Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bead 364

Today was a topsy turvy, mixed emotion kind of a day. It began super foggy and gross but slowly got better, I finished allot of projects and chores:

morning walk.

Dino-cactus terrarium.

Beginning of a new piece "Ojos de los huevos" (yes it is egg shells).

Got a replacement bulb for my lava lamp.

Painting and detailing the inside of my "new" garden cart, its a pretty green on the inside now.

Went to my egg man's place of business (he has another job) and purchased three dozen beautifully, fresh eggs.

Got a "fortune" stating that "Little acorns lead to mighty oaks", a tad cheesy in my opinion but needed never the less. I got scared today about the future, felt more pain than I have in a long time, and got sick because of it. I do have my good and bad days but I am really proud of myself for getting as much done as I did.
todays' bead inspired by lava blobs


Monday, July 30, 2012

Bead 363

Today has been consumed with altering mail, mild mania, spinning, and dyeing
pretty fun all in all.
I got my fair premium book in  the mail...glanced over it for 2 seconds, then started getting silly with the envelope....I feel bad for my future husband.

The silliness spilled over to a "nice stalker" artist card, complete with creeper eyes envelope

today felt weird, but a nice weird the wool I died seems like the personification of today  orange, bright, cheery, and a tad peculiar under different lights


Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bead 362 estate sale

life often has a way of making full circles..... obviously you can tell I went to an estate sale today. and a rather peculiar one at that. In all my years I have never received a number? we have gone to hundreds of estate sales and never had to get a number to be in order to get in the house, but I thought it was funny how I ended up getting the number of my exact age ^_^
I got a big box of cook ware, an old art book, some chatchkeys, a little nativity scene that I'm going to turn into a shelf, random stuff, and some kind of clamp for my dad. all in all a good buy, 16$ for everything, but the sale itself wasn't as great as I thought it was going to be....shame.
but today's bead is inspired by the doodles of Picasso (from my art book- pictured above) and made from a super mellow roving that I got in a grab bag from my last wool-shopping-spree. it seems like what today would be in color?


Saturday, July 28, 2012

Bead 361 yard sale!

the title says it all.......... we had a yard sale today to clear some unwanted items and get them the heck out of our house. we have been prepairing for awhile and it really ended up paying off. everything was clean, organized and labled. tons of interesting (possibly crazy) people showed up, chatted forever, and took away things we didn't need/want anymore.
we had a great turn-out, got that crap out of my house, and ended up making about 136$ (my cut ended up being 70$)

th rest of the day was occupied by:
celebratory burritos for supper
pretend shopping spree online (and composing a list of possiblities for the newly earned fundage)
pain from selling for seven hours
simple money green bead today, I was going to embroider a dollar sign but my hands are too sore/shakey to do so :(


Bead 360 Guava and fighting the good fight!

HELLO my dears!!!
I recently got a comment pertaining to the fact that my year of beading is almost over. which is totally insane? the fact of the matter is I will still continue to make felted objects not necessarily all of them beads still but I still will be continuing forward ~ fighting the good fight~ 
I'm a lady of habit, as all of you know and I don't think I will be able to function without the daily routine of making something. I'll still call it A beaded year even though we are still continuing forth (with not all beads).
long story short woollies will be made.

But enough of that! Today I made guava empanadas, I was bored and in a bread making mood plus seeing as I live in the south and it is as humid as the devils soul, the summer is the perfect time to make as much bread as possible. I had to "settle" for the empanadas seeing as we didn't have sufficiant supplies for scones.
BUT THEY WERE AMAZING, I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOOOOVVVEEEE guava and seperated a big brick of paste to stuff each pocket of love with. eating guava should totally be a sin, its so gorgously sweet and flavorful that it feels as if your doing something wrong by just taking a bite...sorry no pictures
:( my hands were too doughy to be able to photograph anything

adorable guava hunk today

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bead 359

got stuff done! and splurged like a beast. well to begin the explanations Mama and I went downtown today so I could purchase a few felting needles, I have been breaking them as if they were made of glass and really needed some before I got completely empty. Long story short:
got breakfast  and munched it while walking downtown
gave 75 cents to a cute but seriously stressed out family (I think they needed to feed the meter?)
noticed tons of children camps walking downtown

I went to my yarn store
got spare needles, splurged on some pretty awesome silk hankies and some roving for a spinning!

also have a possible "peanut buttter sandwich" in the works for a spinning wheel . (cross your fingers)
The rest of the day  has been filled with sign making (we are having a yard sale soon), drafting out wool, spinning, and figuring out what to do with the glorious silk.
a smidge of the silk is in todays bead

 have a beautiful friday

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bead 358 You can't steal flowers...

I real don't think that it is physically possible to steal flowers, yes people can claim to "own" flowers but seriously they are there for everyone to love, enjoy, and use. To further relate this to the context of my day, let's just say that hypothetically my neighbors are out of town, they hypothetically  have a patch of wildflowers at the side of their house. I borrowed a few cornflowers from said patch.......... hypothetically
I tried to make ink with it but ended up failing miserably for the second time.....sigh I'll give it a rest for a smidge so hypothetically the corn flower population can grow larger. I've also sewn some arms for LSP I also felted her a sandwich to occupy her pocket.

