Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bead 302

I had an upsetting day. doctors appointment didn't go as planed. got sad, really sad.
Shopped at earth fare, sampled good cheese and coffee, and spotted a really cute guy. got a smidgen happier.
I "splurge" shopped and still ended up only spending 18 dollars.
Lots of pain today, guts bead today. grim I know...but I'm not feeling too crispy today

have a happy Friday

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bead 301

Okay weird? I've been craving latkes lately....purple-ish pink latkes.
yep I used beets to get pretty colored deliciousness!
they ended up turning a Burgundy color once cooked but were still just as awesome!
purplishy pink bead today in homage of the FLAVOR!!


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bead 300

one. two. three. four. five. six. seven. eight. nine. ten.........eleven.........................twelve!!!!
okay so I have been beading for way longer then twelve beads. But it sooo doesn't feel like 300 days since the beading began. Today was endless cycle of Beatles. Meditaton.Moderate Depression. Peanut butter crackers.
Three hundy creature today

have a nice tommorow

Monday, May 28, 2012

Bead 299

crazy..for reals...
Today was for reals too?
really productive and nice.
mama fixed me a shelf!
this shelf to be specific (yep the one in the photo right below)

It makes my room-cave-studio-insane asylum-yoga space-dojo so much more roomy and it looks pretty and awesome as hell! all the books are stored and visable plus the stash of awesomness is displayed properly. right on!
Afew other bloops of today include a yummy BBQ with some of our neighbors (not the bush killers), and dad and I helped remove one of the kids next door cast.
Happy Memorial Day. I want to thank all who've served, and are serving.
yellow ribbon for todays bead.


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bead 298 R.I.P. bush

gross-ish weird day.
we lost 2 bushes......our neighbors mother-in-law completely butchered them down.
seriously they were at least 5 feet tall and beginning to thrive.
mowed over and cut down in their prime. even though they are clearly on our property line.
the one we are really sad about is a butterfly bush that we had gotten mama for mothers day a few years back. no apologies and to add insult to injury she grazed our other bushes too.
life I guess.
I'm going to try to buy her a new one tomorrow.
bush bead in honor of the lost souls today.

have a good memorial day

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Bead 297

Today was a day.
Yard sales.
Omelet at our local joint.
More yard sales.
Cleaning up around the house.
Being silly with my family.
watched stupidly "scary" movies, including one with a mutant shark ,and another with man eating (digital) alligators. hilarious!
alligator-ish bead today.

have a lovely tommorow

Friday, May 25, 2012

Bead 296

Today was spent in moderate lethargy, and discomfort. just as soon as I thing I am healing up properly I end up feeling crappy. My belly button is acting up again. :(
the one thing I did really do was start a big batch of cold brew coffee so I can already have it pre made and in the fridge for when I need it. I used more coffee then called for, but its Carmel-y truffle do hicky and so delicious!!!
lightly coffee stained bead today
I wish you could smell it too!!!

have a lovely weekend

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bead 295

today I ate the best sandwich of my life.
it was beautiful too...
(I will share more about the sandwich on marshmellows and happy fellows tommorow.)
I also got a few wonderful hugs from krackers.....(and a moderately "forced" one from peanutbutter. we had to go on a Field trip for some supper for him)

            my silly lady on the lazy boy
just a greenish-yellowish organic looking bead today using some of the yarn I have been dyeing latley

I've dyed this atleast three times it is soo pretty in person.

have an awesome friday peoples!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bead 294

I did absolutely nothing today.....well almost nothing I bought an aardvark crochet pattern and dyed one little skein of yarn. I was tired today, the bunnies were too.... at least 5 crazy loud planes did circles above my house. they were so so so so so so annoying, loud and really unsettling.
got the song hey jude stuck in my head.
I love the beatles.......
watched part of the movie "Across the Universe", loved it.
unsettled bead today.

my brain can't find solid ground to rest apon, damn shame.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bead 293 sun

sun shiny day.
Even though it supposed to be freakishly stormy very soon.
I dyed two mini-skeins of yarn in the sun like sun-tea
they came out really pretty.

