Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bead 149 macaroons and slight

Doctors are satan
seriously if you are a doctor no effense to you
but in my experience doctors suck
they are mean-ish, and they hurt me, ect.
if you can't tell today i had a doctors appointment today about my cyst
it's still lives their and might have to be surgecially removed at some point this year
whateves....its life
i have meds to deal with the pain till then
poo, but what can you do?
anyways after the appointment
mama and i headed down town for some needed fiber love at my local yarn shop
I got my fix with some tangerine wool ,black wool , glitter fiber (I needed some sparkle P.D.Q), a beautiful purply bamboo oversized button, and some roving called "red hots"
we also went to a new bakery aroud the corner to my yarn shop called LOAF  and bought a pair of some huge, wonderful coconut macaroons
I barely had the strength to wait till after we had gotten home
with are tacos (we purchased tacos for supper, it is mama's and dad's aniversary taco aniversary, it was) for mom and i to devower a half of a macaroon
yep they were that big
so this chubby macaroon inspired todays bead
lamaa for the center
natural browns and white for the toasted coconuty outsides

have a great tommorow

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