Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bead 39

Today was great
i was SUPER busy
i went to yard sales,
my local farmers market for there famer appreciaton day (and got some killer goat cheese spread),
collected and re-bagged soda cans,
helped my 4-h leader with the fair display
bought honey
cooked dinner
my mom gave me an old morter and pestle (my abuelita's one)
 took photos
and so much more.
and now i am tired
im going to show you so lute
i got snoopy books. i adore peanuts. and honey with the honor system, i love the honor system i want to be able to do that with my produce , honey and wool one day. and trust people enough to pay me what they can and take what they need.

i would show you more photos but...
to the bead
(im crazy tired did i mention that?)
it simple and honey colored
just as i hope my soul is from after today
filled with joy
the thrill of the hunt
and yummy food.

with a little brown comb

sleep is calling my name...
happy trails to you untill we meet again


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