Monday, September 26, 2011

Bead 54 Happy Birthday to me.....

today was okay it started off pretty crummy bit slowly got better as the day went along , i got taken out to lunch, for some really great indian food
it was so so great
I also took some photos from around my school

I needed fun, art and cupcakes
which i got later today thanks to my mama
(thank you mama!)

mustache house!!

My bead today is a present,

although i wont recieve "phyisical" presents probably till this weekend i am so happy and blessed to be sorrounded by people whom genuinly love me for who i am
despite my ....
I extended my wish to my close friends and am extending it to you aswell.
(warning: not the actual wish i had when i blew out the candles so dont worry it should totally still count and come true)
i wish for all of us  a better future filled
with magic
great food
 good movies
and awsome friends and family

a tired

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