Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bead 181procrastination

my biggest enemy is procrastination
seriously ! it happens so much of the time that minutes before i have to do something it seem like I'm hurring to do whatever needs to be done.
(even beads, i'll be honest)
so yeah.......procrastination in bead form
tiny, tricky
always wispering "No it small you can do it later, you have PLENTY of time" or " it will be fine, tommorow is a new day"
small, black, sneeky, seemingly incignificant, cute-ish looking beeing

have.good. tommorow.
a tired ,procastinaty

Monday, January 30, 2012

Bead 180

today, was a pretty nice day
i got to sleep late, was well prepaired for class and got out early to hang out with mom for the remainder of the day
pretty and peachy
just like I like it
I hope it was just as nice for you
so for todays bead a peachy colored made from hand-dyed yarn ,colored from beet juice and red onion skins
also with a decorative spike made from wooly scraps on my felting board

have a nice tommorow
be safe,and eat tons of bacon for me please
(random, i want bacon but we are all out in our casita')
a bacon-craving, peachy

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bead 179

so today was an okay day
I went to church and got a pretty good lesson about what kind of seeds we can become in our lives
a really nice surmon

and the rest of the day was spent in bed watching tv with my family
It was nice to spend time with my family :)
and tommorow is going to be good as well, mama doesn't have to work and is going to drop me off at school and pick me up early, like friday. and have another fun day so not a bad start to the week.
my bead today is a sprouting seed
cause hopefully all of us are growing in are own way, everyday

have a great week

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Bead 178 don't worry, beet happy!

i got tons of stuff done on this fine day
we tried to go yardsaleing and did find one where we got a few things,
and i also got a few things that i need for my projects at the grocery store
so today i made:
a 15 pound lasangna
a loaf of garlic herb bread
a skien of  yarn dyed from beet juice and onion skins
and a chocolate beet cake that threw-up, had a seizure ,and died
poor cake :(
may he Rest in Peices!!
but he was really yummy
and i will be sure to post more info about him and my other cooking /baking recipies and stories soon on
marshmallows and happy fellows, my mom has been politely fussing at me to get my other blogs up and running and I'm so so so going to try!!
but back to the beading, todays bead is a beet
its the first time I've tried them
and I really like them and put them in the cake and frosting, crazy right? there so so so so so pretty color wise!

have a nice tommorow

Friday, January 27, 2012

Bead 177

today was an awsome awsome awsome AWSOME day!!
mama was home, so i got to sleep late, go to my one class,
 go out to eat with mama (and my cousin unexpectedly) we got gyros at one of my favorite spots ,
my treat for mama, i had a coupon ^_^

after that mama and i went to my sisters and brothers house to hang out for a bit, then we went to go drop off donations to my 4-h leaders house. she lives on a beautiful property and gave me tons of acorn tops for sculptures and general crafting and even gave me some huge rare ones (in these parts) that I'm using for todays bead
it so big i can incase a tiny landscape within
including a tree,where everything started from

have a great weekend lovies

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bead 176

today wasn't a bad day, just extreamly tireing
i had a random chest spasm when i woke up that bothered me a remainder of the day
luckly tommorow will be so great, i get to sleep in late and only have one class where we are going on a library tour(all class), also mama and I have some pretty epic plans tommorow
todays bead is a carrot
I was tired and feeling a bit blagh-ish today
like a vegetable
so yeah here he is

tommorow will be awsome
i hope it will be for you too

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bead 175

today wasn't bad,
then after that wondering around campus till my ride came (for about 5 hours)
but it was okay.
tommorows bound to be better and i bought me a new backpack sketch book (just to stay in my backback forever) and some origami paper
just a colorful purpley-pink organic shape today