I love the small pudgyness of her fingers, they remind  me of my snausages
tiny pudgy hand bead today


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bead 357

I had a pretty, and productive day.
I can see well again, got a nice new pair of contacts, ordered a ton more.
got my sister some coffee, went thrift shopping and got a new night stand and chatchkey shelve.
browsed the home improvement store for a super old paint colors, no surprise that they didn't carry it.
bought a HUGE cactus for 5$ at the home improvement store too, and browsed my favorite indoor flower the orchids.
When I got home I fixed up my room. I'm trying to spiffy things up, and to make things look less like an episode of hoarders, honestly I am not that bad but still I needed some of the chaos to subside.

 I removed an old quilt hutch that I just used to pile stuff on and replaced it with an old little dresser, switched nightstands, hung my new shelve and moved some small things around.It gave me allot more and I was able to move my fiber stash to a much more convenient
plain lime green bead stash, I'm giddy, I think lime green portrays that feeling well?


Monday, July 23, 2012

Bead 356 lumpday

happy lumpday!
I worked today...
well sort of for a little while
I sewed....took a little lunch break

made a caramelised mushroom and onion grilled cheese for both mama and I DELICIOOUS!
sewed some more
and made....
this photo is before she got her second most amazing asset (the first being her lumps) her mouth
she is made of old felted sweaters (explaining the little pocket) needle felted eyes, star, and mouth and she shall be getting arms tomorrow.


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Bead 355

today started off crazy horrible, after all the action of yesterday I woke up not being able to move....seriously, it took me 30 minutes just to be able to wiggle-fall out of bed but eventually it was done, my bones feel as if they were formed from porcelain, they feel crackly and fragile...which to be honest doesn't feel awesome but egh what is life?
anyhoo the day got better, I went out for a Sunday estate sale and scored so much stuff!! all for under 10$ total.

this is less then half of the awesome loot I got today
the rest of the day has been consumed by packing or placing new stuff,
being crazy stupid happy for no reason (which is awesome)
marveling over a new "replacement" pitcher which is a duck that spits out my juice!mama bought it for me!

singing don't fear the reaper
figuring out new things to make
blocking a majority of the pop-up-thingy-majigies
loosing track of time
discussing death plans with a dear friend (in a good way not a creepy way)
looking up new artist to share
and just living life.
a bead with a silly hat for today!

have beautiful week

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Bead 354

today was a hard day of cleaning and searching for a no existent snake
he is gone, he left, to his home elsewhere from my home (YAY...I mean cough cough , too bad! )
my body is sore, my eyes are freakishly dry from all the dust cast up with unpacking a whole freaking room worth of junk. at least 3 huge black garbage bags worth of trash, recyclables, burn pile items.
It took more then THREE hours to empty, sort, and reffill just one small sunroom.
also we ended up watching our neighbors children and rude cousin of said children......
huge storms too after we were finished
mixture of tons of brown and gray
brown and gray mixed bead


Friday, July 20, 2012

Bead 353

sigh today was a partially troubling day,
my computer is still acting weird....even after five scans...
there is still snake(s) possibly in the sun room
we weren't able to clean it out because of allot of rain. :(

I don't feel well but,

rain is good just the MIA snakes in my house is a bit more concerning...
MIA bead today


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bead 352 real talk....

my poor laptop has a virus >_<
I keep on getting pop-up, seriously icky pop-ups.
the kind that no young lady (or anyone) ever wants to get....pornographic.......sooooo, yeah not happy about that and  I am avoiding the computer like the plague until my tech guy comes back from vacation. I know enough about technology to survive, I know how to run a scan, and have been doing that multiple times a day, but Alas, I still have something wrong with my laptop.
today's not been the happiest of one unfortunately. My mama and I have been preparing for a yard sale and we also have a few snakes in the sun room, so more sorting out old stuff and searching for said snakes will be my tomorrow. peanutbutter is temporarily living in the kitchen till the snakes are back to their woodsy home where they belong. I have been elected to be the snake wrangler, I'm not too thrilled about that....
they are just 2 foot long black rat snakes.
I got bored and doodled all over myself, this is a tattoo that I want though.....sigh soon hopefully
just a plain big black coiled bead today

hope for super friendly snakes like nofeet from little bear!!!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bead 351adventure time-ish day!

