Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bead 150

happy new year-ish (i'm trying not to say/write it with distain)
i really don't consider it a new year though, my year starts in august, school-wise then beyond, but thats just me
im tired and i've had quite an up-down kind of day
I started started making sheep slippers out of the old sweaters for me and my mom

so my day has been consumed with that, feeling allot of pain,  twilight zone marathons (the good old ones not the sucky newer ones), and having everyone ask me what i want/needed and compleatly ignoring what i said
I'm sorry i dont mean to be a grouch but the last half of my day really hit me hard and really wiped out my brain and happy spirit
however i cant say today was all bad and fustrating
we all went out to find a few yard sales but low and behold there were none, so we went to a thrift store where mama bought me a huge mustard yellow wool sweater for more crafting (thanks mama)
and for supper we all went out for japanese buffet (for my parents late aniversary)
it was delcious and really needed
and so pretty
i love the fish tanks , only 3 little fishys were in there

so my bead is taking the pretty from today and adding some extra sparkle in hopes of a better tommorow

have a great tommorow and i will try to do the same
i guess that wish goes twards your new year too
its the year of the dragon
Rawwr to you

Bead 149 macaroons and slight

Doctors are satan
seriously if you are a doctor no effense to you
but in my experience doctors suck
they are mean-ish, and they hurt me, ect.
if you can't tell today i had a doctors appointment today about my cyst
it's still lives their and might have to be surgecially removed at some point this year
whateves....its life
i have meds to deal with the pain till then
poo, but what can you do?
anyways after the appointment
mama and i headed down town for some needed fiber love at my local yarn shop
I got my fix with some tangerine wool ,black wool , glitter fiber (I needed some sparkle P.D.Q), a beautiful purply bamboo oversized button, and some roving called "red hots"
we also went to a new bakery aroud the corner to my yarn shop called LOAF  and bought a pair of some huge, wonderful coconut macaroons
I barely had the strength to wait till after we had gotten home
with are tacos (we purchased tacos for supper, it is mama's and dad's aniversary taco aniversary, it was) for mom and i to devower a half of a macaroon
yep they were that big
so this chubby macaroon inspired todays bead
lamaa for the center
natural browns and white for the toasted coconuty outsides

have a great tommorow

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Bead 148

what a nice day
i didn't get to do quite the stuff that i expected to do but none the less it was still a totally awsome day
we went out to breakfast to my favorite omelet resturant

then we went thrift store shopping where i purchased 3 sweaters for beads,crafts ...ect.
some nylons for felting
and some other nick-nacks

after that the remainder of the day was spent chilling out at home, crocheting , washing/felting the "new" sweaters, and cleaning my foam felting board too.
the sweaters began pretty big and ended up about  half the size they were originally
so cute!! they usually do
but it always ends up  about half the size that it normally was, baby sweaters
and i even made cool wrist warmer thingys
so my bead today using the sweater fluff that came after felting  the purple- mauve-ish sweater
and a little natural white to hold it all together
yes I'm waring the wrister-thingys in the bead photo

because i can, because I'm awsome, and because they have a really cool chartruse stripe on them

have a nice day tommorow

Bead 147

so ...............
today i:
got up at a normal time
made a batch of cheese , that actually came out sort-of right (YAY!! )
watched chick flicks
"killed" a copper flying pig whirlly-gig that has been keeping me awake the past few nights
and "finished" a half done crochet project that was given to me.... three times
first it was a shawl
didn't like it tore it out--
made it into a cowl
didn't like it tore it out---
made it into a poncho
didn't like it tore it out-----
(you sencing a pattern?)
now its going to be a shrug
hopefully it will be a shrug for more then ten minutes before i tare it out
and hopefully tommorow I will be able to use a suprise present of  75$
to go twards some wool from my local shop
and a mushroom kit from my co-op
so todays bead (possibly brooch??)
ooooh or necklace!!!!
with little black eyes on both the log and mushroom?
sorry would have added them now but i can't find my eye box
yes , i have an eye box.....
the ingredients are : natural local wool(mushroom and log), yarn( moss), and sweater (end log peices)
haven't done the ingredients in a while sorry
i try

