Friday, August 31, 2012

Bead 395

today has been a pretty sweet day, it is my second 3 4 day weekend and am still loving every moment of it, this week was a smidge different seeing as my dad was home too. But we had fun we went out for breakfast to Doughnut World the same place dad got these from earlier. This morning I got a maple glazed one with bacon as sprinkles, yes I said bacon as sprinkles. I apparently have a death wish of diabetes or high cholesterol, but I shall die happy...
most of the rest of the day was filled with various projects including but not limited to: repainting my octo (the glitter didn't work out) and unfortunately today's paint didn't either, painting a doll closet that will be turned into a display shelf, playing with polymer clays, and just being silly old me!
before shot of it
Also today was a great mail day! I got my guts (intestines specifically), 8 air plants, and a great issue of organic gardening magazine.
whooop, awesome-sauce Friday if I do say so myself?
bacon sprinkle for todays bead, simple awesome, and magical!

have a lovely long weekend lovies!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Bead 394

today is my new mediums birthday!! yay! I know that sounds relatively crazy but it is the truth now I have learned a few new art related skills:
today was the first day I worked with oil paint, and I really liked it; to me oil paints are like the complicated, creamy, illegitimate children of water colors. just as awesome but allot more of pain in the butt to deal with?
I know they are total opposites in real life, but just the way it paints it feels that way.
 that studio went well even though it was like a death trap, easels fell, two people dropped solvent aka veg oil filled jars, and I ended up with a seriously bruised foot, I don't remember what I dropped on it but it really hurt!! the other icky thing that happened was me neglecting to eat to the last possible second to the point that you think you actually might die or pass out atleast. but irregular jelly beans saved my life!
and after that etching class we learned how to chemically etch the plate and also how to use the press to make prints, our groups was okay, but I had fun doing the process and really can't wait till I'm fly solo!!!!
irregular jelly bean bead today, its the main thing that kept me going  and really got me out of a jam

happy Friday to ya'll

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bead 393

had some difficulties today, it wasn't a bad day or anything but an awfully mixed up bag of junk.
got to the studio early as usual, and ran into a jerky boy that was in a few of my classes last semester but surprisingly he wasn't a jerk at all today! he joked with me, gave me the good chair and all around was pleasant to be around!!! it shocked me but it was a much welcomed surprise. later on my professor came complemented me on my work and informed me that unfortunatly we were going to switch up projects, no worries I enjoy working with clay and had already formed the begining of my bone like a beast, but I've learned not to get too precious with my work.
but after we smashed our peices we just got some more clay for next class and packed up, so the class was less then 45 minutes long, which although awesome really through me off for the remainder of the day...and led to some mental difficulties in astronomy class, but all is well I learen more and learned what I need to work on to get better. bright side I got out early, got a package when I got home.
clay inspired bead today


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bead 392

so today was an okay day, not horrible but not super awesome either. I 'll settle on good, two of my classes went really well. but my painting class didn't go well, we didn't paint no one had there stuff togeather (I had every thing but an extra medium jar, I could have still painted though). but whatever there is always next time. and I had fun otherwise today... like in etching class
 also I had a fantastic sweet end to my day though :)

 Dad purchased these huge and I mean HUGE doughnut-cinnamon thingys from a place downtown called dougnut world, need I say DELCIOUS!!!! they were so yummy and inspire todays bead

have a happy tommorow and be safe

Monday, August 27, 2012

Bead 391

Today was a pretty nice day, I had a really good sculpting class in the morning, astronomy class passed by quickly and I was able to hang out with some friends and get the last bits of art supplies I needed. today I also streached my first canvas, got a B+ on my astronomy quiz, figured out what I want for my birthday, AND AND AND a buddy of mine got me this awesome narwhal finger puppet-y thingy
and I LOVE HIM ^________^

todays bead is based off of his pretty color

have a nice tommorow

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Bead 390 ART SPREE

today began filled with fall allergies and goodness knows I love the fall but the new set of allergies is not pleasant what so ever!! I had to get up unfortunately slow and take some meds before I could even think about being a functional person. But eventually I was up and ready to go art supply shopping, I've been needing to for awhile to get school supplies and stuff to get ready for the fair.
I finally bit the bullet today ( I love art supplies I just hate spending money) and went to the hardware/home improvement store and the Art & crafts store. I ended up spending a little over 200 dollars for everything which for the amount of things I got is a really good deal.
including the biggest jar of gesso I have ever seen in my life
which inspired todays cute bead
happy week wishes to you

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Bead 389 Bear with me...

today was a yard sale-ing success!!!! I got some AMAZING stuff!!!! Including some huge and adorable piggy salt and pepper shakers, a pink porcelain dog planter, a cute doll closet (going to be renovated into something dope), some old mugs, and allot of other cool stuff. today felt beautiful and fall-ie I loved it!
the rest of the day was spent sort of cleaning, being silly, and going for a quick run to the local cruddy grocery store for potato soup supplies. It was the first time I have ever been to a grocery store in my pj's and for the most part I enjoyed it.
bear bead in honor of me rocking my bear pj's


Friday, August 24, 2012

Bead 388

first Friday off and I feel fantastic about it!!!

