Friday, December 23, 2011

Bead 141

today was a GREAT day
mama is finally off for the holidays so her and I took a trip to my sisters and bros house
they got me an electric chopper!!!!!! for-reals!!! its soo awsome and cool
I dont know if mama told them that i NEEDED one but .....
I'll show  you soon
and they got mama a big cool baking kit
then after that we headed to the girl scout council for my exit appointment
I am official Gold Awardee
and to rap up a nice day mom and I went consignment shopping at one of my favorite places called The Red Collection
its like chatchkey galore in there
they also have a ton of beautiful furniture and unique decor
i picked up gifts for my sister, brother , and a little something(s)
for me
including this gem
isn't she so pretty?
she is just one of the prettys i got today
and she is my bead today
not as pretty or as delightfully plump but still nice none the less

hope you have an awsome tommorow

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