have a great tommorow

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bead 174

pretty dope day today
i finally finished my huge  project consisting of 15 works of art (while class begun, a fellow classmate helped me cut out shapes for my last peice-thank you)
and my professor loved it!!!!! he said and i quote "I've gotta watch out for you, this is great"
^_^ he-he-he-he-heeeee!!!!
so that class went well.
then after that i bumped into a friend and we studied together for our next class,
where we eventually trickled to. My professor (one of my favorites) pulled me aside as I was going to my seat and told me "he was going to have to break-up the little fan club I have in the front of the class" silly, silly, silly but he is kind-of right . I've been in his class for what seems like forever and always have to maintain "my seat", being crazy early and greeting him warmly any chance I can get. I'm that kind of person; can't help it. Also I went out to lunch with two friends (the one i studied with and my other buddy whom randomly texted me before class wanting to meet up with both of us)

both of my buddies (whom happen to be on there fancy cell phones..grr)
 we went out for pizza. It was soooooo awsome. we gobbled on pizza and reconected in are weird artishy, speak-with-your-hands, sing the songs that are on the radio while in mid conversation, interupt one another, freak other patrons in the resturant out kind of way. conventional?-no. Cool?-hell yes!
all around awsome day
i hope it was for yall too
so just a pure happy-yellow bead today

have a happy hump day
I'll try to do the same

Monday, January 23, 2012

Bead 173 foggy

so today wasn't a bad day
(the parts that i remember about it)
but it was soooooo foggy literally and mentally
ergo the not rembering squat
just a simple pinkish gray bead today

send me some awsome vibes tommorow please
i have a big project to turn in
that I am still not finished with

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bead 172 skrimp!!

so today started off pretty bumpy
i woke up early,really sore, and took a shower totry to feel a little bit better
but needless to say it didn't help much
the remainder of my day was spent in bed working on homework
or playing with krackers
eventually i got up and cooked supper for mama and I
a mini-shrimp boil of sorts
it was so yummy and really helped break up my gray,cold, painful day
after that we yelped "skrimp" at one another as a sign of approval and moderatly nuttyness of us all
so my bead today is a shrimp or "skrimp"

have a fantastic week

Bead 171

so today was an okay day
i got up at a resonable time and tried to be somewhat preductive today
and made two planters out of toys i bought the other week
the elephant one had a noise button so i had to cut it out and replace it with a jerry-rigged bottom using a plastic bottle
both came out really cool
(i will show later)
 but hands down the best part of my day is what mama finished for me
a tie purse
after that it kind of went down-hillish i had to go to a club award cerimony that dragged on for ever, an finnaly when i came home i tumbled as soon as i stepped in the door and really hurt my shin and myself
my bead is a tie
thanks mama for the purse

i need rest after thet hard fall
a bruised

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bead 170

happy friday
hope yours was awsome cause mine sooooo was
i made a saffron yellow cowl out of some jersey knit t-shirt type fabric that i got for 2$ the other week,

wet to class bla bla blaaa(boring and short),
then mama came and got me early and we went thrift shopping
she also got me a peice of baclava
totally sweet !!!! i ended up spending 28$ and got tons of stuff and picture of cool stuff outside my means of living
hey, whatever at least i dont live above my means; just dream amd take pretty pictures

then we went for tacos
so all and all a great day
also later on i cleaned, redecorated, and semi-orginized my room

and im also starting some new cool projects too
my bead is a taco in honor of mamas and my taco and thrift store extravaganza

have a great weekend

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bead 169 minamilism and mania!!

so today i was crazy manic and finished about three peices of art today and was crazy happy and had a great class time and pretty awsome day all together ,and after school my family and neighbors all went out to originally get pizza buffet for $1.99 as a promational deal today but........the line was out the door and continued till about two store fronts down, of course
but its okay we changed plans and went to the burger joint that we went to for my birthday
today my bead is a simple black and white artsy one

have a wonderful friday an i will try to do the same

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bead 168

so today i survived
quite well actually
i went through my classes fine and even went out to lunch for GYROS!!! i love love love love love love gyros
and the one i had today was especially delicious
i went to alittle resturanut just on the outskirts of campus and had the gyro combo
oooooooooooooooooooooooooohhh how awsome
so my bead today is a gyro

side view
have a great tommorow
we are almost at friday!!!!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bead 167 the ledge

