Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bead 132

my first day of freedom
i got a ton accomplished
including making some beer bread, from a kit that my sister got for mama and I awhile back
thanks sis it was AWSOME!!!!!!!!!
i also made a small batch of peanut butter
(i will share the recipie soon on my new cooking/baking blog marshmallows and happy fellows )
it went okay
 i dont have a food prosser only little hippy chop/blend thingys
 that i usally use for smoothies .....was difficult-ish

hippy choppy thingys apparentlly arent ment for peanut-butter making
but whatever, i might get a food processor or stand-mixer one of these days
(i dont have one of those either....poo...i know)
i also began a new sculpture and ended up pleading with krackers to get out of the underneath part of the lazy-boy for about a half an hour
squealing "GET-out of THE DAMN lazy-boy, or you going to accidentily get crushed one day!!!!!!!"
i appoligised, and gave her treats after she amerged dusty, fuzzy and a smidge grayer then she should be
i love her but she kills me some times
so after that fiasco i had to give her a "bath" cut her nails and really groom all the dust bunnies off of her fur and healing feet
so todays bead is a dust bunny
because bunnies:
cause dust
love to eat / lick / snort-up / chew  dust
and love to apparentally be in the middle of a dust storm

have a great tommorow

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