Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bead 44

i need life
need it!!
had a good weird-ish day
i had a smoothie for lunch
a huge smoothie
then had to goto the bathroom all day
serves me right.
i am tired and feeling zombie like
i do not know how i am typing right now.
i made krakers mad at me
i wont got into the long story but
it ends with her wimpering and me sobbing.
we are both okay we just had our feelings hurt.

my bead is bright and chipper
kindof the opposite of what im feeling but i need it
i need brightness, warmth,  and color
its going to be super cold tommorow
i have my sweater ready
i love sweaters!!
sorry back to the bead
limey green with a touch of blue
for my buddy ...
it kind of remindes me of a dinosaur

hope its a nice friday for all of us :) an exausted

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