Monday, December 26, 2011

Bead 145

well a majority of the day was spent out and about to my families favorite Amish store
to buy cheese ,bulk spices, and other awsome stuff including some awsome pumpkin fudge
we also trecked to Virgina (a few minutes away from the store)
to get gas (yeah seriously , its a good bit cheaper then where we live)
and i won five bucks with a lottery ticket
then when we got home mama and i made enchiladas for dinner
so yummy
nice, yummy, Luckyish day
so todays bead is a lucky penny
sorry about the photo i miss placed my purse with my camera in it some where in the house or still in the car?? maybe?
and its freakishly cold outside so im not going to open that can of worms
so phone picture
sorry again....

have a great tommorow
and i hope you notice that i'm not posting this at 1 in the morning!

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