Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bead 50 Milestone!!!!!

(now in your mind picture balloons,  confetti, and glitter everywhere)
thats right its my 50th bead
and matched with a pretty good day
my big exam wasnt as frightening as i thought it would be
i had hot pockets for lunch
and got to play games at school
AND i am getting candy shipped to me by an old friend
fancy foreign CANDY
also i figured out what i want for my birthday:
a dvd of "The Last Unicorn"
a waffle iorn
and a gift certificate from my favorite yarn shop

today was nice, but rainy
im not complaining mind you i enjoyed it alot
except for the umbrella.
I am a murderer of umbrellas
they are my "kite eating tree" like with charlie brown
i always manage to flip them inside-out in a dramatic (and quite funny for other people) way
so then the umbrella becomes a bowl for the rain until it goes back again drenching me even more
but luckly that didnt happen today
almost but didnt
so my bead today is my arch-nemisis the umbrella

hope tommorow is great for everyone
an i sincerly hope that umbrellas are kinder to you then they are to me.

a kind-of manic sleepy

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