Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bead 37 a new leaf

today was difficult.
the beging started out great, i got to sleep in
make and eat pancakes (and saved one for my mom)
then i was devouerd by worries and frantic reading.
(i dont want to get into the spasific crummy parts of the day)
but i went to the park
calmed down and found a beautifully pure leaf
i appoligised to the tree and took it .
i needed it alot more than the tree did.

isnt it pretty it reminds me of batik.
todays bead was inspired by this leaf,
in layers .

forest green, fern, lime, yellow-orange, and a few hints of crimson.
just like God intended.
i know tommorow will be better.
hopefully it will be a pretty fall day like it has been the past week.
Happy friday
and good vibes headed yalls way

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