Thursday, December 29, 2011

Bead 148

what a nice day
i didn't get to do quite the stuff that i expected to do but none the less it was still a totally awsome day
we went out to breakfast to my favorite omelet resturant

then we went thrift store shopping where i purchased 3 sweaters for beads,crafts ...ect.
some nylons for felting
and some other nick-nacks

after that the remainder of the day was spent chilling out at home, crocheting , washing/felting the "new" sweaters, and cleaning my foam felting board too.
the sweaters began pretty big and ended up about  half the size they were originally
so cute!! they usually do
but it always ends up  about half the size that it normally was, baby sweaters
and i even made cool wrist warmer thingys
so my bead today using the sweater fluff that came after felting  the purple- mauve-ish sweater
and a little natural white to hold it all together
yes I'm waring the wrister-thingys in the bead photo

because i can, because I'm awsome, and because they have a really cool chartruse stripe on them

have a nice day tommorow

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