Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bead 29 Wish

If i had one wish
i wish i could be
a cute little fish in the middle of the

if you cant tell in real life i am a horrible singer. it is okay though , i like me :)
my day was pretty interesting i got to my first class two hours early like always, and hada friendly exchange with the really nice security gaurd that lets me in early (even though i dont think he is supposed to). and my professer asked me why i had to show up so early, and i told him  that it was the only way i could get to school at all and he sweetly taught me how to turn on all the lights and gave me a tale of his youth .
It was magical.
the fish was made with hand-dyed fibers and part of the little tiny stash that i actually have in the house . sigh . i am going to have to leave my BIG WOOL STASH in the big freezer for a few more days.
 then store it diffrently .
happy early thursday

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bead 28 The Glerp!

Today was an interesting day i got to sleep late, finished a TON of last minute things before class and ate well for lunch . oh yesterday i got my first piece of "outlandish" literature from a man on the street corner in front of the college, he was actually very nice and gave me a pamplet on animals and how we should be more conscious of how we treat them and what we eat. not too bad or crazy in my eyes, he was kind and has his right to say what he wants. i like animals too :)
Any hooooo back to today i had an epidemic of woolly worms (bugs really) . okay there was only three or four but each of them had already started to do damage to my stash. so i frantically bagged up ALL my wool except a smidge for bead and sculpture making.

this isnt all of it there was already two bags in the freezer in the house, and also my bag of llama.
I could have cried as there was a slow shuffle with my mom dad and I to the big freezer with a good two thirds of my stash being put there for safe keeping untill the bugs perish.
7 realativly big bags of wool fiber and yarn
all gone (to the freezer)
So today was a mixed up kind of day not great not horrible just glerp

which happens to be one of my favorite childrens books
i had already crocheted the bigger one but by todays out come a smaller bead one seemed appropriate
hope tommorow is better

for you and me both

Monday, August 29, 2011

Bead 27

today was a pretty good day, i was worrying though
Man if you could possibly drown in your fears or worries i would totally be dead
lungs chock full of fears
so so sad. but its okay i will get there one day
I have gotten better about it though.
Life is a celebration, both the happy and sad parts.

 i made a circle, no begings no ends
just rounded corners?
its a combo of  hand dyed wool, angora, and some yarn of a project i finished today
i will totally show you later.
how was your day? , i am sure you did great at whatever you do

tommorow is a new day
(and i get to sleep in)


Sunday, August 28, 2011

bead 26

today was not a bad day  at all, i  ate alot for dinner which is crazy unusal for me
I had a :
slice of pizza
frozen individual lasagna meal
a piece of cake
a chip
ice cream
and something else ??
hurumf ! i cant remember??
egh i at ate it , whatever it was.

And i watched two good movies
the kings speach with my collage class
Julie and Julia. i loved this movie, it was amazing!!! i love julia child !!!
how could anyone not love her?

now on todays bead it was inspired by my baby and love. Krackers .

the bead is made with the lama fiber, that i have been talking about for a while, i am still not brave enough to spin it yet but, baby steps.

ist the bead cute?(and my beautiful bunny?)
and lama-ey (krakers is not lama-ey)

hope everyone is safe, and has a great week
send me good vibes and i shall send some to y'all as well


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Bead 25 unplanned early morning

today was supossed to be my restful day, wakeing up super late eating a yummy huge breakfast and working on sculptures alllllllllllllllllll dayyy!!!!!
But like all my plans it did not quite go that way. i woke up thinking i had slept late (the sky was dark  but it was to be expected with the storm comming), and wandered in to tell my mom good morning when to my dissmay i look at the alarm clock to see it was ONLY EIGHT O'CLOCK!! then the rest of the day fell in to the assqued line. i went to yard sales only got two little things, had a chicken biscut from a fast-food place, helped straighten up the house , and watched alot of silly marathons on tv.GRR i want to MAKE ART!!!!
here is an abstract big bead
i have worries :(
do you?
i hope you (and i) can  let them go
for the bettering of ourselves.

a combo of tons of fibers, even some lama
i want to spin the lama but am a bit frightened to do so .
i think im going to go get some ice cream

- a sneeking m

Friday, August 26, 2011

Bead 24

today was an interesting day
i fell in love with one of my professors
set up a meeting , and ate ice cream with an old friend
and my silly  sillly father actually trusted me with fire.
oh what a sweet and dillusional man
it was just to light up charcoal

today was nice and seemed like a purple kind of day
not just any purple but a rich royal purple
hand dyed by yours truely.
I survived my first week of collage
and am extatic its the weekend.
 three lama fiber spheres are on the bead, three the magical composition

hopefully i will be able to post this weekend but hurricane  irene is supposed to pass near by. so i will take it a day and a bead at a time.