I still got up at around 7ish and I was able to watch my show, see mama off to work, eat a nice breakfast and paint, rest and chill all morning long with my fuzzy child.... I ended up having to peel my Octo, for some reason the paint didn't set right so it is back to the drawing board for him!

then In the afternoon I went with a buddy of mine to my old high school to help my Art teacher set up her room for this impending school year. It was super fun to reminisce, hang out, help and just enjoy each others company. after that I was able to share some of my produce with my homie and have movie night with my family after that.
pretty much been a perfect day except the fact that I can't buy this guy and that makes me sad. He is soooooooo cute and wonderful, but more importantly he would be 30$ with shipping and handling......basically allot of money... but a friend reminded me of an ever looming beam of hope, my birthday! it is about a month away but I always forget to ask for things, I really rarely do ask for things but he might make it a game changer.
porcelain colored bead in homage to my longing

(and to be honest now, as I type I am also searching for other possible contenders in the B-day ride) have a ritious tommorow!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bead 387

I am officially on weekend break ^_^
whoop!! first week of classes are done and without any major catastrophes!!! double whoop! today was an okay day but egh I tried my best with everything I did and learned some new art skill that should come in handy down the road, and honestly that is all that matters.
small giddy, Kelly green bead today
hoping to start a new project (once I finish the ones I'm doing now) with this color soon
have a wonderful weekend Friday you guys!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bead 386 I BEAT YOU MATH!!!

yes I took photos, and showed as many people as I could!!!

As some of you may know I am horrible and I mean HORRIBLE with math . I can be honest with myself, but today I kicked maths ASS!! in my astrology class. I am super proud of myself about that and the other things I accomplished today, such as eating a real breakfast and lunch like a normal person! that really helped curb the jitters and made me feel better, even though I had to make myself eat. OH WELL! and on another awesome note I received my Octo and stickers in the mail today. he is so awesome and I can't wait to paint him and coustomize him like I want to.

8 bead today, representing my dope math skills and my new friend!


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bead 385

Good second day if I do say so myself. My art history professor from last year found ME this morning in the studio and I had a nice conversation with him, he found ME,  remembered ME, and asked ME how I was doing,  he joked around with ME. goodness know I love him still, and the fact that he did all these things without my provocation makes me swoon all the more. the only crappy part of the day was my super mania.... I get too crazy and anxious and I know it for a fact, luckily I made it through today, had a lunch of champions aka a rice crispy treat, shameful I know but old habits die hard. Ironically I always end up losing weight during the school year? anyways,

After school I found a "fidget" that I can use to mellow me out. a fidget is just a small object that you often use with special needs kids or people with ADHD, I haven't had to use mine in a while but I think it is best for me to start using mine again. It keeps my hands busy and allows me to get some anxiety out, the first days are quite in some places, crowded with people, filled with anxious vibes from everyone, and just not really as awesome as they could possibly get it don't you?
a fidget bead today

have a nice tomorrow lovey!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Bead 384 Gold star for me!!

BWAH HA HA HA HA!!! okay dramatic I know but I survived today, my first day of school relatively well.As always I was pretty much the first living (student) soul in the building for the first two and a half hours, AND I was able to see my most favoritest janitor which was most definitely a great Omen! I also was able to get my locker, be a brave kid and be the first one to go into my classroom, and pickup my books. YAY simple victories!!!! the only icky part was me getting a bit too stir crazy, even though I brought plenty of things to do, including some crocheting...
so gold star (bead) for me!!! made from the yarn I have been working with

have a great tomorrow my dearies, I'll try to do the same.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Bead 383 last summer night...

Today was my last official day of summer, bitter sweet but I did try to make the best of it although I had allot of problems sleeping the night before. There was a horrible thunderstorm that shook the walls, window, and my guts. It didn't feel nice and was pretty scary too. That caused some issues in waking up this morning but never the less I eventually got up and tried to do some cool stuff today. I planned to have a fun day with my cousin and go to see a Mummies of Guanauato exhibit at a local museum and go out for sum yummy food too, (un)fortunately only the yummy food part happened. it was still raining cats, dogs, and zebras ALLL OF TODAY and we had a few mix-ups with loosing keys and other silly things that we constantly do.... we did eventually get out of the drive way and resorted to eating food first, we were starving. I went back to the place my boss took me on Wednesday, IT WAS SO AMAZING!!!
After we ate we trudged more in the rain to go SEE THE MUMMIES! but egh most of the museum was closed cause of rain and timing, and we would have had to have paid general admission on top of the mummy exhibit fee, over 18$ just for one of we just got movies and chilled out for the rest of the time. we tried and we made plans for other (better, more fun, totally less expencive) stuff later on this week.

