Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bead 126

today was a so so kind of day
I FINISHED MY BIG PAPER!!! and turned it professor laughed at me but, egh It was a totally awsome paper thanks to all of my friends,whom I some what harrassed after a  mental-break down.... thank yall for your help
i know i suck at semi-colons, colons, and commas but apparently that's what friends are for.....correcting sucky grammar and spelling
i have had a serious headache all day though
and its killing me
so my bead is a headache
in my mind headaches look like little slugs, sucking on your brain untill it causes pain and takes your thoughts

im crazy and have a migrane dont judge
(and am laying down as i type with my eyes squinted so the light wont hurt as much)
ugh its making me nauseous......
have a good day tommorow
a migrany

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