I'm watching Glee right now and it is making me sad, its there graduation episode and actually the first time I have actually ever watched the show, not a good idea on my part but hey...I can harass someone with the first two seasons on DVD.
any hoo really adorable sun bead today


Monday, May 21, 2012

Bead 292 mixed and dyeing

crazyish day.
made food.
dyed two skeins of yarn.
dealt with way too much drama beyond my years today.
got mad. got sad. eventually got over it...well enough to continue forth.
my belly has been hurting too.
just a mixture of my two new dyed skiens


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Bead 291

Today was weird, my dad took two of the neighighbors kids fishing, they ended up staying with us for nine hours......seriously.
They went with us to the same estate sale we went to yesterday, I got more cool stuff, did I say they stayed for nine hours?????????
 Thank goodness they eventually left!
planted our garden today, yippppppyyyy!

photos of my pretty soil!!
soil and shoots bead today

happy week!!! -m

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Bead 290

Today began kind of......well to be perfectly honest with you horribly.
I had to get up super early to go to the dumb ceremony, I slept  through the two hour ride and disgruntley got through it, but as soon as I got my award I left. seriously almost running to the car. Afterwards as bribed we had THE BEST FREAKING CHINESE FOOD OF MY LIFE! it was a buffet, super clean, and super yummy!!!!
Luckily the remainder of the day was a total adventure. Including trips to a fabric store and craft store. I was able to purchase three different really cool fabrics, two types of clay, black teeny canvases, a large white natural wool skein of yarn, and some paint in anticipation for a project I am backing on kickstarter .
On the way back home we also went to the super big farmers market where I got herbs, dyeing supplies, pork rinds,  and fresh veggies. The last part of the journey ended with us going to an estate sale where I found some amazing stuff (I'll show you soon on Dinosaurs and Bunny's rawr!!!!).
tofu cube in honor of the most awesomist Chinese food of my life!

hope your weekend is going super well, I will be sharing some cool stuff on my other blogs.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Bead 289

Been just blooping around today, knitted some, ate crackers for brunch, acted stupid.
And just did nothing much. finished the hedgy change purse.

Made chicken and mushroom Alfredo for supper.
Dyed some black yarn, it ended up purpleish-brown.
I cannot skip.
Tomorrow I have to go to my stupid Gold award ceremony, I'm doing it for everybody else, I was lured in by the promise of the best Chinese food of my life.......
Mama bought me a freaking CHERIMOYA.
lavender bead today smooth, cool, and just okay.
with a touch of darker purple in it.


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bead 288 hedgy

that should be like my middle name.

made a cake today, it was from a box.
so it feels like a cheater cake.....
made my go-to buttercream, it was from scratch.
so it feels like sugar, chocolate syrup, and marshmellows had a frosting baby....
so in total I have mixed emotions about this cake. damn.

Today I have still been knitting my bee keeper quilt, it is being stored in a pickle jar.

I have also been making things for the awesome dude that has been helping on every one of my school papers this year. well I'm making stuff for his daughter, thus far I have crocheted a panda and am working on a hedgy coin purse.
I love all animals but hedgehogs are soooooo cool!
headgy bead today!
have a lovely friday!
also I will be posting soon on my other blogs!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bead 287

So today I haven't been so well...
I made peanut pesto, lime-aide.
I have been afraid that I am going to die alone. be partially devoured by bunnies. And be discovered weeks later.....
I devoured a doughnut in like 2 seconds , alittle while ago
It was strawberry and it was DELICIOUS!!!!!
pink doughnut bead today.

