Thursday, December 22, 2011

Bead 140 EMPANADAS!!!!!!

yes that is what i said empanadas
what is an empanada you ask?
a mexican pie-ish pastries
 they are awsome, they can be savory or sweet
its usually sweet in this house
because we are SWEET!!! (most of the time)
i will post a recipie soon on marshmallows and happy fellows
I  got up pretty late today but managed to make these pretty puppies
my egg man gave me a gingerbread man because he could only get me a dozen and a half eggs
its beautiful isn't it?

I was singing songs (loud and horribly) from Sweeney Todd
while making the empanadas
it was quite funny especially because both the bunnies were hunkered down and sleeping most of the day, i slightly inturrupted their naps but egh... i gave them treats and appologised
i think they forgave me
My bead today is a empanada
of course
(its more of a broach)

i also finished a present for my sister and bro
they love zombies so i made them a zombie ornament

isn't it cute?
the zombies are from the mochimochi zombie kit that I won a while back (except for the heart)
 what could be better?

have a great tommorow

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