Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bead 46 cakes and possible cousins ......continued!!!

I finally found my camera
well my mom did
this morning as soon as i got up
lucky i know!
 here are some detail photos of the cake i decorated
i had an okay day at the fair yesterday
but what made it sooooooo much better was the
  discovery an adorable possibe cousin of my "lil brother" peanutbutter

itty bitty is to the left
peanutbutter to the right
they could totally be cousins!!!!!!!!!!!!
so my bead  was based on him
or them rather?
but i did have some difficulty makeing because all (well everything but a smidge of )my wool is still in the big freezer from my dramatic The glerp post.........
so i had to use a sweater from my crafting stash to make it.
this sweater spasifically. i got it at a giant yard sale for 50 cents, and felted it in the washer a few months ago i remeber it so much because the only reason i was able to get it was the  little boy infront of me in line refused to get the sweater ,even with his mom prodding him.

but the sweater
kind of  hinderd my bead making skill especially the details of it.
but i shall get all my wool stasch out of the giant freezer today.

see you soon for todays bead

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