Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bead 56 truth is....

truth is....
1. im tired
2. i have been terrified to step out of my door since i was like 10
3. i have stached away some serious "future tattoo" fund
4. my brain is gone

today was a pretty good day the few points that i do remember
- i ate cheese pizza lunch
- i splurged and bought art supplies (16$ worth of splurging)
- i held a warm wiggle puppy for about an hour today

this one, its my cousins new dog , he is adorable , small and deaf his name is Artie
- i knitted a little bit
- and i sware that there are germs wondering around in my brain
just jiggling up there
doing there germy things

thats what they look like in my minds eye

i think they need sleep
 so im going to give it to them
a germy brained

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