Monday, December 12, 2011

Bead 131 free at last !!!

kind of tired now......
but i am FREE!!!!
free at last!!
today was my last day of school!!!! yippy
i had two exams, and went to lunch with a friend my favorite pizza place
but i had loaned my cousin some money thinking i would have just enough to pay
i forgot tax :(
damn you tax......damn you!!!

thank you friend,
im sorry you had to pay two dollars, thanks for trying to get me a drink, and thank you for tolerating me and my chatter, love ya bro!! (hope you didn't get jumped for the extra pizza)

also on the random note a lady just passing by in the hall way asked me if i had anymore exams, i said yes ma'am , she told me good luck.... it was nice and actually made me feel allot better
Thank you too ma'am

on the super random note one of my professers is refuesing to give my whole class (of 13) their grades till his dvd that he loaned to someone is returned........seriously, i personally thought it was hilarious and emailed him to offer to chip in and buy him a new dvd
he replied "No way...the criminal must confess!!!!"
oh dear, well i tried
thats all you can do
so my bead is a bit random and free, like my day
it kind of reminds me of coral

tommorow is bound to be filled with some cool stuff
brace yourself
a tired happy

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