I have difficulties living
im going to be honest with you ad my self
I totally do.. and often find myself on "the ledge"
you know the little teeny voices in your head that are constantly ringing ,saying "jump!!!, what on earth do you have to go on for?
I am NOT suicidal by ANY means but have problems and somewhat irrational fears about...well everything
and know for a fact that with out the loveones that i try to surround myself with, that i would be a young art spister who will never leave the house except for the rare "treat" days of getting art supplies, oraganic produce at the farmers market, baking stuff, vollunteering, thrift shopping or just hanging out with friends.
that would be my perfect life,seriously
just selling art and living life , i would get sheep and other creatures too....
but intill then I'm going to live on my little ledge with my mom and other loved ones hanging on for dear life to me
but i survived today, and did my best
and that is all i can ever ask of myself
i might crumble often but at least i am cute, sweet, and loved

have a nice "hump"day tommorow and stay safe on your own ledges
i hope yalls arnt as ledgy as mine

Monday, January 16, 2012

Bead 166

man i had a ton of ice cream today, it was so good!!!!
but the bad thing is I'm lactoseintolerant--seriously not good
so im going to be sick for the next few days but i think it was worth it.
i hope your MLK Jr. Day was well, i spent a magority of mine watching old black and white films with my love intrest Sidney Poitier , oh how i adore him and his movies
the ones i watched today were: "Pressure point", "Cry, the Beloved Country" and  "The Defiant Ones"
all great movies, i recommend you watch all of them asap
you dont have to eat ice cream as practically all your meals , like i did though
uggggh....why world did you make me lactose?
first i got a dollar crunch-cicle thingy at about 10 in the morning at the dollar store even though it was below freezing outside,then around 3 in the afternoon  i got a 79 cent cup of frozen yogurt  because of a rewards card given by the store, and lastly i had banana pudding ice cream for supper.....yeah i know i have a problem

so my bead is a popsicle

have a great tommorow
oh, and could you please send me some good vibes i have a few art assignments due really soon and i have been lingering on making them in fear of failing...but i know i'll end up sabotoging myself if i continue to procrastinate....I am a big brave lion, and all i can do is try my best


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bead 165 White-ish fish?

so today i had planned to do a ton of stuff, but.....
i did absolutly none of it, i have no idea what happened at all. I woke up early and hopped in the shower, got dressed and went to go lay down for awhile with mama so i would be able to get up and go to church today. (I have to get up in stages if i want to be preductive at all during the day)
but i ended up going to sleep for about three hours, not intentionally at all
so since then i had stayed there and watched tv
but eventually got up around dinner time to make a fish fry with mom
i didn't know what type of fish my dad got and asked him , he said white....(so,being me i didnt understand that was an actual type of fish)

i told him no the fish wasn't all the way white it was kind of white-ish-grayey-pink ? and what kind was it...
that went on for a few minutes untill it finally stuck, that the fish was indeed white fish
i'm not sure if that make sence to you but if it dosent i'm sorry?
so my bead today is a fish fillet all dead-like

have a good safe tommorow

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Bead 164

hello you
i hope your saturday went well
mine did
the morning was spent on an expadition of getting a free breakfast for mama and I
she got a free chicken biscut coupon and i had a free nuggets coupon, so dad was the only one who had to pay for him and get us a drink to share, so breakfast for all three of us ended up being about 6 bucks
not too shabby if i do say so myself, and after that we went searching for yard sales. we were only able to find one but it wasn't that great..so we ended up going to a hispanic bakery/deli/grocery store/resturant
yep its all those things rolled into one, oh how i have such a rich culture but i love and hate going to the place, dont get me wrong they have pretty good food most of the time but it can be a bit inconsistent in service and quality
but today it was on point!!! we bought:

 fresh from the oven rolls
sweet breads (including an awsome churro)
corn tortillas
and some menudo for mama
everything was so so so delicious an i plan on buying more stuff from there including these

they look so good and cute i would have gotten some today if i hadn't forgotten my wallet at home :(
but there is always next time
my bead is pan dulce- sweet bread

i also made a sparkley dinosaur
(who apparently likes pan dulce very much)

have a nice tommorow

Friday, January 13, 2012

Bead 163

happy friday
i hope it went well for you being friday the 13th
yep it was
one class a break to make an awsome sandwich at home brie and ham on chabatta

and a doctors appointment spesifically an ultra-sound to see if my cyst is still there
 my cyst is still there obviously
i could have told them that, and its still the same size about 8.5 cemimeters
thats big , like seriously big
but whateves
it will have to go away eventually be it naturally or surgically
but even better then all that is i got to go splurdge at the craft store after my appointment
i even composed a tiny poem
on the first day of splurdging
this is what i got for me:
1 sparkle yarn
2 marcupial charms

