Saturday, June 30, 2012

Bead 332 egg's eye

still freakishly hot, like crazy hot.
we went yardsaling today, ate at our favorite greacy spoon place
the usual omelet.
almost finished a commision I got on thursday
my munkos watched me work..
and by the end of the day mama descovered a visitor in the garden. I named her Egg, it seems like it was written on her shell, she was so beautiful. But unfortunatly she can only be a visitor in the garden. So I scooped her up, gave her a big cherry tomato and sent her on her way.
todays bead is based of of egg's gorguous eyes

this is the best pic I could get of one of them


have a chill tommorow

Friday, June 29, 2012

Bead 331 Heat wave

Today was a record 102 degrees outside.
The hottest day thus far where I'm from.
I burnt my feet on the pavement.
It was in the orange zone.
I was only allowed outside for a maximum of 15 minutes.
because I am one of those select individuals who shouldn't be out during the orange zone.
It is freakishly hot, freakishly and its only supposed to get hotter.
The heat took my breath away, so all I was really allowed to do was veg-out, do art, and try for my brain not to melt.
heat wave bead today


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bead 330

ello mates! hope your thursday treated you well, nothing much done here in the land of Id! (like Freud?)
got hell of papercuts in finishing my peice
here is a closeup of it. just a simple rasberry mohair bead today


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bead 329

not much too awesome done today.
gardening stuff. organic gardening know the hardcore stuff?
and arting?
natural dyed onion and alum bead


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bead 328

I have been pretty freaking perductive all day today, I got up at a resonable time , went to my sisters casa to chill for the morning and watch a HILARIOUS! movie, grocery store after that, and art/ reconstituting a huge hunk of clay for the remainder of the day. clay-ey bead today!!!!


Monday, June 25, 2012

Bead 327 fleshy and sculpture inspired

Arting it up today!
well....I've been working on a 2-D piece
its anatomical
my bead is inspired by it
fleshy pink !

happy Tuesday wishes to you

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Bead 326

super slow day. didn't really so much but cook a super amazing dinner.
deliciously marinate porkchops with a mushroom sauce
fried squash and crispy blue (purple really) potato chips!

It was so delicious
and pretty too

my cousin dropped in for a bit and munched chips and squash while I was preparing other stuff around the kitchen. getting to talk with her and my mom about stuff was nice. She also dropped off some anatomy books for me, (I've been working on some new art work).
purple potato as my bead today!

have a lovely week

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Bead 325

super chill day today filled with a bunch of knitting , contemplating, bopping around acting like the silly little dope that I am....
harvested the first squash of my crops, two delightfully chubby specimens that will make a delicious meal tommorow!
And had another pretty night sky like yesterday
yellow squash bead today!


Friday, June 22, 2012

Bead 324

today I got:
2 munkos, 2 mustache stickers, and 2 ninja stickers in the mail

the blue one I'm leaving alone but the white one is going to be customed!
an apology
a beautifully cleansing storm
a setting sun at 9 at night with the sky filled with fog and fire flies

