Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bead 210 Happy Leap Day

Happy leap day!!!!!!!!
its magically delicious and a unique day of sorts, and eventually became a pretty good day for me
In drawing class we did a group project using the whole class and grayscales we made for home work
its supposed to be like chuck close and ended up pretty good looking
even though we didn't finish

also Mochimochi Land had a 29% sale of there shop
and I purchased flapjack frogs pattern

(note* this picture doesn't belong to me it belongs to Mochimochi Land)
 so I decided to do a nice leapy frog for this leapy day

have a great tommorow and please send me some good vibes I still need to finish a big paper due on friday

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bead 209

today was crappy
there is a cute guy in one of my classes that is pretty awsome and he chatted me up today
so that was good...and classes were great just the surrounding effects sucked
but its okay I had 3 cuties
those little teeny oranges
there really great
and helped me get through my day
so thats my bead a little  cutie
in hopes of a better tommorow
for all of us
how are ya'll?
hope your good


Monday, February 27, 2012

Bead 208

Happy Chinese New Year!!!
yes it is today
its officially the year of the Dragon (my mama's year)
(I'm a rooster)
(what are you?)
I went to school today as normal
-did crit for my first class
-went to english, did stuff
but I got a call from mama who was able to pick me up right after class
we had our own little Chinese New Year Celebration
we ordered chinese take out
watched Kung-Fu Panda 2
and split the fortune cookie
so it was really fun, nice,cute and simple
todays bead is a colorful little dragon
using my new "scrap bin" roving

have a nice tommorow
and happy new year

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Bead 207

feeling ill
been feeling ill all day long
I've been a sick feeling lump allllllllll day long :(
I think I'm getting a stomach bug and really dont feel well, also my cyst is being a painful jerk
but I'm going to try to get through the week without missing any days
 my bead is a greenish sickly lump like me

hope you had a nice weekend and a magical week
please stay safe from all the germs out there
a germy illish

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bead 206

today was a crazy nice day because:
I woke up early
went out for breakfast
dropped yarn off at a buddys church for their craft club
went to my favorite yarn store for supplies for my class and some goodies for me and got out of there with just spending 18$
found a really good yardsale where mama and i found nice vintage plates, bowls, platters and some other stuff all for under 5$
felted two vessels with some new and old roving
and made soup
all and all a crazy nice day
my bead is simple made from my new roving that i got in the "scraps" bin today
it is sooooo pretty and nice

have a lovely easy tommorow

Friday, February 24, 2012

Bead 205

I had a crappy day
I will be honest with you I totally did....
but its okay
because tommorows a new day
I have crocheting to do
and its officially the weekend
thank goodness
a crochet-y bead today

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bead 204

Today was a niceish day
I was officially approved for my design class consept . yayyyyy!!!
I made a sample stone to show them for our sit down, imediatly my teacher scooped up the stone and rubbed, observed, and was temted to squish it, he resisted (even though I wouldnt mind) he set it down tenderly on the table as if it were made out of glass i even herd him mumble "put it down gently" ha ha
okay the new project is to create an anomaly using whatever material we so choose
one way to create an anomaly is making an object out of an unexpected material
 I am creating stones from wool and making them look really realistic, to be photographed amungst really stones
my teacher and teachers assistent really liked my Ideas and we agreed while giggling over are wirdo comparison from my project to "where's waldo?"
 he even got attached to my example stone and started to see a face with it
as i left to go back to my table the teachers assistant was saying "oh nooo he is getting attached"
we are silly artsy people
dont judge
now I have to go shop for more wool (he-he-he)
also today was so so so pretty and nice out, i got to take pictures of flowers moss and crocuses

and on top of all that we had brinner
my bead today is mossy ^_^

have an awsome friday

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bead 203 Rhino

today was a pretty good day
it was so pretty outside
I continued drawing the charcoal stilllife and want to english, then chilled and worked on my bunny the rest of the day
Afew minutes ago as a was getting ready for tommorow I stumbled apon a documentary about rhinos.They are beautifully magiestic creatures but sadly their lives are in great danger  and there are so few in the world because of greed. The documentary was really graphic and showed the aftermath of people removing the horns off the animals while they are still alive.A poor one had his scull partially exposed as he was waking up from traqulisers ....I sobbed....I have always loved animals particularly rhinos and I have gotten to see a few upclose during the summer at disney world

so my bead today is in honor of the many lost, and hope that we as human-beings can figure out how to save them before it is too late....