have a happy maƱana

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Bead 146

i slept till 12 o'clock in the morning
i have never ever ever never done that before in my life
i guess everybody gets one
but after i woke up and ate brunch mama and i went to my sisters house to give her and my brother their christmas presents
they loved them
we got cast iron picture frames for my sister
 and an owl chatchtkey, and cool gold fish bowl for my brother

we also gave them some goodies and gormet chocolate
all of us have a problem we love gormet chocolate
it is our drug of choice
and my brother actually shared the truffly chocolates with mama and I ???? (truley rare like seeing a unicorn and a walrus kissing)
as her and I got comfy quickly and watched a movie with them
how fun!!
so my bead today is a gormet chocolate
 you know the kind
the one that looks down apon all the other little chocolates and has his nose in the air all the time

no that isn't a unibrow its a chocolate stripe
have a great tommorow

Monday, December 26, 2011

Bead 145

well a majority of the day was spent out and about to my families favorite Amish store
to buy cheese ,bulk spices, and other awsome stuff including some awsome pumpkin fudge
we also trecked to Virgina (a few minutes away from the store)
to get gas (yeah seriously , its a good bit cheaper then where we live)
and i won five bucks with a lottery ticket
then when we got home mama and i made enchiladas for dinner
so yummy
nice, yummy, Luckyish day
so todays bead is a lucky penny
sorry about the photo i miss placed my purse with my camera in it some where in the house or still in the car?? maybe?
and its freakishly cold outside so im not going to open that can of worms
so phone picture
sorry again....

have a great tommorow
and i hope you notice that i'm not posting this at 1 in the morning!

Bead 144


merry christmas to everyone
I hope it was wonderful for you and yours
My Christmas was interesting as always
and I unfortunatly spent all morning underneath my new electric blanket, as my cyst didn't care what day it was, but it was okay we made the most of it by ordering chinese food (the only place open today), watching cheesy marathons and movies as a family and giving out presents to one another.
typicallish for my family but great none-the-less
i choose to use some of the "scraps" of our day
a walnut shell from the goodie bag that mama and dad recived at the church service this morning
they were yummy!!
so my CHRIST-MAS TREEEEEE!!! was my bead within the shell

you like?
i hope you like, and i hope you and your family had a great day too
have a magical tommorow

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Bead 143

Merry Christmas Eve
our humble little tree and a gang of timy bunnies who made a nest on a few of the branches
I hope you are having a wonderful one.
today was a pretty interesting day for me:
Its my big brother (in-lawish's) birthday, i wasnt able to see him or my sister today but i did get to text him a happy birthday wish... he is such a nice, silly "christmas baby".... Happy birthday Bro!!
 Also this morning my mom, dad and I went to a new diner for breakfast downtown , it was okay but the waitress was really nice and the sweet tea was great (I'm from the south , sweet tea is a must all the time) my omelet was a bit over done ,but all in all it was a nice meal.
After that i had to lie down  for a few hours, my cyst is still acting up:(
 then we went to my neighbors house to have our individual christmas with them, we had steak and baked potatos.....sweet. Abit unorthidox I know but it was nice
I recived my gifts from them after we ate , including a nice new knitting bag, yarn, a small pattern book, AN ELECTRIC BLANKET!!!!! and some more really cool stuff.
Seriously this electric blanket is amasing its fuzzy, checkered blue and greatly appreciated especially because the pain that I have been in lately
nice, warm and toasty right now
te-he-heee-he !!!
we also bought  some treats for the  bunnies including some adorable tiny stockings for them