and some much needed love
just artsy and scrap earthen bead today

pretty nice for a Friday
have a lovely weekend

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bead 323

the first half was amazing and included my favorite things in the world: chilling with mama, shopping for international food stuffs that I have been needing, baking, and getting things prepared to be a good southern hostess for the mostest!
one of the awesome things I purchased today! at the international food store!
ironically had a pretty nice day, till around five o'clock this afternoon onwards....
A good friend of mine has Alzheimer's, he is a wonderfully sweet man of about 90 years of age. his wife hasn't come to terms with his diagnosis and thinks he can do the same ol' things that he used to do or can do things that she can do. a group that I'm in with them was taking tours of our gardens, In 90+ degree heat, it was too hot for me and yet she dragged him out there dazed, in the heat  with no water and attempted to plop him down at each house alone and in the sun. The poor thing almost passed out afew times, but I kept a closeful watch out for him the whole time, I tied his shoes for him, blocked the sun while he rested and held his hand as we walked from place to place, I even fell so he wouldn't have to.
I'm scared for him, I know what is like to lose memories, time, and pieces of yourself. It is horrible and scary feeling, nothing you can control or automatically chalk up to wanting attention. I don't know why culturally so many Americans* no longer revere the elderly or choose to take care of their family members the way they deserve. I thank God every day  that I was brought up differently, that culturally dignity is graced upon are older loved ones, the remain ingrained in our families till the day they die and even then we always carry memories of them with us forever. I know his family will eventually catch on that he needs more help then they are giving him. And I never minded doing all those things for him, that's what you do for people you care about.please pray for him.
There were glimmers of hope by the end of our tours (which ended at my house) luckily everyone enjoyed my garden and the "spread" that we had done earlier in the day, we had chairs, afew tables, ice cold lemonaid, frozen water bottles,apple muffins with: nuts, crystalised ginger, pillocio, and vanilla beans. Mama sat him down in a nice comfy chair in the shade and set him up with some juice and a muffin, his old self came back and he even got up to get himself more muffins ^_^.
I know this is a really long post and this is a bead blog but I really needed to share.
today's bead is a tiny "glimmer" of hope

because there always is a glimmer of hope everyday
have a beautiful Friday, and thank you for tolerating me
* please remember, I am not ambiguously criticising all Americans or western culture, I by no means am generalising every American as such, I am a Hispanic-American and yet was raised differently then the individuals that I am speaking of.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bead 322

The brain fuzzies have started to dissipate! yay!
things are starting to make moderate sense again.
fuzzies are still present, but things are still a bit jumbly.
life is weird and I'm still muddling through, but succeeding a little more each day
gray misty-ish bead with thin multi-colored mohair tessellations.

making conections through mistakes and triumphs

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bead 321

three , two , one!! he-he!
I'm not sure why I enjoy that so much but I totally do??
my brain has been super fuzzy today. But I have been very preductive today as well.
I got up early, did tons and I mean tons of errands including taking some packages to the post office that have really needed to be shipped

envelope bead today


Monday, June 18, 2012

Bead 320

chill day today,
nothing much done, but slight progress was made with various stuff that has been bothering me lately. I do not know why there is an aoutmatic assumption that if your not constantly doing something , you are not properly living. meditation is really serving me well, and helping me mull over everything that is going on in my life.just taking everything a "chain" at a time.
chain stich bead today


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Bead 319

Happy Fathers Day!
hope it was a magical one for you, today to celebrate D-day we went my uncles and aunts house to have barbacoa, beans and flour tortillas as brunch. all of it was delicious!!!
we laughed,talked,ate, shared and eventually left to go to a International food store they told us about. I loved it!!!!!! Think whole foods or fresh market except allot cheaper, more ethnic and slightly ghetto.The place was absolutely amazing and stuffed to the gills with people from all over the place! each country was equal represented beautifully in the produce and dry goods, I was so giddy to have a place to purchase all of my "run-of-the-mill" favorites that unfortunately aren't normally easy or cheap to find. Great bulk items, humongus produce (those carrots below were as thick as my forearm), and stuff that you can't really buy unless you are in the country that it is made in. I managed to contain myself, while still scoping out things I could get next time we make a trip there. dad didn't enjoy it as much as mom and I did but he was happy to be along for the ride. I said about 15 times how I wished I could live there.....oh to dream!!

I got:
good mexican vanilla
a coconut
little koala japanese cookies that I have adored since childhood
10 limes
serano peppers
a big ginger
enoki mushrooms

all for under 15$
which is a pretty awesome deal if I do say so myself?
Super G Mart is the name of the place, and a super G is my bead today

also thanks dad for what ya do! love you so much!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Bead 318

had a happy day.
watching silly movies.
chilling. cooking. living. excepting. gardening.
my soul feels better.
Burgundy-ish plain bead today, I think it is the color of my soul today

have a nice fathers day

Bead 317

I adore old movies, and to my delight Godzilla was on. you gotta love cheesy old movies.
today was pretty good, a little bit of  crafting (ironically doing something dino/ creature related), field trip to the Mexican store in search for a special type of cookie
Alla's we were unfruitful but we did get some "needed" stuff and Jarritios's
the nectar of the GODS! ha ha just kidding
ultra mini Godzilla for today's bead

