Thursday, December 29, 2011

Bead 147

so ...............
today i:
got up at a normal time
made a batch of cheese , that actually came out sort-of right (YAY!! )
watched chick flicks
"killed" a copper flying pig whirlly-gig that has been keeping me awake the past few nights
and "finished" a half done crochet project that was given to me.... three times
first it was a shawl
didn't like it tore it out--
made it into a cowl
didn't like it tore it out---
made it into a poncho
didn't like it tore it out-----
(you sencing a pattern?)
now its going to be a shrug
hopefully it will be a shrug for more then ten minutes before i tare it out
and hopefully tommorow I will be able to use a suprise present of  75$
to go twards some wool from my local shop
and a mushroom kit from my co-op
so todays bead (possibly brooch??)
ooooh or necklace!!!!
with little black eyes on both the log and mushroom?
sorry would have added them now but i can't find my eye box
yes , i have an eye box.....
the ingredients are : natural local wool(mushroom and log), yarn( moss), and sweater (end log peices)
haven't done the ingredients in a while sorry
i try

have a happy maƱana

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