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bead 202

Today was an okay day, got through my classes and found out that we won't have my art history class on thursday :( my proffessor said sarcastically "don't act too heart broken class", but I actually kindof am. I really enjoy his class, and him. But I will have a half day and I think I need it
but another upside to my day is a bought a Baby Bunny pattern from PlanetJune!
they are so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so ADORABLE!!!!!
seriously they are I'm already starting on my first one
te-he-he he
here is a picture from her website
(note this isn't my picture, it belongs to June Gilbank of Planet June)
but back to beading, todays bead is made from a new roving ,from a sheep named misty
its all from her with nothing extra needed its so pretty and soft and has little specks of dyed blue mixed in too
oh misty...
have a nice hump day

Monday, February 20, 2012

Bead 201

Word of the day
am·big·u·ous /amˈbigyo͞oəs/
1.  Open to more than one interpretation; having a double meaning.
2. Unclear or inexact because a choice between alternatives has not been made.
 This is the words that I heard from my drawing Professor for about two hours and have had echo-ing in my brain since then.My charcoal drawing is going okay but I was kind of tired and blegh feeling...... but my proffesor came up to me and said I looked as if I was building the pyramids (damn, my facial expressions)and he was saying how my drawing was going in the right direction but some more ambiguous expressions would really help improve it
of course being me I kept on hearing "ambiguous" ,"ambiguous","ambiguous" in my ear the rest of the day
so here is my ambiguous bead, made in my new dark brown llama
loops, knots, and lumps
have a great tuesday,and i will try to do the same

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bead 200

happy 200th Bead
yay!!! we made it to a major hump!!!
but back to today it is
snowing                                      snowing                           snowing             
                   snowing                                    snowing                                         
snowing                  snowing                                           snowing                                   snowing
first one of the year where I live
and its freakisly cold and of course my college hasn't decided if there is going to be a delay or anything
(*update- my school dosent open till 10 :)*)
I live about 30 minutes away from school in the outskirts of town in the country
 so the ground is frosty and the roads are slush
There isn't enough snow (as far as i know) to make a snow man or creature
so todays bead are snow lumps
lump!lump! lumps!

have a nice tommorow and week
stay safe, stay strong!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Bead 199

today was a nice and perductive day and began with a 2$ meal shared because we had coupons
we got:
a 2 chicken biscuts
a thing of hash browns
and a big lemonaide
all for 2$
then after that mama and I went thrift / yarn /suff shopping
we got various nick-nacks, yarn ,roving and a new crochet hook for me
it is a U hook and is so huge and nice

but also i finished a hat
called the Ironic Gnome Hat from The work is getting to me
so nice! i have been working on and it is finally done, blocked and ready to wear
i made a tiny version for krackers
she dosen't enjoy it as much as i do
but.....we do have fun

so ...
my bead today is resembling our Gnome-ish hats

have a nice tommorow

Friday, February 17, 2012

Bead 198

nice-ish day today
I finished my project today, vollunteered at my moms school all day and had fun doing both
I enjoy special needs children
the world is diffrent,incredibly  inward yet so open and perseptive to the surroundings
similar to my bead today
bright orange like today

have a lovely weekend

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bead 197

today was okay
I have a headache
but I survived today so thats good
and tommorow is bound to be better
artys black bead today with an aqua yarn swirl

have an awsome friday

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bead 196

today was a nother day coated in charcoal and randomness
i arrived at school early (as usual) and continued to work on my drawing
crappy phone picture, sorry

