Friday, December 9, 2011

Bead 127 Crafty Cult?

hello dearies!!!!
and hello "follower", i see you......
I'm  not sure why but the word "followers" sounds to me like we are a cult
don't worry we are a totally awsome cult
a crafty slightly weird cult
don't worry we arn't creepers, and we won't drink the Flavor-Aid
yes, it was Flavor-Aid not Kool-Aid, one of my high school teacher always used to specify that fact, i guess not to mar the great name of Kool-Aid....but what was i talking about?
Oh YEAH !!(ha ha , you see what i did there?)
i appoligize,i am unstable, kind of manic and tired from a pretty good day
i did well on a big paper and presentation for one of my classes
but unfortunatly seriously fuc*ed( f-word that rhymes with ducked) up my shoulder
i think i might have possibly torn something but I'm not sure...egh it just hurts allot but, hasn't fallen off (as of yet) so i guess i will survive
i took medicine so I'm great for now
i think we should have a mascot for our cult... a cuttlefish maybe?
i know i have done a squid before but squids and cuttlefishes are two TOTALLY diffrent beasts.
Cuttlfish are more hardcore, awsome and cute
its a badge too, because we are awsome and deserve badges!!
(inspired by the kick-butt badges from hippopotamuslee, they reminded me of the hamburglar for some reason? but hamburglar takes hamburgers.......he dont make hamburgers?)

i did add some Flavor-aid dyed wool in the middle of the head, dont worry i promise that is as deep as our Flavor-Aid experiences will go ......probably
have a great friday
a slightly medicated, manic

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