hope ya'll had a ritious hump-day

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bead 286 cherimoya

Have you ever seen a cherimoya?
not my picture! thank you Food Blogga for your picture
Mama and I went grocery shopping today, and I went kind of crazy. One of the awesome families we know gave me a get better soon gift of a 25$ gift card to our grocery store.
I got :
  • avocados
  • limes
  • mangos
  • garlic
  • brie
  • chocolate mik
  • good chocolate
  • beef jerky
  • basil
  • mushrooms
but not a cherimoya........
I regret it, cherimoyas are supposed to taste like bananas, strawberries, coconut, pineapples and also is supposed to have a vanilla-y flavor.Like a magic fruit!!
cherimoya bead today, representing the path not traveled......
but there is always a chance for tommorow


Monday, May 14, 2012

Bead 284 & Bead 285

I hope y'all had a beautiful mothers day. mine was alright~~
I made my mom a chocolate souffle for brunch, my sister and big bro visited. and mama and I started to work on the garden.
a heart flower for yesterday's bead

today I felt ultra crummy.
It was super dark and rainy all day long.
the bunnies weren't in the mood to play.
storming off and on all the time, and I believe one of my incisions is becoming infected. no one is validating my point, and just listing to what I know for a fact am feeling.
different-reds bead today.
I'm trying so hard not to be angry or upset but it isn't working too well....
I know me. How can they know when they aren't feeling my pain??

I don't know....
hopefully tomorrow will be better

Bead 283- 120 decisions

mama and dad went to yard sales the other day they bought tons of cool stuff and got me a little charlie brown statue thingy on the bottom the slogan of my life is written "I made 120 decisions today...all of them wrong."
so 120 bead that day

Bead 282

since I got the surgery I have lived in nothing but ovesized shirts and workout stretch shorts. my insisions still bother me and  I feel like a balloon combined with one of those poor little tortises on nat-geo that are flipped up side down and can't flip themselves right side up. It is cool for now but this could end badly like for the real tortoises... Hope the birds don't get me? The air or whatever junk they put in my belly is still there and shifts around often making me look lumpy. So as of right now I'm a lumpy tortoise. booo....
stretchy shorts bead today


Bead 281

Hopped up on "happy pills" that day


Bead 280 poor belly-button

I've got a ruined belly button
I love my belly-button before this but now the magicness
so this bead is homage to my previous awesome belly-button

missed you guys more catch up post coming soon

Thursday, May 10, 2012

little suckish break

I'm still recovering from surgery that I just had yesterday, I have  made beads for both days but probably won't post them here till I feel better and can sit up for more then a few minutes.
rest assured that beads will be done during these days.
I feel gross.....
3, one inch incisions , two on either side of my tummy and one ruining my epicly awesome bellybutton.....I haven't slept well and this is the first time I've been on my laptop in like 3 days......gross and drugged.....drrrruggggeedddddddd.....
hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bead 279 Ignorance is never bliss...

Disappointed right now...
"Amendment one" was passed today in my state, approving the constitutional amendment defining marriage as union between man and a woman......It effected so much more then just Gay marriage. Luckily, this bigotry has caught the eyes of national news stations and has now been brought to the attention of the world.
Disappointed...... today I got sick and wasn't able to get out and vote. I had a chance to vote earlier and should have taken it.
Disappointed in myself, and Disappointed in this state.
What is really "wrong" with people is their inability to love and accept their fellow man for who they are. I love God and I love and believe there is good in others. But we cannot change the past, I pray that tomorrow will be better for everyone.
I hope that this will not continue. That people will practice what they preach and we will be able to accept one another regardless of whom they chose to love.
On another note  tomorrow by lunchtime I will be cyst-less. I'm a bit nervous, I've felt gross all day long and haven't had the feeling to do anything today.
today's bead says love will win.....
because ultimately it will.

hope your tomorrow is lovely

Monday, May 7, 2012

Bead 278

I am loved!
today a girl in my mothers class brought cupcakes coated in glitter for me as a feel better soon gift and a good luck for my upcoming surgery, THEY WERE AMAZING!

so of course as a thank you I had to make something in return so I decided to knit up this little papa for her backpack

today I also color coordinated my stash

I'm not sure what to do with myself till my surgery so this is about as good as it gets. I still haven't gone food shopping for the things I would like to make and it is to freakishly warm in the house to even think about turning on the oven or stove top all day. The bunnies both are doing very well and are loving having a personal fan for each of them during the day, and were lumps all day long. Similarly to me.
a glittery cupcake bead today.