did that for 4ish hours
my drawing proffesor helped me with my creeper hand (to the right of the picture) today and he called out my stupid vase above it , he said that i wasn't looking t the still life, looked at me (I'm crazy expressive with my face as you know, and was frowning & scowling) he took it back real fast and said "well you were half looking and thats good" was so funny. as if that silly man could hurt my feelings!
went to lunch with dad,
and met my proffesor for a quick maditory sit down
then spent the rest of my day knitting and occupying my time with other junk
including getting hit on by a random (cute) older guy on the street
he started speaking to me in broken spanish saying " man, do you always have to walk so fast to your classes?" in  the wrong order, but I spoke to him in english, and I explained to him that I do understand spanish but didnt really like to speak in it unless absolutly nessicary, he chuckled and told me that it was understandable and asked me my race, i told him hispanic and native american, he said that I was really unique....smiled at me a long time then shuffled off towards his direction
It was nice, and funny
I shared it on facebook and of course my family had to twist it, typical
whateves! I am me , I am nice and cute
also mama came and got me about an hour early
all and all a nice-ish day
my bead is simple purple bead. why? cause today seemed purplish
its a combo of dark purple and a touch of sparkly purple

I hope y'all have great tommorow

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bead 195

happy valentines day lovies I  hope it was great for you
I'm not a valentin-zy person at all,
I'm a mild synic when it comes to Valentines day, but I am loved and like to share my love for others any way I can.
but i had a great day, and was able to hang out with my sister, big bro, and mama after school
and we went out for petas for dinner yummy!!
and krackers and I composed a message  and photo for ya'll

Some Bunny Loves you!!!
 Happy Valentine's to you and yours!
my bead today is of course a love bunny

have a great hump day tommorow

Monday, February 13, 2012

Bead 194

today since 9am I  was coated in charcoal
yep studio drawing today
was good-ish I love charcoal ,but my professor was a smidge rude-ish
then my one and only english class for this week te-he!!
and i found out that  i got a B on my paper and that I  won't have to go to school at all on friday :)
my bead is a plain white one coated in charcoal like i was ALL DAY LONG...

have a nice tommorow and please send me some good vibes I have a project that I have to present for about five minutes, and I'm still working on it as I type

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bead 193

so all of today was pretty much spent in bed
and I'm not really aloud out when its too cold.....I'm fragile
ya'll know that
but i did start crocheting and knitting again :)
my bead today is some yarn that I'm using to make a baby hat for one of my moms; co-workers
the other project is for me (he-he) its pretty cool

have a nice pretty,(fast) week
stay safe, stay warm, stay strong

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Bead 192

freakishly cold is cold.
outside is cold.
my hands are cold.
everything cold.
we made good soup today but it wasn't enough to keep me warm .
bead is an ice me right now

have a warm tommorow
a disgruntled and chilled

Friday, February 10, 2012

Bead 191

had a pretty awsome day, but I let my anger get the best of me twards the end....
went to my one class which let out about twenty minutes early!!!
then went to go purchase some expencive paper at the art store on the outskirts campus
its an awsome place but really sucky for a person on a budget- ME...
i spent about 15 minutes just wandering through, pricing in my head what I could get with the freakishly expencive sheet of paper (originally $7.45 but was on sale for $5.56 )
eventually I headed twards the register (with just that sheet of paper) when a nice guy that works there asked me if i needed any help, I told him no thanks I was just browsing and wishing I had more cash on me
went to the register where I compleatly forgot the new price of the paper-but the nice guy I had just spoken to, told the guy cashing me out that it was $ sweet
after that it was kindof down hill
i got kindof mean-red-and-lumpy after that
like todays bead
tommorow will be better