Tokyo I think your safe with this one? but in case he still wants random street vengeance towards you, still no worries he is toothless so he can only gumm your town to it's "demise"!
have a beautiful weekend

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bead 316

hi homies! how's it going?
my day was pretty dope. woke up. chilled. went out to get some college stuff taken care of, did get my end taken care of. Texted a buddy at orientation, and tried to get her a care package but wasn't able to :(
Picked up a pizza and ran some errands before coming home to watch a great movie with mama and grubb! started a new  art piece while ocassionally stopping to work on my hat.
super chill day, with no major mishaps is exactly what I have been needing. Thank goodness!!!!!!
crochet and felted bead today in the colors of my hat!
have a happy friday

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bead 315

today was a real Topsy turfy kind of day. filled with ups and downs. the ups were super awesome, but the downs really sucked.

  • mom's first day of summer
  • lunch with sis
  • free plants from a really nice guy, maily peppers and a few other things (thank you sir!I'm going to be sure to bring him a thank-you present once the plants get bigger)
  • shared fro-yo with mom
  • finished paperwork
  • really important waiver accepted in a timely fashion.

  • not feeling well
  • paper work that never came, so I have to go to the financial aid office and give them chips of my soul
  • mom accidentally broke my favorite vintage pitcher, it was older then me
  • eaten alive by mosquitoes
  • really scratched my eyes while removing my contacts, so now I have to ware my glasses for awhile
organic looking plant bead today, (I much rather focus on the awesomes)


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bead 314 munko-less

SAAAADD! I have been wanting an designer toy called munko for awhile now.He is so freaking adorable but sort of out of my normal splurge range. booooooooo!!!! I got super excited that I got 100 of their new points worth five bucks off you next order (in my excitement daze I failed to realise it was off a purchase of 25$ or more). so no munko for me today :'(
It comes in a blind box and that's also the not so awesome part I love the original munkos and the munkosaurs.I don't like the munkette though.

not my pictures.
  It has been stormy most of the day. gloomy. further adding to my mourning. I know I can make a homemade version of munko but it wouldn't be the same!! just been knitting and hanging around all day.
munko bead today.
still doing math on how I can get one
please send me some good vibes and prayers for other stuff going on in my life

Monday, June 11, 2012

Bead 313

monsoon today.
but I am glad ,we need it. I rather have rain then a drought.
before it started to rain our regular wild bunny visitor came to say "hello", I was able to get super close to him before he scampered away, nice to see him again and look forward to seeing him soon.
crochet/knitting me a new hat, I think it will be fabulous.....It is super colorful, well it is going to be.
hungry. made strawberry water just now, super yummy!

it killed hunger.
strawberry water colored bead today
also on another note I actually graduated a year ago today!? life is really weird sometimes it seems like it will take forever, yet passes in the blink of an eye.
happy tomorrow to you!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Bead 312 dos gorditas

hello maties! ARRRGHHH!
he-he I have no idea why pirates are on my mind right now? hope your Sunday was lovely!!! Cause mine sure was! It stared out with my usual morning crummies, but ended up becoming really nice. Mama has had a hankering for gorditas(it is basically like a Mexican pita, it is also a nick-name my family calls me as a "term of endearment for my chubbiness")
so she made a batch with various fixings and I made some yummy strawberry water
mine was filled with avocado, black beans, feta cheese, and a small sliver of bacon
gordita bead today ^_^

can you see the avocado sticking out of the top?