On a separate note I'm not sure how beading will get done once I get my surgery and am still hopped up on pain-killers, but If you bare with me I'm sure we will find a way to cross that bridge once we get there. ^_^

Have a happy tomorrow lovies

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Bead 277

I've been having an all day sneezing attack.....I have not enjoyed said sneezing.
I woke up feeling cruddy as usual and it took my till noon to really get up and at least act like I was part of the world. Still feel cruddy now and wish I didn't, I over did it yesterday and am still regretting it.
just the cruds bead today!
mustard colored-ish creature...
he might be a crud but atleast he is a cute one.

have a happy and blessed week

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Bead 276 YARN SALE!

okay sorry for the caps but I'm super excited. I had a super amazing day filled with yard sales and most importantly a yarn sale at my local yarn shop where I purchased over 22 skeins, all for 50$.
After some research and number crunching I found out that all of it is worth a bit more than TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS!!!!
ummm... that sounds like a great deal to me?

My bead is using some of the yarn purchased today enclosed in the chunky gray yarn used in the center of the photo oh, and its all cut in half to see the prettiness inside

have a nice tomorrow

Friday, May 4, 2012

Bead 275

Hi Lovies, I hope your Friday went well, mine did. Mama didn't have to go to school again today so her and I were able to go to one Friday yard sale.
I got
I also made some baklava and meringues. Both were super yummy, and very pretty while making them.

Artsy bead today.
I had allot of fun beading yesterday so I decided to continue with the fun using some cobalt beads

Have a nice weekend

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bead 274

Tired right now. Today, today, today was so nice, yet so long. First morning doctors appointment went well and didn't take too long. Afterwards Mama and I went to Earth Fare where I got granola, half-and-half, a small mortar and pestle, and assorted bulk nuts. We also went to the salvation Army Store where I got some nice shiny beads, which helped me continue on to my second doctors appointment. The office is being renovated and now looks as if it were decorated by jack the ripper! ha ha dusty cement floors, and plastic cover about 80% of the place and the office space has been cut in half, so there are prego people everywhere! And also quite an amount of loud construction workers, Mama and I tried to joke with the doctor how I loved the renovations done to the place, it was so "cereal killer chic". Unfortunately he has no sense of that did put a damper on things.......
But whateves, I continued on my happy way , it was freakishly hot today but Mama being my knight in shimmering armor went out and got ice cream pops for everyone a few hours ago
so pretty nice day today.
partially shimmering bead using some of the shiny beads I bought today.

have a bitching Friday !
a sleepy

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bead 273

Hello rhombuses and circles,
I hope you are doing oh so very well on this fine Wednesday, today went allot better then yesterday. Less harassing phone calls from various medical professionals and government-hopeful "professionals" (and their equally annoying constituents). The one bad thing that happened today is that it was freakishly hot, humid, and sticky in my house. I sware a portal to hell opened up smack-dab in the middle of my castia. The bunnies were almost complete blobs today, melting* and sleeping all over the place then occasionally catching short burst of energy. Of which krackers decided to channel into breaking into people rooms and not leaving until I skooched her out physically, she proceeded to do this about 5 times , the last time remaining under my bed until I dragged out every single box and bag to take her out by hand and put her in her house. Peanutbutter is perking up thank goodness, and thank you for your good vibes and prayers they were greatly appreciated. I didn't do much today, mainly knitted.But I feel better today.
Mama found a slug, I LOVE HIM. So he shall be my bead today.

well sort-of, its how I see him in my head anyways

Two doctors appointments tomorrow... boo. But I believe I shall survive!!
Have a happy tomorrow

*The bunnies always have adequate water, food, and air conditioning. even if we "people" don't; the bunnies are always taken care of and won't overheat*