my bead is just a plain purple ornament from the nice yarn that i got today

have a great  and safe Christmas

Friday, December 23, 2011

Bead 142

Christmas is a nice but somewhat difficult time for me, and everybody i think. I was only able to get very few gifts for my family and it broke my heart. My family insisting that they don't want or need anything isn't helping much either. they are such sweet loving people that i wish i could give the world and more instead of the little bit that i managed to make/buy for them. We have always had a tradition of my sister and I only reciving three gifts for christmas and I loved it , it kept her and I grounded and really helped us remeber what Christmas is about. I know for a fact that Christmas isn't about the presents but I love my family alot and want them to have a great time too. So, a majority of my day has been on the couch not because i was upset but because of my cyst... i really have a nack for getting ill-ish at the worst times possible. but i still helped set up the tree and decorations, wrap some gifts and have krackers bounce all over my limp body as i rested on the couch inbetween the decorating. I had to take it crazy slow, and wasn't quite happy about it, but still tried to be as chipper as possible.
I' m sure my family feels similar to me too, I don't need or really want anythings and told them that I all i REALLY wanted them to have a great Christmas.
Love is a weird thing...sigh......
If only you could pay people in love

the tree is decorated
presents are made
gifts are wrapped
and sprikles for future cookies are purchased

thats the best I can do

 so my bead today is a heart ornament
beacuse the happiness and woe of the holidays really hit me hard today

but at least i have love, and tommorow to make it better
with funky animal cookies--traditions are so cool
what are some of the traditions for your house at the holidays?

Bead 141

today was a GREAT day
mama is finally off for the holidays so her and I took a trip to my sisters and bros house
they got me an electric chopper!!!!!! for-reals!!! its soo awsome and cool
I dont know if mama told them that i NEEDED one but .....
I'll show  you soon
and they got mama a big cool baking kit
then after that we headed to the girl scout council for my exit appointment
I am official Gold Awardee
and to rap up a nice day mom and I went consignment shopping at one of my favorite places called The Red Collection
its like chatchkey galore in there
they also have a ton of beautiful furniture and unique decor
i picked up gifts for my sister, brother , and a little something(s)
for me
including this gem
isn't she so pretty?
she is just one of the prettys i got today
and she is my bead today
not as pretty or as delightfully plump but still nice none the less

hope you have an awsome tommorow

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Bead 140 EMPANADAS!!!!!!

yes that is what i said empanadas
what is an empanada you ask?
a mexican pie-ish pastries
 they are awsome, they can be savory or sweet
its usually sweet in this house
because we are SWEET!!! (most of the time)
i will post a recipie soon on marshmallows and happy fellows
I  got up pretty late today but managed to make these pretty puppies
my egg man gave me a gingerbread man because he could only get me a dozen and a half eggs
its beautiful isn't it?

I was singing songs (loud and horribly) from Sweeney Todd
while making the empanadas
it was quite funny especially because both the bunnies were hunkered down and sleeping most of the day, i slightly inturrupted their naps but egh... i gave them treats and appologised
i think they forgave me
My bead today is a empanada
of course
(its more of a broach)

i also finished a present for my sister and bro
they love zombies so i made them a zombie ornament

isn't it cute?
the zombies are from the mochimochi zombie kit that I won a while back (except for the heart)
 what could be better?

have a great tommorow

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bead 139 DEAD CHEESE :(

i murdered a whole batch of mozerella cheese
at the final step :(
adding salt
i added acid
by mistake
so i ended up with an over acidic-inedible-hunk-o-curds
that was BEAUTIFUL up to that sad miss step
after all of that I sobbed
literally lied down and sobbed right there on the kitchen floor for about ten minutes
i was mortified and thought that my family would be too, because of the whole gallon of milk, whole hour i wasted, and the half of sink of curd and whey covered dishes
but no
dad got me another gallon of milk, mom said it was fine and is gettting me another cheese kit while it is on sale
leave it to normal people not to be upset about a ruined batch of cheese
but other then the dead cheese allot of other things were successful
i roasted over 5 pounds of peanuts , prepared and baked some sweet-potatos, finished an ornament for my "egg man", and got a great idea for a gift for my sister and bro

so i had my ups and downs
but thats life i guess
hope yours is going well

Bead 138


pretty much all day
and made a sweater for krackers

yes rabbit sweaters
cookies, krackers, cheese pasteries, and muffins
NICE, nice (at times), NICE ALWAYS, nice
(photos, recipies, and more explination will be posted shortly on my other blogs ^_^)
so todays bead is a classic orange plain one
the color orange is always nice
especially on bunny sweaters

it is filled with a touch of llama sort-of like a cream-cicle
have a great tommorow
and brace yourself for some cool stuff