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Bead 311

Today I was normal....for a little while at least...
I mingled.
I achieved various social niceties.
I saw two old friends.
Was nice to a stranger that needed a smile in his day.
Bought a few cool things for not much money.
And had a great cup of coffee.
Had some of my favorite things in the world today obviously coffee, fire, candy, quality time with my homies, giving special things to said homies and just silliness with my family.
love it and I got pretty pictures of rock candy!

to further explain the fire part we purchased a huge and I mean HUGE mason jar filled with hundreds of vintage matchbooks from everywhere! I sorted out the ones that I thought were the coolest and enjoyed seeing the old advertising and slogans on them. ahhh to reminisce back to the days when smoking wasn't that bad for you and subliminal messages ahem pretty pictures cover everything.....
matchstick bead today!

have a lovely Sunday my Friends

Friday, June 8, 2012

Bead 310

hope y'all did too. started out typical but really really turned amazing!
yesterday afew of my mom's and my "children" gave her a few gift card as thank presents so that in turn lead to mama coming to get me for lunch , we went for a foot long sub to split and we filled that poor dear to the brim with tons of yummy veggies, I also got free cupcakes!!!!
after lunch I helped with various teacherly-workday kinds of things........
came across a kid with similar brainwaves,  family crest project, love it!!!!!

got to see my sister too, and I shared cupcakes with her!watched part of a funny movie and just visited for a spell. then came home, made strawberry lemonade and am now  happily watching epically funny shows.
I haven't had such a joyous day in a long time but I most certainly have been needing one.
cheery strawberrry lemonade color bead today:

have a happy weekend lovies!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bead 309

Good Day to you!!!!
so let me explain further about what happened yesterday (technically earlier today) after I posted my bead. ate some off brand coco-puffs, watched t.v. till about four in the morning then tried to go back to sleep.....woke up at about 8:30 this morning and tried to resume normal shedual-ishy time....but I totally had brunch that was way more lunch, a nice quesadilla with rosted onions and mushrooms!! yum!
and I also had a little vistor this afternoon the was nice enough to grace me with his precence.A teeny (well he was about a foot long) black grden snake. He was sunning himself like a little prince on the front porch, I wasn't able to touch him, but I rather him be comfy , not stressed out and enjoying the nice sun.
ain't he cute?
didn't do much today but start a batch of cold brewed coffee, look up new patterns to knit or crochet, listen to The Beatles and The Civil Wars , just chilling and trying to get some freaking equalibrium back.
a teeny black bead in homage of my teeny black visitor today!

have a wonderful Friday lovies! I have some cool things planned , we will see how it goes ^_^

Bead 308 why I don't

I apologise for posting so late. way earlier today I felt super crummy so I went to go lay down for about 4 minutes......and ENDED UP SLEEPING FOR SEVEN HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is why I don't take all....ever
the barometric pressure changed really fast today and that's one of the big reasons I felt so I feel super gross because I just lost SEVEN HOURS OF MY LIFE! and now it feels like 8 in the morning, I didn't know where the hell I was and I'M STARVING.
confused crocheted lump bead today, also if you look at it from above it is shaped like a cloud

It was started earlyier today so it should be cool, sorry still that I am posting so late....happy thursday I guess

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bead 307

today has been so much better then my days have been previously. Thank goodness I have needed to have a great day for a while.....and I got it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Totally breazy and beautiful, like summer days should be.
baklava was made.........and freaking delicious!
some bonding with the bunnies.
a good movie.
and just chilling around, pretty awesome in my opinion?
chill blue-ish gray bead
dyed with blueberry juice
rock out on your hump day buddies!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Bead 306

so lately I have been experimenting with painting with fire........
Like this awesome person
but of course mine are not nearly as wonderful
mine honestly look like Rorschach test more than anything but egh I'm trying .....or at least I was earlier this evening. But I was using really fickle card stock that caught aflame...oops! It was so a controlled burn that didn't go past the one sheet. Luckily I have a super awesome flame retardant craft table for situations such as these! but it honestly wasn't that big a deal. I love fire. I love playing with said fire. The only downside of todays' experiment is now my room-cave-studio-insane asylum-yoga space-dojo reaks of smoke.
burnt bead today
have a totally bitching tuesday