by pretty quickly
the only sucky parts was my cyst bothering me and I had a horrible headache
for like 14 hours
but egh I shall survive
todays bead is a pineapple ring
 for my haminal
Beacause he came today!!!

today totally felt like a friday
but allas it was not, tommorow will be and I hope you have a great one!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Bead 245

today started out really sucky
-I had no cash on me
-I was in ooodles of pain
-I ended up bumping into the janitor I loathe that talks to me too much and likes bumping my shoulder too much
-I wasn't going to be able to get lunch
-and I got the wrong texture of paper for my studio class

BUT.....It turned out that none of that stuff mattered
-I was kind of short to the janitor dude, I felt bad after but I don't enjoy being hit on by a man old enough to be my father
-the paper didn't really matter we were only doing old still lives and he only skimmed around the room for a few minutes saying yes or no to what we had I got a yes, te-he
-I had my proposal for my drawing final approved by him and he even gave me paper to do them on
I was loopy during the whole thing, he thought it was hilarious so did I. He even said he missed me on Monday, I called him a liar, we got a kick out of that too.
-my other class went by fast
-and lastly dad was able to pick me up and take me home early!! (I also get to sleep in a smidge)
it started out crummy but ended up a pretty great day
also mama took my out to buy little cacti
I ended up getting about 8 mini cacti all for under 12$
at are local pharmacy
the check out dude always laughs allot when mama and I are there? He laughs at our inside jokes too... which in turns just causes laughter between mama and I
my bead is a small, slightly-laughy cacti

tomorrow is my "Friday" no school on the actual Friday
have a lovely tommorow

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bead 244

today was a pretty good day-
  • finished all of my project and turned it in on time
  • critique went well
  • class let out early
  • I got a cool pen like thingy that uses regular ink and is metal so I don't have to murder fine point sharpies anymore
  • history class went awesome as usual
  • went to get pitas to-go with my cousin
  • food was yummy but krackers got super freaked out by my cousin's dog
  • got home early
  • danced in the rain to clear my head after some difficulties with brain really
today was my first "break" day that I have had in a long time
I felt so much better being able to relax for more then two minutes
The super hero in me could rest (well the super-weird-over-achiever-artsy-fartsy-crafty-crazy-manic-tired-addict to coffee, plushies, food,candy, wool/yarn, nature and stuffity stuff-super hero)
Because even super heros need a break some times
the rain recharged me but I still need rest
this is how I would picture myself if I was a super hero
freaking adorable.
made of  "misty" wool and nice scraps of yarn and white roving

stay safe.stay strong. stay happy.

have a happity hump day

Monday, April 2, 2012

bead 243

making tons of art today...
super tired, really tired
today is National peanut butter and jelly Day
so today's bead is peanut butter and jellyish
well Pb&j inspired, I've already made a peanut butter sandwich and don't like repeats so this one is mixed together like the semi-good packets given at lunch when I was a kid.....weird..

here is to a freakishly short week
to both you and I

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bead 242

Five pages done for my paper.
five artworks done and working on the sixth.
bwah ha ha I'm the queen of the world!!
the design projects are mainly dealing with contrast of hue and saturation
these are kind of hard to do effectively but I tried my best
same with my paper
that is all you can do I guess...
my bead is using sort of  complementary colors

have a nice week lovies