3 skeins of yarn
and 4 patterns for sushi!!!
i also got some other stuff too at the craft store
every thing was less the 25$ thats splurging for me

(not my photo it belongs to mochimochi land)
 from mochimochi land  go by and get some for your own they are so so so so so so so so so awsome!
i cant wait to make these!!
and also just enjoy my family and new loot
so my bead today is just a plainy using my new sparkly yarn

have a great weekend

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bead 162

hello all I hope today is meeting you well
i had a prettty awsome day myself
two classes one of them of which i get to see one of my favorite professors and my security gaurd
and after class my cousin and i went out for mediteranian
i got a steak and cheese pita with fries
sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo freaking amazing!!!
(also sooooo well because that was the only food i had pretty much all day......oops!)
and after that at home i was craving something sweet
mama already had the fryer on for fries ans i wanted to make donuts...of course we had no flour what so ever
but we eventually found some pancake mix, and we imprivised a bit
and ta-da!!!
they were really good coated in cinnamon- sugar and just enough to take the edge off for all of us
so thats my bead

have a AWSOME FRIDAY!!!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bead 161 ITS A TWISTER!!!!!!

oh me, oh my i has been RAINING  FROM THE FREAKING SKY!!!
seriously though it has been dark, cloudy, icky, cold and rainy all day long!!!!!
there is a tornado rolling past twards the leftside of my state (that sounds a bit weird to you too dosen't it?)
it hasn't done too much dammage as far as i know, but just causing tons of funky weather like snow in the montains, and wind and rain here....
other then the crummy weather today has been pretty good, only two classes and they went by quicky so the rest of my time  was occupied with trudging across campus with tons of art supplies,bags and huge  heavy HUGE cumbersome drawing board
booo... my shoulders are killing me......
but my bead today is a mini-tornado
you can almost hear the tiny cows floating within it

have a happy twister free tommorow
stay safe

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bead 160

so today was crazy interesting and pretty good
i went to my two classes and got to see my security gaurd again!!!
we spoke a few minutes where he told me he missed seeing me and was trying to stop going to the gate to let me in like he did all last semster, oh how i missed him :) he also told me welcome home, honestly it did feel like home...
and after class my cousin and i went out to lunch
to a really nice burger place
she had a coupon for a free burger her birthday
our waiter was crazy nice and the burgers were super huge and good
also bottomless steak-fries?
can i get a heak yes?
but there was an odd couple being a bit too friendly.........if you know what i mean
jerking the gherkin
after they left  our waiter pulled up a chair to our table and pointed out their odd behavior of sitting a bit too close, switching seats in the booth and the fact that the woman paid for both of them !!!!!!!, we had a nice laugh about it ...but seriously why????
i will never understand people
anyways the waitor also brought out an ice cream for us to share, nice
thank you sir, you were so nice and cool
my bead today is a burger
yummy and not inapropriate at all
have a great tommorow

Monday, January 9, 2012

Bead 159

today was the first day of my spring semster
and all around wasn't that bad
it was crazy cold, rainy and foggy though;
i also got stood up for lunch :'(
but i got 2 fresh slices of  pizza  and pink lemonaide to drown my sorrows with, from the nice man at my favorite pizza place
thanks man

 good pizza and nice family erases all icky things
thank goodness!!
 today i also finished that big bunch of 4-h paper work i spoke about earlier, and got my "lost" project record books from last year too
 my bead today is a fog blob...or is fog a chunky opaque-ish cloud?
i dont know I'm not a meteorologist?
who knows????

