Saturday, September 24, 2011

Bead 53 A package and Pies

Today was another long gruling day vollunteering at the local county fair, mom and i were the first ones to show up (as we often are) and started off with the teadious little chores we "fair-workers" do:
cleaning displays
sweeping floor
watering plants
and fixing stuff that gets riga-ma-rode every day
that swallowed up the early morning untill about 10ish
we took up enteries for salsa for awhile
then PIE!!!
i spacifically signed up for this slot  to help collect
i like pie
okay more like "like-like" (love) pie
i wasnt able to eat any unfortunatly
we left before judging
i got to SEE, COLLECT, HOLD, and SMELL pie!!!!!
but not eat it....a darn shame, isnt it?
even more of a shame then not being able to eat pie is the fact that i forgot to bring anything to do during
the fair no knitting, no crocheting, no crafting at all.
sad. so so sad.
but back to pie!!
made out of sweater scrap pie crust
pumpkiny fiber
and some lushious llama on top

OHHH and look what i got in the mail!!!!!
my package of candy and magical items from a good friend
(yes the one with forign candy)

sorry i blurred out my address, i know for a fact that you all arn't creepers
but you cant be too safe can you?
 it was so nice and pretty!!!
and arrived just in time :)
monday is my birthday

have a happy restful sunday
a kind of manic , pie wanting

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