We had fun, and we tried, we did stupid stuff which happened to be the perfect ending and somewhat theme of this summer.
gray yet sunny bead today.

I am a big brave lion and will try my best tommorow and this semester.
have a wonderful tommorow. And I will try to do the same

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Bead 382

Today was a pretty beautiful day
we tried a few yard sales and got a few small things and went to a Yarn Sale to get my drug of choice......

I had a wonderful time spending a majority of the day hanging out with my family and making plans to reconnect with good friends.
        The only bad part of the day was a person saying some ugly things to me, but luckily its over it and I am going to let it go forever, I don't need that drama an I don't need people taking advantage of my kind nature. The person knew how to manipulate me and that made it hurt all the more, but it is okay I did my best and was the kindest person I could be, that is all that counts.
       I'm tired right now and a bit eerily calm about the upcoming school year, I know I am always worried but now I'm kind of worried about not being worried....weird I know but  still....all I want to do is try my best and be as brave as I possibly can. unfortunately I always have a slight melancholy air about me that I can never quite shake off, I'm happy for the most part and loved by the people who deserve to love me as much as I love them; but I'm scared a little bit ALL THE TIME. But I have made it thus far and will make it through this time too.
      Today's bead is made with some camel fibers that I got today at the sale, it is so wonderfully soft and beautiful. perfect choice for the parts of the day I choose to remember .
life is better when you take the good with the bad,but choose to remember the good far more then the bad, have a lovely tomorrow and thanks for being here today.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Bead 381

Today I did what I have been dreaming to do a vast majority of my lifetime, which is spend most of a day in a yarn store. I was able to help fix things in the display window, check inventory on some things, talk about yarn and awesome stuff and just chill until it was time for my employer and I to head to her place (she owns the yarn shop),  I tided up the kitchen once we were done at the shop; pretty easy and funnish work and I do enjoy make allot of things shiny. the only downside of today was my freakishly dirty feet. I have bad habits, one of them being my seeming inability to ware shoes, or any kind of footwear for that matter. All day I stumbled around barefoot from the shop, to her house , to my house, and to be honest with you by the end of the day the bottom of my feet were completely black.....
that is the inspiration of todays bead

I did soak my feet eventually, happy weekend wishes to you

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bead 380 to sock or not to sock?

Most of today has been consumed with figuring, ranging from the simple stuff like what on earth should I do with all this new yarn, where should I take the various craft items being willed to me that I don't need, to crazy semi-important  education and life stuff. luckily the bigger issues have worked themselves out or I overcame them with flying colors. yay for that but I wish I would have more ease with the yarn issue. should I knit or crochet? its light fingering weight so basically traditional sock yarn, so I'm debating on just giving in and making socks like expected, but it seems like such a copout  for such pretty yarn. I also have a few already started projects so..egh. life is coplicated
todays bead has a little crochet hat using the yarn that has got me in such a state...

have a wonderful friday dearies

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bead 379

I had an AMAZING DAY !
Today was my first day of working towards a spinning wheel (I'm paying in work) and I had a joyous time at that, cleaned, took my time, jammed out to my tunes while working, and learned more about the wonderful person I am working for, I also got fed a freakishly delicious lunch from a place down the street from her house, I had an awesome salad and a slice of mushroom pizza . I would have taken a picture but I wanted to seem a smidge normal on the first day (no worries I'm totally going back later its soooooo good ^____^)you gotta share your crazy in small spurts like in any relationship. Her and her husband are so eclectic and my kind of people. as you can see below, only a small smidge of the awesomeness!
that was most of my day but the rest was consumed by celebrating Mama's birthday, we went to our usual Chinese place that was okay, I mainly ate the cake and pie we brought ( mama did too), and photographed the fish tank.
today's bead is a tooth, representing both mama and my sweet tooth and the awesome skull at my new employers house

happy birthday mama!!!! ^_^ and a happy tomorrow to you ^_^

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bead 377 and 378

Fear  not dear reader I have not abandoned ship as of yet, Alla's I had an unexpected "road trip" to my sisters house, I ended up spending the night with her and it was wonderful fun. we watched movies, talked and chilled out, just like sisters should do. before I took the  best adventure I've had in a long time I did a few errands with mom, we picked up some succulents including and adorable little plant commonly referred to as "baby toes".
yesterday's bead was based off of that. I wasn't able to post it but here it is!

today went off swimmingly too, mama came and got me this morning and I have just been crocheting, receiving the most awesome package ever!! containing three big packs of my favorite candy obleas (mentioned earlier here) it was payment for the hat I made my uncle, whom totally followed through on his end of the deal. yes I will work for candy, what of it? I also got to photograph my beautiful blooming sunflowers (and a nice visitor).
artsy sunflower designed bead for today

happy hump day tomorrow