Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Bead 146

i slept till 12 o'clock in the morning
i have never ever ever never done that before in my life
i guess everybody gets one
but after i woke up and ate brunch mama and i went to my sisters house to give her and my brother their christmas presents
they loved them
we got cast iron picture frames for my sister
 and an owl chatchtkey, and cool gold fish bowl for my brother

we also gave them some goodies and gormet chocolate
all of us have a problem we love gormet chocolate
it is our drug of choice
and my brother actually shared the truffly chocolates with mama and I ???? (truley rare like seeing a unicorn and a walrus kissing)
as her and I got comfy quickly and watched a movie with them
how fun!!
so my bead today is a gormet chocolate
 you know the kind
the one that looks down apon all the other little chocolates and has his nose in the air all the time

no that isn't a unibrow its a chocolate stripe
have a great tommorow

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