Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bead 47

i have a tummy-ache
but now my room is full of wool
i finally rescued my stash from the freezer
and now it has exploded around my room.
egh ohwell!!!!!!!
i am slightly drugged from my
ovairan-cyct-y day of pain
but i got my wool and some nice gourds in my garden
which inspired my bead for the day
oh how i love having all my wool again
because for weeks now i have been scraping the bottom of the wool bowl
i know i could probably gotten all of it ......... along time ago but i was crazy parinoid about the wooly bugs

isnt it gorgous! i love gourds so much

later on in the day when i actually desided to be apart of the world again i had a funny and interesting conversation with a good freind
how i miss her and all of my old buddies
OH !!!
I hope this week will be great, i have my big exam this week and am trying to study well (an not too hard )
and relax about the other mountains of things that have to be done
one minute...
one hour....
one day....
one week....
at a time
thats the only way i can continue forth
because i am a big brave lion
a BIG, BRAVE lion
best wishes for the beging of your week

a sleepy

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