be safe dont float away

Thursday, August 25, 2011

bead 23

Today was one pretty nice day , i only had one class at the end of the day fully caught up on all of my reading , did homework, took a required tour, and some other stuff. I got free food and ice cream (with sprinkles) te-he i love sprikles
and my aunt gave me a present
mace....... LOOK OUT WORLD!!!
but anyhoooo

ice cream is the healer of all injustices
isn't it cute
made with predyed fibers
im hungry but its too late to eat
send me good vibes tommorow

have a great friday
i need sleep

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bead 22

today was a mountain of a day especially in the beginging i am still having (slight) issues adjusting to collage life . i will let that part go but the rest of the day, was better. i am still trying to finish every thing but will have tommorow too
i am tired and my mind is more at ease. ive collected glass bottles for a long time, so did my grandma
 i still have old bottles from her collection,
our favorite was the colbalt blue ones.
so colbalt blue is what i choose for todays bead.

sometimes life is not the best but it is so much better and easyier to focus on the best.
im a big brave lion

tommorow is another day
with all my love

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bead 21

long day today ,but a pretty good one too
i had pancakes for lunch, i am tired so i am just going to share with you my bead and facebook post as a synopsis of  my days thus far :)
"Cronicals of collage: day 1 i showed up 2 hours early, refused to go to euc or the stacs, and sat (leaning on a sculpture) crocheting listening to music and people watching . got dehydrated but didnt get lost ^_^
day 2: ate pancakes for lunch, went to the magicly enchanted owl castel (foust), made a "NOBODY GET A BOOK" pact with everyone in my learning community, survied the quake , and rented a book... pretty good so far"

 todays bead made with handyed wool and lama fibers (Oooooohhh lama ,its so soft and amasing)
..Pancakes anyone?with a pat of butter

i have beads for eyes but no thread and i am too tired to search .sorry.

love, peace and wool grease (lanalin if you want to get technical)( i get cheesy and stupid when i am tired)

Monday, August 22, 2011

bead 20

Collage was nice,home is better.
its hard to imagine that just a few hours could make you miss your family so much dont get me wrong i had fun and am looking forward to the semester. im sleepy though. i got dehydrated to day and didnt eat enough to get me through the day and now i have the constant feeling of squiggles in my stomach, it feels disqusting
I miss summer (even though it still feels like it).
dont you?
i need warmth
naps and relaxation
how about you?
i hope to goodness gracious that i am not getting sick
todays bead is composed of layers of hand dyed and pre-dyed fibers.

My mom and i have always had a saying of "I'm a big brave lion, I'm a big brave lion" to comfort us when we are scared .i repeated it all day , i really needed it and belived it helped alot .luckly tommorow is my rest day only two classes at the end of the day :)
have a great day tommorow

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bead 19

Tommorow school starts, i am tired of worrying and finally had an apiphiony today, im only in class for tops 3 hours a day,
3 hours
i have been stressing , making my self sick from worrying about it
I think hope and pray i can survive three hours tommorow
of rules and sylubusses
and crocheting and my favorite books
thank God for "Comfort Blankets"
I need happiness, i had a great time at church to day
I think you need happiness too.
I love bob marley and will most definiatlly be listening to him tommorow, send me good energy and prayers tommorow please.


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bead 18

more collage woes
i had such a difficult time ordering books, i had to order the FOUR TIMES!
and now i find out that i need one of the books the first day of class which is monday
I cant find the email or exact class shedual of one of my professers at all on any of the numorous websites for my collage. im so terrified, i was perfectly fine yesterday , i have no idea what to do .
i just got so tired
i did a tree today it
 growth is wonderful.. forced growth not so much.
I love those puffy cloud trees that every one used to draw as a kid...
it reminds me of simpler times
i need simpler times

i also need sleep i am going to try to now
and hope and pray for a better day for all of us


Friday, August 19, 2011

Bead 17

I love Frida Kahlo
she exposed her soul to the world so beautifully
she was amasing
 todays bead was inspired by her (and her art)
coragious  and fluid
with bold mexican folk colors
the wonderful organic pear shape of the center bead is followed by an infinity-ish arm that cradles it
have a good night


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bead 16

today was a relatively great and horrible day all at once but i shall survive
im confused
and partially in a daze
here is todays bead i tryed do some thing to cheer me up
you cant be angry or upset while looking at piggies
I just had a good talk with friends and that helps too :)
also i have been doing tons of animals lately (unitentially) and will be switching it up soon , i personally like that artsy and abstract ones better


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bead 15 LOST....

have lost my mind
my camera
and my BEAD!!!
but no worries i eventually found my camera and my bead
,but my mind is still missing
.. egh if i ever had it ?
its a narwal
60% whale 
40% unicorn

Also on another (less magical)
note i got a ton of things collage wise accomplished today, got id ,ordered books,got refund check, figured out where my classes were and most importantly got less scared.
i also got to see a mini-horse farm!!!
the whole time picturing them with mini horns
how awsome would that be?
i didnt get photos though :(
because i lost my camera


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

bead 14

Im glad i dont make promises often because i would be in really bad shape right now obviously im not posting in the daytime :(
But there is alot of stuff i did get accomplished to day .......