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Bead 137

today was a difficultish day
my cyst was bothering me allot and i spent a good majority of today in bed
not fun
not awsome
not anything but ickyness
and on top of that i was kind of crazy
I get belligerent when I'm in that much pain
(you know who you are, i love you)
so todays bead is just made of a crazy old hunk of roving
my first one to be exact
purchased by the lovie whom I wasn't too nice to today
but tommorow will be better
I've already appologized
and I have plans for tommorow
happy, nice bake-y plans
hope your week is great

Bead 136

Its beginning to feel allot like christmas......about time
so today was spent
 thrift store shopping for random things,
random crafting,
spray painting old christmas decorations for the outside with my mom,
tortilla making,
and going out to see the christmas lights and getting pumpkin  fro-yo afterwards

sigh......pretty nice day
so my bead is like the christmas ball lights that are really big in my town
Lighted balls
up top is a link to more info and pictures of them
a whole neigborhood makes them and collects donations for the local food banks
this year some people are starting to make squares too
So cool....
I seriously cosidered putting an LED light in this puppy
but after "responsable" consideration I decided not to
woo l (tons of lanalin) + electricity = bad things
so just a beaded bead
(not a fully beaded bead :( i tried but it didnt really work)

a merry weekend/ tommorow to you

Friday, December 16, 2011

Bead 135

happy early hanukkah!!!!
I vollunteered and made potato latkes with special needs students
they were AMASING!!!!!!
seriously awsome
(a recipie soon on marshmallows and happy fellows)
I also got to see my egg man
he didnt have my eggs for me though :(
but he reassured me tuesday, I would have as close if not three dozen eggs
I know thats alot, but that has to survive the holidays
which in this household includes a ton of baking
But back to latka making......

beginning                             middle                                    end

so that was the main part of the day ,and after the cooking was done mama and i got a cookie plate from some of the parents...SWEEET!!!

lastly to finish off a pretty good day, we went to the dollar store and i got 2 grow-your-own-animal-thingys
a shark and a rhino

pretty tretorus, and sweet right?
then we all as a family got some Peta's and soup for dinner
pretty great day, if  I do say so myself
I choose to do a potato latka  for my bead
I'm not sure if you can see but i totally didn't "phone" this one in.
I twisted little individual potato strands, like real latkas.
have a latka-y weekend

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bead 134

I offically finished my first knitted christmas present
"it" is drying and being blocked as we speak
i hope you like "it" mama
i would post photos but its peeking so I must with-hold
i took krackers on a "walk" and made a huge crumb cake, it was like 5 pounds

my little  diva preparing for the walk
other then that i have been loafing around and making dinner today
im excited for tommorow, i have some awsome things planned
hannukah-ishy themed things
thats all i can devulge for now
it will be awsome dont worry
todays bead is an artsy one, for a pretty good artsy day
embroidery is involved,isnt it cool?

have a GREAT friday

Bead 133

I've missplaced a ton of things
so for the past 2ish hours ive been searching for them:
wool sweaters that i can cut up to make cool stuff
my glasses
missing knitting needles
cool patterns/books
a handmade glass pendant with a cute paper cut in the middle (that's the one i miss the most ) mind
the last item on the list is compleatly hopeless
but i HATE losing things
i guess tommorow is another day for searching
my book shelf is straightened up now, and the pile of stuff and clothes for The National Kidney Foundation has grown vastly in the past two hours
but sadly the pile of found stuff hasnt grown at all :(
i did find allot of dust, some change  and an old baby tooth of mine?
weird i know...
but i've always saved a ton of little stuff
anyhoo back to the loosing stuff....i sware there is a monster that gobbles up  socks and random things
so thats what the bead is today
the loosing stuff monster

on the other hand of today despite loosing so much stuff , it was a pretty good day
mama came home early
i made israli couscous
(posting it soon on marshmallows and happy fellows)
have a great day tommorow