not the show, even though I am a hardcore fan.... But today was a super surprising adventure of a day.
I had only originally planned to do a few errands and go visit my sister but much more ended up happening.
Woke up early like I have been usually, had a light breakfast and we were off on our way.
thrift shop (purchased nothing).
returning borrowed dolly-thingy (the crud that you move furniture with?)
took an unexpected shopping spree at the international super mart (got hungry)
purchased a huge thing of tacos, for an  impromptu "taco party"
had fun
went home found other thrift store goods bought the other day and cleaned them up (adorable Buddha in the studio)
received my postcard from a friend

at the international super mart I bought beautiful Ube yams for a recipie I have been wanting to try for a while ironically the yams were right smack dab in the middle of the frozen sushi supply isle,right near the shrip and seaweed which I really got a chuckle out of.
ube colored bead

love ya'll! -m

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bead 349 Obleas

I survived today, much better then I ever expected I would, after I posted last night I got a wonderful surprise of  obleas, vanilla and some Mexican soda from a cousin who took a trip to Texas and promised to bring me some presents back.
I've eaten and given away over half of the obleas she gave me; but hopefully I should get some more as payment for a hat I made. anyhoo had a super riotous day on top of the candy and got my meeting done and over with, without too much pain! just the agony of waiting for about 30 minutes listening to horrifyingly shallow conversation. tiny bits of my soul of my soul fell, withered, crawled under these machines and died. but there replacments shall form soon.
oblea bead today


Monday, July 16, 2012

Bead 348 cheering up and gobbling cherries

I woke up at 7o'clock this morning:
  • watched my show.
  • crock misure for breakfast.
  • picked up one of the freakishly huge cabinets (purchased be the fam on the weekend) from the storage place.
  • postponed an icky meeting till tomorrow
  • went thrift shopping and stayed way under my budget!
  • shipped off the package to my uncle and the artist postcard to my homie
    he is heading to Texas!
  • went shopping  slight food for organic cornmeal, the best chocolate milk ever, and little natural fresh mozzarella balls
  • for supper had a tiny caprese salad, a piece of bread with butter, olive oil and a smidge of course salt, and oodles of yummy cherries
still sadish about the ickyness of the meeting tomorrow, but what is life? The point of the day is that I was on MY PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. I set out and seised the day like I wanted to, even though I am mortified over change at least I am trying to triumph though my fears
cherry bead today, for the luckiness of having such a good day

life is difficult at times but everything will eventually even out, hope yours is going smoothly
*****UPDATE: Got a wonderful surprise**********

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Bead 347

Didn't  do much today unfortunately, but life is okay right now
living life
wanting to go out with friends and or family and get stupid
found and seen some new inspirational things to really kick start getting myself out of this hermit streak.
oodles & noodle-y bead

that is the triumph of the day noodles, further inflicting the point that I need to get out of this place, our vehicle is finally fixed so I'm going to be a free bird as soon as physically possible.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Bead 346 is it racist?

okay I am not racist but I do enjoy being silly with friends and family.
I finished an artist trading postcard that I'm going to send to my homie that has started up a cool postal exchange for artist around the world to share original art the good ol' fashion way of snail mail. (I'll share the pic of the art later, she might be watching? like a ninja?)

I also packaged up a second hat made for one of my favorite uncles. the first one got lost in the mail and really broke my heart, it was a super amazing hat made out of a wool/ silk blend that was sucked up into the belly of the shipping beast never to see the world again.....but I made a replacment one to ship on monday, I wrote and drew little inside jokes of a "latino" package and across the seal reading "Mexi-can? or Mexi-can't?" yes it has a mustache and a sumberros
todays bead is a mini wool replica of the package
have a nice tommorow

Friday, July 13, 2012

Bead 345

Today has been a pretty funky day.
woke up early, stayed in bed late.
ate food, watched dumb movies in the morning.
stuff on comic-con (NYC) oh and Cajuns?
I found some prints I had been missing of tree cells.
had to go run a few small errands too.
and for a vast majority of the day I have been envious of everyone at SD CC right now, but what can you do?
a tree cell inspired artsy bead today


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bead 344 cruising for a bruising

okay I wasn't actually cruising for a bruising but still managed to be covered in them along with some more than average dings, cuts, and scrapes.
Why you ask??
I honestly have no clue.
since I am so easily susceptible to getting sick I try to stay as healthy as I can and avoid banging myself up too much. usually I'm not too successful seeing as I am freakishly clumsy.
But really I haven't done anything recently to cause enough dammage to myself sooooooo I'm kind of at a blank as far as what the heck is going on with this. but being so bruisey isn't fun at all.
bruise-y colored bead today. a mixture of fleshy colored "red hots" and stuff from the random scrap bin


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Bead 343 chartreuse

Had a much better dad today.
I laughed, it rained.
rained pretty much all day
and I loved it.
my nails are a pretty color, I was able to photograph in the rain.
really brings things in perspective, and the smell outside was amazing.

I also saw a humming bird.
nice, pretty, and much needed
today's bead is plain and a smooth mixture of chartreuse an appropriate combo of the lichen and my nail colors.


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bead 342

I hate money. everything about money is awful.
Today I took about 20 leaps back on my journey to happiness.
Life is hard, expectations from others including the now business of education.
apparently "we" as human beings "need" to have some form of greater education to be considered a "valuable member of society". Well on my way to becoming an actual person I have been hit with so many obstacles, and today had a hell of an obstacle.
money is evil, and the formation of the foundation of greater education on said evil is almost too sad to think about.
Unfortunately the world have been smacking me in the face with these cold hard facts at least 12 times so far, all today has been an overcast gray smudge on my otherwise good week.
blackish gray smudgy bead today.

I know later/ life will get better but I'm tired, sad and over it.