have a lovely weekend

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Bead 190

today was a goodish day
went and did my class thing, my exam went well by the way
thank you for your vibes
and afterwards my friend and I went out for pizza
so nice nice nice
but I was running on a crazy small amount of sleep
so I was pretty loopy and still kindof am
allot of histerical laughing and letheragy
so extreame UPS and DOWNS
my bead today is two interlocked  loopy chunks forming one solid bead
contrasting and bright

have an awsome friday

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bead 189 accidental comfort

so i took a nap today
i hate taking naps and so so so didn't mean to today
but my dad was able to come and get me after my classes and take me home
I made myself late brunch and studied and chilled untill everyone else came home for good
Pain-wise I was really up and down today because the weather has been up and down too
anyhoo, i got cold grabbed a quilt, formed into a ball like a hedgehog underneath said quilt and ended up sleeping for about two hours..........oops
so my bead is a simple white one, surrounded by a knitted blanket of sorts

send me awsome vibes tommorow please
first exam of the semester
all we can do is try our best

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bead 188

Really tired.
Longish day.
I survived.
Went to lunch with cousin went to dog park with her little deaf dog.
Had fun.
Came home, got stressed,did work.
Lots of work.
Still need to do more work and study more.
Tommorow....maybe...yes,Tommorow definitely.
I have to try my best, thats all I can do.
bead is a bead is a bead
sortof dyed llama today
surrounded by orange yarn stripes

have a nice hump day
a partially lethargic

Monday, February 6, 2012

Bead 187

had my first sick day for the semester
but i did manage to sleep, rest my throbbing cyst
 and cook..alot
spicy saffron rice
black beans
marinated pork ribbets
and brown-butter candied walnut brownies
so yeah tons of yummy food
and tons of pain
so it was most definitely a half-and-half kind of day
but my bead is a black bean

have a nice tommorow and I will try to do the same

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Bead 186

I was a slightly perductive lump today
my evil cyst had/has my somewhat down for the count so a majority of the day was spent in bed
but I had a great discovery,
seriously love love love love love it
i have had regular hummus before ,but today my parents got me a great super garlicy hummus
and i love it

and have been contimplating what food I can slather with it all day long,
carrot sticks? sure.
good crusty bread? yeah.
petas? of course.
yummy crackers (not to be confused with krackers the bunny)? yep.
flip flop? hell yeah!!...wait well, you get my point....ha ha
even my hummusy bead is questioning my decision
he is good, but maybe not that good?

have a lovely week and stay safe germ-wise, its a jungle out there, filled with tons of germy people and things

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Bead 185

the moon...
have you ever wanted to touch it?
i have
today was a pretty nice day
dad got tamales for breakfast and the rest of the day was spent either watching movies or doing the work that I have to get done
one of the movies I watched was about a special needs class going to space camp
it was so great
and really helped reminded me why on earth I'm going to school
to help people, and reach for the stars

have a great tommorow

Friday, February 3, 2012

Bead 184

today was a pretty good day, I was crazy perductive and got alot of stuff done, went to class(booo), and got to go home
and chill with my honey bunny

and then later I went out to eat for my dads birthday
he is fine. and old.
and we just went to a simple, everyday resteraunt
also mama got free eggs from our egg man
so today was pretty sweet
my bead today is
and begins with woolly scraps from my felting board
egg shell blue
and a touch of orange yarn to top it off
and its sliced
have a great weekend
(oh and if you can send some good vibes my way, i have tons of work i need to get done before monday)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bead 183 Groundhog Day

hope ya'll had a nice one
mine was okay-ish, honestly I don't rember much of
but its okay tommorow is a new great day (friday)
and mama and I even went out for a walk to clear our heads after dinner
so that made today better
this groundhog is named jose'
yep he is cool, peeking out of his little mound

he-heee have a nice tommorow

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bead 182

so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so tired, and blagh-ish feeling
today wasn't great or bad just blaghhish
i barely rember most of it
but I am casting on a sweater
(my first)
my bead today is the sweaters yarn

so pretty, simple and fuzzy
tommorows groundhog day
yay :)
and the week is almost over
have a happy groundhogs day