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bead 132

my first day of freedom
i got a ton accomplished
including making some beer bread, from a kit that my sister got for mama and I awhile back
thanks sis it was AWSOME!!!!!!!!!
i also made a small batch of peanut butter
(i will share the recipie soon on my new cooking/baking blog marshmallows and happy fellows )
it went okay
 i dont have a food prosser only little hippy chop/blend thingys
 that i usally use for smoothies .....was difficult-ish

hippy choppy thingys apparentlly arent ment for peanut-butter making
but whatever, i might get a food processor or stand-mixer one of these days
(i dont have one of those either....poo...i know)
i also began a new sculpture and ended up pleading with krackers to get out of the underneath part of the lazy-boy for about a half an hour
squealing "GET-out of THE DAMN lazy-boy, or you going to accidentily get crushed one day!!!!!!!"
i appoligised, and gave her treats after she amerged dusty, fuzzy and a smidge grayer then she should be
i love her but she kills me some times
so after that fiasco i had to give her a "bath" cut her nails and really groom all the dust bunnies off of her fur and healing feet
so todays bead is a dust bunny
because bunnies:
cause dust
love to eat / lick / snort-up / chew  dust
and love to apparentally be in the middle of a dust storm

have a great tommorow

Monday, December 12, 2011

Bead 131 free at last !!!

kind of tired now......
but i am FREE!!!!
free at last!!
today was my last day of school!!!! yippy
i had two exams, and went to lunch with a friend my favorite pizza place
but i had loaned my cousin some money thinking i would have just enough to pay
i forgot tax :(
damn you tax......damn you!!!

thank you friend,
im sorry you had to pay two dollars, thanks for trying to get me a drink, and thank you for tolerating me and my chatter, love ya bro!! (hope you didn't get jumped for the extra pizza)

also on the random note a lady just passing by in the hall way asked me if i had anymore exams, i said yes ma'am , she told me good luck.... it was nice and actually made me feel allot better
Thank you too ma'am

on the super random note one of my professers is refuesing to give my whole class (of 13) their grades till his dvd that he loaned to someone is returned........seriously, i personally thought it was hilarious and emailed him to offer to chip in and buy him a new dvd
he replied "No way...the criminal must confess!!!!"
oh dear, well i tried
thats all you can do
so my bead is a bit random and free, like my day
it kind of reminds me of coral

tommorow is bound to be filled with some cool stuff
brace yourself
a tired happy

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Bead 130

so ive had a pretty up and down day today
i actually got up crazy early took a shower, got dressed and went to church. i havent been able to go latley but i think i really needed to today. tommorow i have to final exams and im kind of freaking out a smidge
okay ALOT, i wont lie to ya'll
but after about 3 major freak outs ,i've come to the conclusion to just except my fate....
 freaking out won't help me study at all
freaking out won't help me be better at all
i am a big brave lion
i will do my best
thats all we can do in this world is try
I've done pretty flipping well so far on my hopefully the pattern will continue
today i also murdered a butternut squash today
squash gutts!!!
we ended up making butternut squash pie
with about half the squash
i had a peice of pie and pop-tarts for dinner didn't last long, so now im eating a sandwich as i type
so todays bead today is squash guttsy colored bead

tommorow is going to go well
your good  vibes would be appreciated though......
a big brave

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Bead 129 Brie PLEASE!!!

oh how i love cheese!!!
 today is the first time we have had brie
it was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!
the love-child of mozerella and magic
 i even brought out my fancy glass fish cheese serving plate
(the first time i've actually been able to use it for the intended reason)
why? because i can

the rest of the day went well too,i saw my sister and bro this morning, helped break a futon,  i got a 100% on my exam/presentation and mama made 15 bean soup with ham-hocks, and guacamole on the side with chips......wonderful
so my bead today had to be my new love-affair brie
i evn used my teen-cheese hood-thingy

have a great tommorow