have a great tommorow buddies!!! hopefully there won't be gobbs of fog where you are at

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Bead 158

today was a very very very  good day
I'm totally over all my nurvousness and anxiaty (thearetically)
I was able to go to church this morning and hear a surmon that i really needed
it was mainly about the five W's that we needed to do to make ourselfs better and make 2012 a great year
by changing our:
and Works
it was really nice
and seeing all those nice people who actually missed me was great too
after that we went grocery shopping where i got some "needed" supplies including:
pomagranate juice
chabatta bread
and some other essentials
they were seriously needed
and the rest of the day was spent at home working on various paper work for 4-H and just living amungst my nutty family, inculding krakers who kept on picking at her feet ( they have healed very well and hair has started to grow back)
hanging out in my favorite pajamas
they are so so so great

my bead today is a bear claw
kind-of  like a luck rabbits foot
but better and dosen't involve de-footing of  a cute little bunny

hopefully it will bring some serious luck for tommorow
have a great monday and week and i'll be sure to send some wonderful ( slightly nurvous) vibes your way

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Bead 157

I'm addicted
yep to quite a few things actually
including but not limited to:
and Juice
yes JUICE ... Juice
i have loved ,loved,loved juice since i was crazy young
so i was in serious need for it today especially the way i have been carrying on
fibromyalgia has been a part of my life for seven years
and today i had an uber bad day, mostly because i pushed myself too hard and really let my inscurities get the best of me
it happens
but i love that the teeny tiny things like mama getting  me white grape-peach-mango juice
that really helps get me back to earth
so todays bead is a juicebox
simple. great. reminders of where we came from.and who we need to be and really are
forget the rest...pain be damned

have a good tommorow and please keep the good vibes a-coming my way
and I'll sure send some for y'all

Friday, January 6, 2012

Bead 156

so, I had a pretty good day
vollunteering always feels nice
even though some kids are a smidge difficult at times no worries, I love to teach and cook so it was nice
plus I met the teachers mother (who was crazy nice)
saw my egg man
and got a new recipie
great, really really great
I'm still scared about next semester, but i feel a bit better
for my bead i choose a really soothing color
a turquoise-y blue with little green flecks amungst it

turquoise is my favorite stone
like super favorite
if it were cheaper around where i am i would totally be covered in it for-reals-ies
hope yall had a great friday
and a totally awsome and safe weekend
big brave lions we are so, but dont be too crazy...kay?

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Bead 155

so today was a heck of a day
i really don't like being left alone
seriously.......don't ever leave me alone all day, especially not when I'm antsy
this morning i woke up at about 7:38 and have been pretty on edge since, I allowed myself to get up slowly so I wouldn't hurt so much
Then i made about 4 dozen sugar cookies, all which turned out crazy cake-like
then the rest of my day was occupied with trying to get the bunnies to play, or doing anything other then sleep all day......fyi they didn't
and watch cheesy survival programs, and what other trash/news that was on
later on I even got to watch one with mom
^_^ that helped ease my inside crazness
but a poor stingray was killed in the program
so my bead today is a stingray
In memory of the poor little one thats life was cut short
cake-like cookies, trash tv, sleeping bunnies, and a crazy antsy me
not a great day
but tommorow will be better
its friday ,i get to vollunteer/cook with kids, and i am loved
I am still scared about a new semester but
i am loved and, i am a big brave lion
i hope ya'll have a great day

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bead 154 bread curmudgeon

today i was a LOAF OAF
yep for-real-sies
I used are "new" bread machine for some sweet potato pecan bread
it took three hours.....THREE HOURS  total
by itself:
it was good bread ,but three hours is a lifetime
and it really sucked the fun out of making bread, isn't it weird that i have pacients to do all the steps of handmaking bread yet no pacients for a robot-ish square doing it for me
thats just me ........sorry
so my bead is obiously a loaf of bread a very happy one at that , even though i was a mild curmudgeon about the amount of time it took to make him (the real one not the wool one)
anyhoo have a great tommorow and try not to be a bread curmudgeon
(I'm really liking that word if you can't tell ^_^)
a curmudgeon-ish