Friday, December 16, 2011

Bead 135

happy early hanukkah!!!!
I vollunteered and made potato latkes with special needs students
they were AMASING!!!!!!
seriously awsome
(a recipie soon on marshmallows and happy fellows)
I also got to see my egg man
he didnt have my eggs for me though :(
but he reassured me tuesday, I would have as close if not three dozen eggs
I know thats alot, but that has to survive the holidays
which in this household includes a ton of baking
But back to latka making......

beginning                             middle                                    end

so that was the main part of the day ,and after the cooking was done mama and i got a cookie plate from some of the parents...SWEEET!!!

lastly to finish off a pretty good day, we went to the dollar store and i got 2 grow-your-own-animal-thingys
a shark and a rhino

pretty tretorus, and sweet right?
then we all as a family got some Peta's and soup for dinner
pretty great day, if  I do say so myself
I choose to do a potato latka  for my bead
I'm not sure if you can see but i totally didn't "phone" this one in.
I twisted little individual potato strands, like real latkas.
have a latka-y weekend


  1. i wish someone would make me some latkes!!!

  2. Your latkas look pretty too. I think any form of fried potatoes is pretty (tasty).