Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bead 43

i had a loooooong day
art history
an acting history-ish class
(giving the evil eye at the icky people whom get finished 15 minutes after the test is passed out)
 then i went home and ate dinner...
got all my things gathered up for the local fair
(thanks mom for your help!)
and tagged and bagged every thing there to put into individual catigorys
it took almost 2 hours
(again thanks mom)

then we got chocolate dipped ice cream cones

todays bead is a pumpkin in honor of the fair season
and hopefully less hot weather
 i didnt take my camera to the fair grounds because i knew it would be a mad house
i wish i did, the fair dosent officially start till friday ,but they were testing the rides and lights.
 it looked so pretty
soon ill get so photos for us :)

sleep-in day tommorow sweet!!!
i shall sleep now
i wish a pupkiny day to you !

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