Friday, September 2, 2011

Bead 31

 today was a good but confusing day
 my proffessor joked aroud with me
he has got a wonderfully proper southern accent
and speaks of art to make it come to life.
he is a Wizard.
and for my second (and last class)
we shared sketches of stages
and my proffessor shared images of sets ,stages and plays that he and his wife have been in.
my favorite one was "The Glass Menagerie"
i have never seen the play but am now truely inspired to do so.
plus i love the pretty glass animals.

And the rest of the day has been consumed with worries about geting every single itty-bitty thing i need to get done ,done. But no more. well at least for now.
i also saw this video which destracted me ,got me out of my self pitty, AND inspired todays bead


poor panda :(

 its okay that he slept though he is diffrent and nice and fluffy

i am diffrent, relativly nice and fluffy :)

are you?
one of the above?

I am craving pizza.
a spesific kind of pizza though.
by my collage .
which of whom i visited.
and didnt eat anything.
aw man
maybe tommorow
there is hopefully always tommorow for everyone

happy weekend

a no longer worrying
(for the moment)

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