Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bead 133

I've missplaced a ton of things
so for the past 2ish hours ive been searching for them:
wool sweaters that i can cut up to make cool stuff
my glasses
missing knitting needles
cool patterns/books
a handmade glass pendant with a cute paper cut in the middle (that's the one i miss the most ) mind
the last item on the list is compleatly hopeless
but i HATE losing things
i guess tommorow is another day for searching
my book shelf is straightened up now, and the pile of stuff and clothes for The National Kidney Foundation has grown vastly in the past two hours
but sadly the pile of found stuff hasnt grown at all :(
i did find allot of dust, some change  and an old baby tooth of mine?
weird i know...
but i've always saved a ton of little stuff
anyhoo back to the loosing stuff....i sware there is a monster that gobbles up  socks and random things
so thats what the bead is today
the loosing stuff monster

on the other hand of today despite loosing so much stuff , it was a pretty good day
mama came home early
i made israli couscous
(posting it soon on marshmallows and happy fellows)
have a great day tommorow

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