 first of all i got up super early
went down to the dmv to get an id; we were one of the first people in line ... very nice
 the person who was in charge of getting it ready made fun of me the whole time but i made him laugh and hopefully started his day off well, i know he has a hard job.

then mom and i came home, i made her and i breakfast

started registration for entries in the local fair

found info that both her and i needed

took care of my "little brother"

This is PeanutButter

looked at my gourds to see what i could paint

or prepare for seeding

then las but not least dyed wool for todays bead
 beautiful red onion skins that i got from the organic onion section the stock boy at the grocery store gave me a funny look but didnt say a word to me, in a way i was kind of helping him clean up but i got enough to dye with so all is well.

the water turned a brilliant burgandy color but the wool ended up a rich yellow orange

  todays bead was inspired by an inch worm

so cute pretty and brave taking it an inch at a time like we all should .... sigh good day :)
hope it was for yall too, sorry there wasnt much posting about the bead , but tommorow is another day.

good night

Monday, August 15, 2011

bead 12 and 13

I did not forget about yesterdays bead and did compleat it yesterday , however there was a crazy bad thunderstorm that had shaken the whole house literally (I live in a crazy old house it was the first to be built on our street) yesterday was pretty uneventful for the most part and that unfortunatly shown on my bead.
I have been feeling kind of gross lately and i think im getting sick :( which is just wonderful for me about to start my first week of collage soon. im pretty scared.i know i will be okay but egh....... is still frightening.

I told you it was uneventful....

Todays was much better it was my moms birthday :)

i love my mom a ton

she is my best friend

Happy birthday mom!!!
I made a penguin one of her favorite animals

By the way i am going to try and start posting in the morning rather than at night I have Insomnia and posting at night is just feeding the flames
I need sleep and i bet yall do too.


Saturday, August 13, 2011

bead 11 layers

today was filled with quite a bit of a complishments

1. I finished my girl scout gold project (still paper work to compleat)

2. I stayed relativly pacient today

3. I made cupcakes

(with sprinkles TONS OF  SPRINKLES)

now on to todays bead i am a sculptor and and artist at heart, i cant change that (not like i want to)
layers are all we are ,
 layers of tissue, mucles and bones.
layers of emotions.
and layers of actions that we do every day.
its beautifully fragile
 Ive incoperated layers often into my art work

my scull

layer detail

 and it only seemed appropriate for todays bead to be layered

the layers go as follows:
3.hand dyed red
4.hand dyed purple
5.hand dyed blue
6. hand dyed green

happy weekend

Friday, August 12, 2011

Bead 10 mushroom

I love mushrooms they have always fasinated me . made with and dyed wool and plain white.
I will sign of early to spare you from a even longer rant about my day.

thank you for listening

- an exausted m

Thursday, August 11, 2011


a square

squares are boring and all the same, it has always been a fear of mine that i will lose my uniqueness
my sparkle
my me-ness
but to be void of passion is to be void of life
i rather be too crazy then not crazy enough
I choose a deep pumkin orange for todays bead the color of pride and fustration and really good pie.

on another note i had a really cool encounter with a baby snake this morning

the poor thing was no larger than a worm ,and just waiting for the sun to rise compleatly  and warm him up.
isnt he adorable?

happpy trails

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bead 8

yes... i know its only my second post but it is my 8th bead already. its 11ish at night and im STARVING!! my stomach is grumbling so loud.
todays bead

its had dyed wool that i made today from kool-Aid
lime and lemon wool too.
i will say more later in each bead-a-day post but im in serious need of food right now

my appologies
- a hungry m

First week and first blog post!

Hi my name is mireya, welcome to my little blog. I began this 365 project last week but didnt quite have the blog up to my standards yet so .. here i am now ,a smidge late but i think you all will forgive me.

My "RULES" for the blog are as follows:
1. I must create a bead a day for at least a year
2. I must post it (or at least attempt to) everyday
3. I am not allowed to work on any previous beads, because like in life your not able to change the past
4. I am not allowed to work on the next days bead, i am a worrier (particularly about the future) so i cant control the future of the beads life just like i cant control my own.

Now back to the fun stuff last weeks beads

1 .was my first day simple and pure. the color of camels, carmel and my mamas eyes.

2. was made with hand dyed wool (using Kool-Aid) fruit punch my favorite flavor.

3. was made with an aqua yarn and more hand dyed wool lime Kool-Aid this time (yuck!) but pretty color though.

4. is a tomato shaped bead i was inspired by some that i had bought at the local farmers market that morning also made with hand dyed wool.

Arnt the beautiful?

5. was a sparkely day and a special yarn made from recycled saris was in order. i have been holding that in my incredibly special yarn stash (that im usally too scared to use, in fear thet i will mess it up).

6. was a gray icky day

7. And last but not least my sheep... it was on okay day but made much better with a funny looking sheep.

Hope you enjoyed this and i promise that i will give much better detailed photos of the individual beads as they come.